Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To all you folks who count the offering...

This morning I was thirsty.

So I reached into my wallet to get a dollar.

And I see a website on my dollar. So, I enter the serial number and it tells me where my dollar started, how long it's been traveling, and how many miles it's traveled. Oh, and it tells me one funny tidbit too...

(The user's note for Maynardsville, TN says "sunday school offering for a missionary. it is in pretty good condition, wrinkled, but not too worn."

Clearly, whoever counted the offering after it was taken didn't go rush back into the sanctuary to hear the sermon. I'm guessing the sermon was about how every dollar counts? Thankfully God uses wrinkled money, not just the crisp bills. LOL!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Soliciting Prayers

I have to go to the Dr tomorrow because of something I "found".

Would appreciate your prayers.

Much Love!

Get on your knees.

for our economy.

for those in power who are voting for/against economic issues.

for our country.

for us.


if you haven't been doing so, do so.


Just breath. But don't do so loudly.

I've had a headache today that makes me want to chop my head off.

Dogs + Whatever the heck is going on with the out of doors = Jenn can't hang out with friends for two weeks.


Dear Jesus, can we work something out where my children do not inherit my allergies? To Everything? Please, please??? Love, Jenn

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eye Candy

(And I don't mean the one on the right, either!)

Blogger Etiquette

I got an email about this (both things I'm doing and things I'm not doing) and thought I'd share a couple of tips!

  • If you are a blogger... at least try to figure out your audience. I'm not a mommy, wife, or in ministry (the three main blog types I read), so I decided that if I'm a little chaotic with my blogs -- meaning they are more in line with who I am -- then it's okay!
  • If you read... try to comment!! It 1) encourages the blogger, 2) engages conversation, and 3) is courteous!
  • Share links. Put people up on your sidebar. If your friend Bob is having a giveaway or something... tell your friends. And tell them to tell Bob who sent you. And P.S. -- if someone links you, it's courteous to link them back!
  • Get yourself into some kind of blogreader! I use bloglines, but there are great blogreaders that basically concise all the blogs you're interested into into one page!

These are just a few things you can do! Lord knows I struggle with the first one sometimes -- b/c nobody likes to be that girl that comments too much, but I have to keep reminding myself that, if you didn't want people to read it (in some facete or another), then you wouldn't put it on the internet.

So to recap:

Recognize your Peeps! Comment! Share! Get Organized!

At dinner the other night, I shared with my friends (who often make fun of my blogging) that the truth is that I'm just ahead of the game. That I'm really just one of the cool kids, and they just don't recognize it yet. LOL!!

Hello! Welcome! Yes, Polka Dots excite me too!

It's a little conceited I know, but I was long overdue for a change here, and after searching blog after blog for cool designers that didn't cost a fortune, I finally found one! I like the basic features, but thought it was a little dark! Not only did Shauna redo DC.com, she also gave another site I put together a really fancshy-shmancshy facelift! If you're looking for somebody that is priced reasonably and has a broad portfolio... check out Shauna!

My friend H emailed me yesterday to tell me she'd won tickets to see Altar Boyz (Atlanta) and ask if I wanted to go! This will be my third time to see this show (2nd time in ATL), and dang it... I'm getting on stage this time! It's time for my off-Broadway debut! If you want to see a show that is reasonably priced and really funny with a good overall message... check it out!

Fall weather is here, and I cannot be anymore excited!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

There are some very significant changes going on around here... (both the site and my life). I'm excited for some, but definitely apprehensive about others. Alas, that is the nature of change. My roommate was home last night just for the night, and I realized how much I crave some stability in my life. This makes me pray even harder about who God has for me as a spouse! Oh, and there's some developments on that front too, but again, I'm not ready to share just yet.

Off the subject, my friend Josh Lane is celebrating his blogiversary and is giving away a fabulous prize! Drop by and pay him a visit and congratulate him!

Finally, I think I'll leave you with a good quote and scripture:

"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." Galatians 5:6b

"The greatest gift of all is not money or possessions... rather it is the gift of time, for time cannot be replaced or remade." -- Anonymous --

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clearly I'm having an unorganized week.

I would normally apologize for the continued "list" posts, but frankly, that's all I can come up with. (But I still do appreciate your comments.)


Facebook was acting retarded last night. In the midst of it though, I managed to find a few more people that I went to high school with. It really is amazing to me to see how time has healed some deep wounds, but to also think about the people who want to hang on to junk that happened over a decade ago. Wild stuff.

Speaking of, I have a friend from HS who recently joined one of the armed forces. I have been dreaming about him like crazy, and can't figure out why. I've woken up the last two nights and just prayed for him.


Too. Much. Drama. in my life -- and it's not even mine! Oi. I've got to make a better resolution to not find myself in the middle of somebody else's skirmish.


Cloris Leachman needs to get voted OFF of Dancing With The Stars. See ya' Octogenarian.


On the radio this morning, the show (that I was listening too) were all ga-ga over Clay Aiken's and Lindsay Lohan's "coming out". It made me think about Ray Boltz's coming out and wonder what the church is doing about homosexuality... how we're dealing with it in our church... what kind of education is being taught? I know how my church feels, but I also realize that in the area I live in, we don't have a lot of homosexuals who advertise being members in our churches.

I know this probably opens a whole proverbial can of worms, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.


iTunes... it's magical y'all. In combination with Wikipedia where I can actually figure out what songs I heard on the tv/movie/etc -- I'm lovin' it.


For those of you who have tried calling me in the last few days... I received both of my replacement phones yesterday, so I am back in business. :)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breath. Stretch. Shake.

Horatio Caine did not die. He faked his death. I was squealing and giddy!


Bill Clinton was on David Letterman last night and did a good job of very simply explaining what derivatives and sub-prime mortgages are. FYI -- my brother is the Assistant Controller for a broker dealer who deals almost exclusively with derivatives.

Yes, that makes him a smarty-pants. And me a proud Big Sister.

Bill didn't use his "presidential" voice and just seemed like a guy named Bill who was kinda cool.

Neat but Strange at the same time.


My roomie and I got to talk last night for about 45 minutes. I miss her and can't wait for her to be here. If you think about it, would you say a special prayer for her today? It's been seven months this week since she got sick and I'm ready for her healing!


I love my job. I have a wonderful job. I work with great people. But, I would love to work at the airport. I would never want to be a flight attendant thanks to a made-for-tv movie about a plane whose right wing was ripped off and a flight attendant got sucked out of the plane (but the plane didn't crash) -- (I tried looking for that movie but I remember such vague details that it's a loss!). I just think it would be cool to work at the airport. I would probably need to learn another language though. Maybe two.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am learning...

I am learning... that some people just want to keep stuff stirred up.
I am learning... that intuition is a very powerful thing.
I am learning... that guilt eats at us all.
I am learning... in forgiving and forgetting. Like L.C., "I've forgiven you, and now I'm forgetting you."
I am learning... how much friends have changed.
I am learning... that they don't realize how much I have.
I am learning... that the wisdom of my late 20's is more powerful than my early 20's.
I am learning... how much God protected me... more than I can ever know.
I am learning... to say no.
I am learning... that it's not about me, or you, but about quiet time with God.
I am learning... that very few people can use punctuation on social networking sights. Oi Vey.
I am learning... to walk away.
I am learning... that I've really known how to walk away for a long time.

I am reminded... that I didn't love you nearly as much as I thought I did.
I am amazed... at how much of my past has appeared in a seven day period. GEEZ.
I know that... wasting 2 1/2 hours on my page was for something more than a link (already on my sidebar!), but ... WHATEVER.
I know that... I'm ready for something big and exciting and new.

Who's with me?

Friday, September 19, 2008


Tomorrow is a very special birthday to me.

September 20th is my spiritual birthday. I probably got saved 100 times growing up. But I made a very conscious decision that September 20, 1994 would be the day that everything was solidified and changed.

It's amazing how things have changed in 14 years. Wow!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Various & Unsundry part... 10!

I've been trying to write posts for two days, and frankly y'all, I got squat. I think I expended a little too much energy on that church post, leaving me a little empty in the writing area.

With that said, a good V&U post will have to do:

  • Happy Birthday to Jenn. You are still one of the coolest people I've ever met. I mean... four continents Chica... four continents that you've lived on. And you're just 30 today. You rock.
  • Cool weather, please don't go away. Please stay. 70 degree days = Marvelousness.
  • I've been rocking some Altar Boyz & Elisa on iTunes. Fun times.
  • My friend M. bought a Macbook and has been playing with photobooth. All I can say -- Blackmail. For Real.
  • I cannot tell you how excited I am for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. Can we say -- CBS Fall Premier Week? Yay!
  • With that said, calling me next week may be futile. I'm just saying.
  • I feel like I should be more convicted right now about TV, but I think that you need to find a good escape... books, music, exercise, tv... whatever your vice.
  • I started reading The Shack last night. It really has been a long time since I've read anything like that. If you've read it... I've love to hear your thoughts.
  • For those of you keeping track, my roommate is schedule to return (albeit temporarily) for a few days this week. Please feel free to stop by and see her, but remember that I may be preoccupied. Love.
  • In the town my parents live, gas dropped $0.40 last night to $3.52. WHOO-HOO!

L8R G8R!

I'm feeling like another list is in order.

I purchased Jillian Michael's Making the Cut the other day at Books-A-Million. I read a blog post about someone who had been faithful and both she and her husband had seen some success. Plus, there are some incredible (and I mean YUMMY!) recipes inside, as well as exercises (Jill throws in photos so you can see what you're doing). I'm making one of the recipes for my family this weekend.


I'm picking up my brother from the ATL airport tonight and I can't wait to see him! I realize it's only been two weeks, but we're going to have a blast. Plus, we're planning a little surprise for my Mom since her birthday is in two weeks!


Coming through Atlanta last Sunday, I found the Georgia Tech Student Radio Station. I actually have no idea how I found it, but I won tickets to see the Horizon Theatre production of Altar Boyz and I'm taking my friend C. as a early 30th birthday present!


I'm learning a lot more about some of the software designed to track monitor websites, and can I just tell you how interesting it really is? A friend even emailed me this morning asking for help with a presentation to parents about internet safety, and b/c of all I'm learning, I've been able to give her a LOT of information.


I'm getting so excited for the next seven weeks or so! Along with SEC football, I'm getting to see my brother, the Biltmore House, Elijay Apple Festival, Stone Mountain, Washington DC, and some old college friends. It's thrilling! I'm just praying that we have quite a few weeks of this really lovely weather! Fall is great!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If you don't like church, then stop going.

My Director (at work) goes to a COG here in town and serves as the Sunday School director. Recently, their senior pastor took a state overseer position (something he'd known about for months) and with one week's notice, up and left. Just a few weeks prior, the administrative pastor suffered a breakdown and left town. My boss has kept me fairly engaged in all that's going on with the church's search for a new pastor because I knew four of the six candidates, and three of them had blogs.
  • You need to know that this is a bigger church (600+).
  • You need to know that my director is pretty traditional, a micro manager, and not a fan of change.
  • The church is fairly traditional.
  • The church has lost almost 200 members in the last two years due to lack of senior pastor involvement and a less-than-engaging youth program.
  • The church was without a children's minister/director/leader for nearly a year.
  • So... the church has been interviewing pastors for the job.

This past Sunday night, a very well-known youth pastor from Atlanta came and preached a service.

  • He wore jeans and a polo.
  • He laid out his plans to really change things.
  • He even said that the staff may change.
  • He said he was "doing away" with Sunday School.

And you can imagine that my director was TORN UP. He sat in my office yesterday furious that this man had come in, with his new ideas, his changes, and been honest with the congregation. So, he called the State Overseer and complained. (Basically, he turned into a 49-year old Tattle Tale.)

I was very honest with my boss to tell him that he was more concerned with losing his title than he was about the rest of the congregation.

his power was more important than HIS Power.

yeah... take a minute and think on that.

The pastor I grew up under (after my father) did away with S.S. in 1992. He recognized that S.S. was good, but if you have to invest more time in finding/retaining teachers than you do in understanding and teaching the curriculum, then S.S. loses it's effectiveness. He implemented some small groups long before they ever got popular. He disbanded the choir. He even did away with our choir loft! (Can you imagine!) He painted the drab brown paneling bright white, tore out the 1970's dated orange carpet, installed new carpet and demo'd S.S. rooms to accommodate a brand new children's church. When people complained about the music programs, he made sure the volume was cranked up even louder. He visited the sick in the hospital, the elderly congregants in their home, the kids in the schools. He bought a church bus and went cruising through the projects to pick up kids who had never been invited to church. He sold the parsonage (which was about 8 miles from the church), and built a parsonage on the grounds. He woke up many morning before 5 and would walk the parking lot of the church asking God to show him the vision for our church... the future... the next step.

This crazy former drug addict from Mobile, Alabama was on fire for the Lord, and with his charisma and "take no slack" attitude, transformed our congregation from 30 to 200 in a few years.

And then one day, he got greedy, and thought that it would be best to leave. And he did. But we kept changing, long after he was gone.

I wrote all that to say... change is good, different, and scary... but inevitable. Everyday, we wake up to change in our world, our economy, technology -- in everything.

Why is church the one place where we want it to stagnate and stay the same?

When I suggested that this candidate brings a lot of resources the church has never had and may very well move my boss from one position to something else, he said that he and his wife would just go to another church, but that they weren't crazy about the pastor's preaching at this other church. So, I sarcastically suggested that he 1) start his own church, 2) stop going to church altogether, 3) or get with the program.

You're not going to like everything about church. Pastors (and their families) will fail you. Denominations will fail you. Other church staff will make HUGE irreparable mistakes. It's imperfect people, running an imperfect church on grace. If there are things going on that are not right, be spiritually mature enough to confront the people in love after praying about it. And the bible doesn't say we can't change churches. Find a new church. And get involved. But SHUT UP criticizing everything the staff does because they don't ask your permission or input. If the pastor doesn't want to be your BFF, it doesn't mean that he hates you. If the pastoral staff doesn't recognize your "spiritual gift" of playing the tambourine, could it be that you've never told anyone about your talent? If you don't get a pat on the back for every little thing you do, it's okay. I want to ask people who act like this,

"Are you going to be disappointed with Heaven too?"

I'm going to stay off my soapbox about how everyone who works for the Lord has to get paid for another day.

**The state overseer was very unhappy about this candidate's zeal and may very well squelch the "New Thing" God is wanting to do in this area because one man doesn't want to give up his power.**

My friend is going to kill me for this...

but hopefully The Force will be with me!! (Maybe this will prompt her to comment!!!)

In case you don't read Flowerdust.net...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Attempt to write a post #5428

Err... :) I keep trying to write a post on my weekend, but alas, it ain't happening. It thought I would share this funny nugget with you though.

My mom and I were on the way home from my Aunt's house Saturday night around 11:30. It's dark, it's Georgia, we've already seen a few deer, we're tired. All of the sudden, this white thing with four legs jumps out of the ditch on the left side of the road running like a banshee.

My Mom and I both jumped and I tapped the breaks*.

Until we realize the four legs are actually two pair that appear to belong to two NAKED teen boys**.

With their butts to us, we could tell that one was wearing only tennis shoes and the other had kept on black knee socks.

As soon as we drove by, they jumped back into the ditch***.

My mom and I cracked up but kept driving. Out of the blue my mom says, "well, the only people I feel bad for are the ones in the car who just passed us. I think they'll have a more interesting view, don't you?"

Ha ha ha ha ha.

**It would never occur to a teenage girl to strip down to her birthday suit to jump out and scare people driving by just for fun.**
***Those boys should be glad I didn't have a gun.***

Friday, September 12, 2008

Get your broom.

So a Happy note...

It's the weekend!!!

I get to travel to SC for a family reunion!!!

I get to spend some long-overdue quality time with my family!!!

What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Consider this your official warning.

There is a person who was once in my life who is no longer. (Redundant, no?) I digress. Anywhoodloo... I've kinda become slightly addicted to my feedjit stats at the bottom. Tonight, I realized exactly who had paid my bloggy a little visit. I'm a little bit surprised, a little bit agitated, but also find some ______... some something in knowing that I was right about you all along. And now everybody else on the internet can be too.

Except for the fact that I decided to protect your anonymity and just black it out.

But Jesus knows. Jerk.

Never Forget...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am not, but I know Who IS.

Last year, I purchased tickets to Deeper Still Nashville. Due to the nature of my job (don't ever be an accountant!), I knew I wouldn't be able to go. So, I contact another blogger, and asked if she could post that I had tickets to sell. The tickets were spoken for before the end of the day. Fast forward twelve months... the bible we're doing is what Beth, Priscilla, and Kay spoke last year at the Deeper Still that I missed. It never ceases to amaze me that God knows what I need when I need it. He knew that I would need these lessons now... for the season of life that I'm in... not necessarily twelve months ago, when I had some stuff (we... okay HE) was still working out in me.

From Priscilla: "How can I -- how can we -- walk confidently into situations we feel ill-equipped to handle? How will we stand on the platforms to which God has called us and face the crowds in our lives without shame over who we are and without fear about our ability to accomplish the task? We must come to our situation know that God equips for His purpose those He calls. He didn't select us to lead the study, mother the children, marry the man, lead the meeting, run the office, evangelize the tribe, or start the ministry because He knew we were already capable. Rather, He picked us up, dusted off our incapability, replaced it with His ability, and secured our success when we chose to rest and trust in Him to work supernaturally in us."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


In the bible study I'm doing (Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed), we were instructed to write the initials of the people who have most rejected me in the margins... considering God chose us, releasing them from the responsibility to make me feel wanted and needed.


Can we say "catharsis"?


many are the letters in the alphabet?

Monday, September 8, 2008

This is THE funniest video I've seen in a long time...

Josh posted this on his blog, but I could NOT resist posting this JEWEL of a video here for you. Enjoy!!

Monday Morning Stuff

I realized that I should probably modify my "I..." list from the other day, because what I really hate, is to have to cut my nails. But, I can't stand my nails to be different lengths.


There is a guy who has recently come back into my life, and I find myself struggling to not let "old Jenn" come back. I'm actually having to fight back feelings. It's weird because I seriously did not expect him to ever be around again, and now that he is, I'm in a really weird place. I guess that, by writing this, I probably should confront my feelings and either walk away or tell him. The only part that frustrates me is that, I know he would feel differently if I were skinnier. And that hurts more than I can say. Pray for me, y'all.


I had the privilege to attend the General Overseer's daughter's shower yesterday, and can I just tell you how nice it was?


The pastor preached a difficult message yesterday, but reminded us of God's reproof to Habakkuh:

"And then God answered: "Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what's coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn't lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It's on its way. It will come right on time." Hab 2:2 (The Message)

God is not late, but He's not on our time table. Absorb it. Digest it. Get it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Et Tu Quote

"The Internet is a telephone system that's gotten uppity."

Clifford Stoll

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I stole this. But I'm tagging all of you lovely faithful readers. (If you don't blog, leave a comment. If you do blog, link through a comment.)

I AM … blogging when I should be working.
I WANT… to get married. Yes God, I'm still asking. :)
I HAVE … pretty good intuition. Even in spite of the fact that a certain friend thinks I don't... I do. (And I was right, btw.)
I KEEP… records of wrongs sometimes. I'm imperfect and human. Sue me.
I WISH I COULD … stay motivated to exercise and live healthier.
I HATE … that I procrastinate.
I FEAR … the dark.
I HEAR … David Archuleta. On my iTunes.
I DON’T THINK … people laugh at themselves enough. It's called a SENSE of humor. Geez.
I REGRET … not living in the dorm or having roommates for all those years. $$$$
I LOVE … my family. They're awesome.
I AM NOT … but I know Who Is.
I DANCE … alot. I love to!!
I SING … only in private. I mostly lip sync. Anybody offer voice lessons??
I NEVER … stop thinking. Too. analytical. It's so frustrating.
I RARELY … eat fish. Ew.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … Tap night for my sorority. It makes me think of really wonderful memories.
I AM NOT ALWAYS … consistent.
I HATE THAT … the Vols bit it in OT. Boo.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … some things at work. Inconsistencies where there are usually none.
I NEED … to register to vote. Don't judge me. I pray for my country, I just don't vote.
I SHOULD … send cards. Snail mail. and Packages. (Sorry Staci!)

How I know texting is getting out of hand...

I love that texting is actually "short-talking". I like that you can text when you really can't talk. I like that texting helps keep me in contact.

I do think that we need to observe some texting etiquette. Case in point, here are two texts I've received in the last two weeks:

1. "Do you think it's a crime to work out without underware? LOL"

My response: No, it's not a crime, but it couldn't potentially be disgusting and unhygienic. And it's spelled underWEAR 'cause you wear it. :)

2. "Already dilated to 2 centimeters and lost my mucous plug!"


Yep folks, we've resorted to sharing that via text. And fyi, my friend has a healthy baby boy now.

I present you: Randomness.

I downloaded the Altar Boyz soundtrack from iTunes, (I also downloaded New Kids on the Block too!), and have been cracking up at work.


It’s weird how you realize your body is changing without asking you sometimes. I’ve always been a sleeper. As a kid, I would sleep as long as I was allowed to. My grandmother (a woman who slept 4 hours a night most of her life) would get so irate with me. Sleep = Laziness to her. I used to tell her I was resting for the day I had kids. I knew I wouldn’t sleep then. But lately, along with other things in our bodies that change as we age, I find myself tired, but unable to sleep. And the days of sleeping 12 hours… are pretty much gone. On a Saturday, if I sleep more than 8 hours, I wind up with crazy headaches.

I said all that to say that I had a lovely bout of insomnia last night. And then I had some crazy dream about tagging an entire city with graffiti. Go figure.


This week, one of my guy friends sent me the most precious email. He and I are not known to be email buddies, but the inspiration hit him, and he sent me an email that touched my heart. He is deeply in love with this girl, and just shared how he really felt about her. It breaks my heart to know that she doesn’t love him back, but also reminds me how excited I am to meet the person that God has for me. The man who writes those things about me. His words were so beautiful I wanted to share them with you…

“She is wonderful, so much fun, gorgeous, an absolute sweetheart, and in general an amazing person to me. I am happiest when I’m with her, and I’m okay with that for now. I am so very much in love with her. And now, when all is done and that page has been turned, this time the difference is my attitude. I’m not now convinced that everything is perfect and will work out, but I’m also not afraid of the return cycle or the backlash. I went to bed thanking God for the wonderful day and the wonderful time with the girl I love, resolved to let today bring what it may. I am happy for yesterday, and for today my hope is very much alive that I will be happy when all is said and done. I put my faith in God’s wisdom, His design of me, and His generosity and love to fulfill the desires He has placed in my heart.”

Much love,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Jhork. I loves New Jhork.

Another labor day in NYC, and I find myself changed, again. I absolutely love visiting because it gives such perspective. I know this may sound presumptuous, but I feel like I gained/learned more in this trip than in the last few trips. While I was waiting at the Atlanta airport, I picked up Looking for God by Nancy Ortberg. I'm a big fan of her husband's work, and Nancy did not disappoint. I don't want to give away the book, but I can tell you I'm going to recommend doing a bible study on it. She's great.

While in NYC, I also managed to catch Altar Boyz. It's about a christian boy band, and it was absostinkin'lutely HILARIOUS. I knew about the show because I was a fan of So You Think You Can Dance contestant Neil Haskell. Turns out, he was kind of a jerk and wouldn't take a picture with me, but I got pics with the four other altar boyz. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend this show.

I walked a bazillion miles this weekend too. It was fabulous. :)

Lastly, I thought I'd leave you with some pics.