Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Today is my 33rd birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

So let me tell you a little bit about 32.

If I had begun my 32nd year knowing what it would hold, I would have never believed it, never in a million years.  I would have thrown my head back, laughed deeply (and possibly loudly) and thought I was dreaming.

But it really happened.  And it's been beautiful, and wonderful, and heartbreaking, and inspiring.

This has been 32:

I traveled to the other side of the world.

I realized how much my heart belongs to God alone.

I loved.

God brought a sweet, completely unexpected family into my life that have shattered my misconceptions about what love really is, and how much I had to give away. (READ: more than I even dared to dream)

All my sweet Resonate babies.  (They aren't babies, but I adore them to no end.)

I sat under the stars in the most gorgeous place on earth, and just breathed deeply.

I held a little boy in my arms and just loved on him for no reason.

I've watched a few friends fulfill their dreams.

I cleaned out more bugs than I could have ever imagined, and realized that I would do it 10,000 times again.

I watched one of my best friends, marry her best friend, and got the chance to stand beside her.

More babies have been born this year than I can count, and many more to come.

I got a diagnosis that validated that I wasn't fruit-loops, and has some AWESOME side effects.

It sounds corny, but I did not realize how much I wasn't giving of myself, until this year presented itself.  This year was less about waiting for a husband, and more about realizing that I needed the chance to love deeply, passionately, and selflessly in a capacity that I didn't even know was capable.  I am so much more amazed as God's grace this year.  I understand in a new light how much HE loves me, and that it's more than a calling to love others.

When I go to write my 2012 word, I will probably rehash this point, but my 2011 was all about being intentional.  I don't know how I could have possibly gotten any more intentional this year without bursting at the seams.

I am so thankful for my family that loves me just for me.

I'm thankful for friends that are life blood.

I am thankful for a church family that is more than just church.

I'm thankful for a job that helps support all my hobbies.

I am grateful and indebted to coworkers who keep me sane and push me to be better.

I am thankful for God's amazing, abundant, lavish grace and mercy.  More than I can comprehend or spend in one day…

And is that's been 32, then 33 …. Here I go!!   :)