Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weekend photos

(I'm going to get the pictures uploaded to my Flickr tonight... but I wanted to share a few with you now.)

(The Hollywood Sign)
(For my friend Aubre)
Chicago (from the set of My Boys)
(The Bronson Gate)
(Built by the Dept of Defense in 1866)
(Inside one of the D-block solitary cells)
(Remake of a mask from the infamous 1962 escape)

(Solitary Confinement on D-Block)
(Sign at Alcatraz Island)
(Alcatraz Island)
(Lombard Street, San Francisco)
(The Golden Gate Bridge)
(Trolley Car)

(From Fisherman's Wharf)

Celebrity Spottings

I've already gotten two texts this morning asking if I saw any celebrities. I am happy to report that I Did!

  • We had to return the rental car on Monday morning. When we got on the Hertz bus, I sat next to (and spoke to) Matt & Suzy Hoover. Matt won The Biggest Loser season 2. He met Suzy on the show, and she came in 3rd place. They were on the bus with her mom and their two sons. I asked my brother to be sneaky and try and get a picture. He did! I'll upload it later. I wish I had said more than one sentence to them... I was too timid to ask for a picture. P.S.... Suzy is absolutely beautiful. TV did not do her justice. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see them in person. Yay!
  • Lauren Graham -- Lorelei from The Gilmore Girls. We saw her at Paramount, and I'm pretty sure John Mark had a small heartattack. He loves her!
  • Eddie Murphy -- He was shooting a movie on the lot at Paramount.
  • Daniel Roebuck -- when I saw him in the airport yesterday, I looked at him and knew immediately that I knew him. I remembered he was on Matlock, but couldn't remember his name! But... He was on my plane and was a really nice guy!

So... my celebrity spotting wasn't a total bust!

How I feel today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rejoining the "REAL" World again

I've rejoined the "Real" world again!

It's good to be back, better than I thought it could be!

Over the next few days or posts, I'll blog about California. I am... disappointed and very let down with California. In my current, bitter state, I kinda think it's overrated. I don't want to write a lot tonight because it's late and I'm tired! Sometime tomorrow, I'll be uploading the pictures from this weekend, although only a few of them are from L.A./Hollywood. Most are from San Fran and Alcatraz.

I did not go to the wedding. I've caught a bit of flack for not going, but I'm not going to feel bad about.

Robert was "that guy" in my life. We met 15 years ago and clicked instantly... even and especially when I didn't want too. He was the one who got me... if you know what I mean. He got me, and cared for me deeply... in spite of my own crazies and my road to self discovery. But, as I've explained (more this last week than ever!), the reason Robert and I aren't together is because of his relationship with the Lord.

Robert didn't love Jesus like I needed him too. If mine and Robert's relationship had gone farther, it would have meant that I would have had to force him to go to church every Sunday. That's not the kind of life, or the kind of marriage I would have wanted. I've harped to my friends about not compromising, but I don't think they've gotten it... that is unti this last week.

And Robert knew it from the beginning. We cared deeply for each other, but I meant I was not going to backdown on this one requirement. Love Jesus with your whole heart first... then me. And it's clear, he made his decision.

It's okay to NOT compromise. Life and relationships and marriage and friendships and complicated whatevers don't look the way we 'imagine' they should. They always look different. And good different too. We live in a society that promotes and encourages compromise, and I have good friends who don't value themselves and see compromise as their only answer. But it's not... It's NOT.

And I chose -- a LONG TIME AGO -- that I was not going to compromise. I've had it thrown in my face recently that, I loved two guys who DID love Jesus, and neither of those worked out. But that does not give me reason to think that God has forgotten about it. If anything, it reminds me that God is most definitely watching out for me.

Robert and his new wife, their daughter, and their baby on the way are going to be just fine.

And I am too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Follow me

Since I'm not able to blog regularly, you can follow me on twitted.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello from California! I'm writing from my brother's iPhone so this will be short and sweet!

Cali... is kind of a let down. Somebody once called San Fran the New York of the west. My best guess is that they had never been farther than Texas! Ha!

The Golden Gate Bridge really is as beautiful as you've seen in pictures though.

And in case you wondering... no I didn't go to the wedding. Details to follow.

But I did get strip searched by TSA. Apparently I looked like a threat to national security wearing my CSI:Miami tshirt at the airport. Hilarious!!!

I'm headed to Alcatraz and then back to L.A. tonight. 'Cause you know I'm ready to see something exciting or at least Matthew!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

HTML. Gossip. Underpants. Goals.

Since my blogger is still stuck, I'm going to have to try to kick out HTML old school... that is to recite the language as best I remember! YIKES!

I've clearly lost my readers. My 5 day blogbattical was enough to lose a few of my regular comments too. Sadness. Please come back!


January was a work-in-progress kind of month. I made some really necessary changes, but now, I find myself slipping back into them. It's discouraging, and last night I got the subtle reminder that I like the changes I've been making. Must. Get. Back. On. Wagon. In case you're wondering what in the Hee-Haw I'm talking about... I get sucked into gossip and drama REALLY easy. It's Stupid, I KNOW. At 30, you'd think I could move past it, but it's one of those things I struggle with. You can imagine that I love the condescending conversations that girlfriends have about how they never gossip. Anyway... 1 step forward, 2 steps back. I'll get there. It just means really shutting some people out of my life. Oi.


There was a grown man at my house who sang, UNPROVOKED, "I see London, I see France, I see someone's underpants".

Turns out there was a bra hanging in the laundry room. Clearly this grown man is single.


In spite of the fact that I have goals for '09... I feel like I need to make new ones.

I appear to be pretty free...

February - Cali
March - New York, Great Strides WALK
April - ??
May - ??
June - wedding
July - ??
August - ??
September - ??
October - ??
November - New York
December - Turn 31

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My rise to (and potentially subsequent fall from) Stardom

Here's my order of management:

Big Boss - Mr. T.
Director - Big D.
Manager - Another Jennifer in my life

New Guy does not work for me, although... that would crack me up. I might whip out my best Donald Trump impression and practice "YOU'RE FIRED!!" a few times.

Not that it would matter,... but whatever.

Anywhoo! Yesterday, Jennifer sent an email to Mr. T. and Big D. informing them that I would be leaving early on Friday and returning to work on Wednesday.

Two minutes later, Big D. responds with "unless she becomes a movie star!!!"

Which... totally cracked me up. This promptly led to Jennifer and I discussing the following: if I should reach stardom, am I required to give a two-weeks notice? Ha!

Then today, literally fifteen minutes ago, Big D. sends us both an email that says


I guess I beat you to becoming a star!

Big D.

Big D. had just been cast in a local musical. Clearly, we can see who the bigger star is. :)

Various & Unsundry... Part One Eight.

Blogger is acting retarded at work. My post options are expanded. I have no HTML to edit (meaning I can't load pictures or even use bullets).


But... TWITTER is back up. I'm going to enjoy it while I can. :)


Girls are dumb. I have some wonderful girlfriends, but I'm speaking about myself and them when I say, we're DUMB. We do stupid things, stay with guys for even more ridiculous reason, and then act like the victim. Newsflash: We Are Not The Victim. Nine times out of ten that is. Whether it's roommates who are "into" the same guy or guyS (and pretend like they don't know [or that the rest of us don't know] the truth, girls who make send completely irrational text messages, and the one girl who thinks EVERY GUY likes her. Whether they do or not is irrelevant. If you 100% flirt with a guy and laugh at everything he says and pet him -- duh! what else do you think will happen? While I'm at it -- stop calling them "Your Boys". It's old. And makes you sound like you're 12.


Cali is stressing me out. Check.

But not nearly as much as the weather situation. Hello? I picked the WORST WEEK in California February Weather History to travel. And my brother, he'll be leaving on a plane from New York. You know, since they've had such luck with planes leaving in an around NYC.



Because my coworkers care nothing about my health, they've all graciously shared germs the last two weeks resulting in my going to bed at 6:00pm last night. My throat felt awful, I had "drippage", and sleeping was the only thing I felt like doing.

I'm pretty sure my roommate thought she was living with a bear in hibernation, but whatev.

I promptly slept until 7 this morning, and except for the shadiness of my contacts, I feel much better.

There will be a Lysol baptismal this morning at work too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boys. Planes. California. Oh My!

Um... so I'm scheduled to get on a plane in about four days, and I'm completely freaked out about it. I'm going to a wedding of THE BOY THAT I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE MARRIED. Over five years ago, he left Alabama to be with a redheaded accountant named Jennifer.


That relationship didn't work out, but through her he met his current fiance. Who was engaged to someone at the time. And then four years ago, came to visit me, and talked about her non-stop. And it was in the parking deck at my last job (a.k.a. Hades) that I realized he was TOTALLY into her.

And when got back to my house, I hugged him and I kissed him squarely on the lips and told him to go get that girl. And when he left to get that girl, I used him as leverage for the boy that I thought wanted me. HA! While my relationship sank like the Titanic, Robert and the girl hit it off. She loved him. He's a dork, but he's faithful. They had to work through their trust issues. And then they moved in together, and then she got pregnant. And Baby T was born. And then he proposed in Vegas last year. And they started planning a really big August '09 wedding. And then they found out they were preggers with baby #2. And August becomes February. And they come to town to see me, and for the first time, I met the Fiance. And she's sweet. And she loves Robert with her whole heart. And I can't not like her.

And I am totally conflicted. Robert and I have this great, hilarious, ridiculous history. He's the first boy I told "I Love You" face to face. He's the boy I punched in the face the first time he tried to kiss me. He once left a rose on my car, and I DROVE OVER IT. AND THEN I BACKED UP AND DROVE OVER IT AGAIN. And the only reason he left it was because he knew I'd had a terrible day. And I faked falling asleep so he wouldn't kiss me on NYE '96.

While I'm happy that my wonderful friend has found someone who loves him and doesn't drive over his gifts, I can't help but be sad. I can't help but wonder if I'm not an idiot. For not being willing to compromise with him (I do love him, I always have, but we were not even remotely equally yoked and I would have had to force him to go to church every Sunday). Or if I'm a bigger idiot for going to the wedding.

And in four days, I'm going to get on a plane to California. And then I'm going to get on a second plane with my brother and fly to the city where they live. I'm going to be at their wedding. And I'll stand (and gasp and smile) when she walks into the room. And I'll clap when they're pronounced Husband and Wife. And I'll cringe when they announce them Mr. and Mrs. for the first time. And I'm not sure if the tears I'll be crying will be happy tears or sad tears.

But I'm pretty sure there will be tears.

And Lots of Them.

And hopefully, I'll come back to the South. To the place I call home. To the place that I left Robert for 9 1/2 years ago and I'll realized that I moved on a long time ago, and that this is just closure.

And I'll meet that man. That man that God has for me. And I'll love him more than I ever loved Robert. And I'll be thankful that Robert has somebody who loves him deeply. And I'll be thankful that Robert showed me that somebody could love me, completely in spite of myself.

And the Mr. and Mrs. will get a chance to come back to the South, sooner than later, to watch me take somebody else's name.

But then again, maybe I should just focus on THIS weekend and not get ahead of myself.
"God doesn't give you the people you want. He gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to love you, to leave you, and to make you into the person He wants you to be."

Monday, February 16, 2009

iPod Monday

(you can catch the last installment here)

  • Better than this - Kimberly Locke -- It's from The Perfect Man, and I can't help but like this song.
  • I don't want to go - Avalon -- Just listen. I don't wanna go somewhere if I know that you're not there.
  • Love Lockdown - Kanye West -- I just like the beat.
  • Lucky - Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat -- I need a ballad for a while. It's sweet and romantic and pretty.
  • Maneater - Hall & Oates -- Don't lie. You KNOW you like that song.
  • Winter Song - Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson -- First heard this on Grey's and L.O.V.E.D. it. You will too.
  • Come Around - Rosi Golan -- I like it.
  • Little Lies - Fleetwood Mac -- Reminds me of being 9 dancing around the living room, or better yet, with my Best Friend FOREVER making up dances.
  • Over and Over Again - Tami Chynn -- I love the melody and vocal mix on this song. Beautiful.
  • Ooh Aah (featuring Toby Mac) - Grits -- Sometimes you just need a little Ooh Aah or you feel Ooh Aah.
  • In Love with a Girl - Gavin DeGraw - Come on, it's Gavin.
  • The Climb - Miley Cyrus (From the Hannah Montana movie) -- I don't care if you judge me at all -- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG. It's Awesome!

What are you listening to?


  • I feel _________.
  • Last night, I couldn't find any of my old Avalon CD's, so I downloaded a few songs on iTunes. Made me VERY nostalgic. Also, I cried listening to "I don't want to go". Shew-wee.
  • I haven't really felt like blogging, and I don't know why. I haven't missed four days in a really long time. Or it could have just been a few months. Who knows.
  • I had an interesting Valentines weekend.
  • A boy.
  • A hockey game with friends.
  • A VERY HONEST talk with a good friend yesterday.
  • No sad or melancholy feelings here about VDay. No wallowing in pity about being single.
  • No tears which is actually kinda cool.
  • Becoming acutely aware of some things that are going to change drastically in the coming weeks.
  • A really awesome service yesterday.
  • Spending an hour with one of my favorite little people who had on the most adorable outfit (AND MATCHING BONNET) yesterday. Being with her made me want like 15 kids.
  • P.S. God, can that be from my blog to your ears? Yes, and AMEN! and A MAN!
  • A good and HILARIOUS girls' group last night.
  • Couldn't sleep last night.
  • heaviness. weirdness. not sure what that means either.

Missed y'all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey Dorothy, I think it's time to grab Toto.

Some Tennessee schools just let out for weather, North Georgia schools are cancelling after school care and advising teachers to leave "As Soon As Possible". We got an email about the Tornado Watch in effect.

And here's my rant. Teachers -- GET TO GO HOME. Bradley County Schools released students two hours early due to (and I quote) WIND. The rest of us? We get to stay at work and hunker down in a tornado shelter (of sorts).

'Cause my idea of weathering a storm is with my coworkers. YEAH. RIGHT.

When the local schools are still in session in July, It's going to be because they've called off school for every imaginable reason.

Whatever happened to weathering a storm at school? We spent a LOT of time in the hallways waiting for a tornado watch/warning to be over. Yes, we got home late, but at least the schools didn't put all the kids in jeopardy by throwing them on buses to beat the storms. Or worse yet, for all the parents who work (and HELLO, ARE YOU WATCHING THE NEWS ABOUT OUR ECONOMIC SITUATION?) now have to take time off to get their kids. Most likely time that they won't get back and can't make up.


I'm pretty sure the Wellness Center is trying to kill me.

Yesterday was Day 16. There are a few people who are reading my exercise blog, so you don't have to read this one too.

In my somewhat self-depracating nature, I decided to take a Total Body Conditioning Class at my local wellness center. I'm pretty sure I was possessed because I accidentally drank from the water fountain the other day. So much for following my own rule -- Never Drink the Kool-Aid!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a funny lists of things from last night's experience

  • In order for TBC to be effective, your body should have SOME prior conditioning.
  • Mine did NOT.
  • A lofty goal of "just don't die" is good.
  • An even loftier goal of "don't quit" is better.
  • 2 Stars for me for achieving both.
  • Lunges are from the DEVIL.
  • She asked us to do the Superman on a Bosu Ball
  • Hopefully you're looking up a Bosu Ball now and laughing WITH me
  • Then she asked me to balance my entire body weight (no hands no feet) on the Bosu ball
  • The second set of lunges are an indicator that Christ return is imminent.
  • I ran into a coworker after my class who looked at me and said "OH MY! Your face is Beet Red!"
  • maybe we didn't do such a good cooldown?

In spite of my whiny nature, I DIDN'T die or pass out (YAY!), but my entire shirt was soaked. As a matter of fact, I was completely sweat soaked from head to toe. I called my Mom when I got in the car and asked her how bad it would look it if I just slept in my car for a little while. :) She encouraged me to try to drive home.

The halfway mark of my drive is a McDonald's. I wanted a Sweet Tea so bad but they didn't have any! At this point, I realized just how soaked my shirt was (It got cold, you know?), so I wound up changing shirts in the McDonald's/Shell parking lot in Varnell. Classy, no?

By 9:00, I was so stoved up, I could hardly move. But, I did... and wound up getting to play 2 full rounds of Nerts with Roomie and two other friends. Nice!

Oh... I should mention that I WILL going back today. What doesn't kill me really does make me stronger.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a bit o' randomness for ya'.

I'm boring today, but I wanted to write before I get too tired to write.

My weekday consist of:
6:30-7:00 wake-up
7:00-7:30 Get ready
7:30-7:45 Leave for work
Work 'til 5
5:15 head to gym
7:15 leave gym
8:00 Home ... finally
8:30 shower

And by 9:00, I want to get in the bed. Working out = No social life. It also equals no drama, but that's another story for another day.


I apparently upset New Guy at lunch today.

Surprisingly, it was not my intention. And people are acting weird around here, although I have NO idea why.


Since I started this working out, changing my life, whateveryouwannacallit thing, I've been chronicling my journey.

As you would imagine, that means there another blog out there from me. That one is #7 right now (although I think it's actually #13). See, I do purge and delete them after a while!

I've been documenting the good, bad, and ugly of it all. Working out is tough. Consistency... is even more difficult. I've asked a lot of questions, and tried to read everything I can. Today, my pants fit better, more loosely, but I don't think these are the pants I should base anything on. Yesterday's pants did not fit as comfortably as I would have liked. It's hard to not be discouraged by not seeing a big number on the scale each week, but I have to accept it and persevere.

Currently, I would like to persevere right to sleep, but I know I can't. My coworkers will tell on me. Ha!


I'm excited about Valentine's Day... still. I've decided not to get the Crush anything. I'm pretty sure he would FREAK out, and Lord knows I don't want him to do that. :)


I was thinking about time the other day, and realized how much time had passed since a major rift in my life. And it hit me... it's been over two years. Weird as this might sound, it's such a blessing! I'm glad that I haven't really done anything drastic (like I did the last time). I'm thankful for God's mercy in healing my heart and my head.


I'm currently listening to "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" by the Spin Doctors. That song makes me smile every time.

When I joined the gym to weeks ago, I started chronicling my journey.

And my pain. My frustration. My discouraging times. My excitement. The proverbial good, bad, and ugly.

blog roll

Hey... a few weeks ago, in one of my fits, I was playing with my template, and messed up a bunch of things.

So... If I have not linked you back, it's becuase I'm still trying to figure out what in the world I did wrong!

Leave a comment with your link, and I'll make sure I've got you added to either my bloglines or Google Reader! I like keeping up with your lives!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm not excited. At all. Not me. There was not squealing earlier either.

I would just like to mention that in:

10 days and 2 hours, I will be on a plane to California. Where people say I'll never want to come back from.

10 days and 3 hours, I will hopefully be asleep on a plane dreaming of a life unlike my own!

10 days and 4 hours, I will be giddy and wide awake realizing where I'm headed.

10 days and 5 hours, I will be kinda freaked out thinking about mud slides, the Santa Ana winds, and all that is Los Angeles.

10 days and 6 hours, I will have replayed "Los Angeles" by the Counting Crows like 150 times, excited. There may be squealing on the plane. I'mjustsayin'.

10 days and 7 hours, I will be sitting in LAX with my camcorder and two digital cameras prepared to snap shots of celebrities.

11 days, I'll be watching my closest guy friend tie the knot with someone other than me.

12 days, I will be looking at the Golden Gate Bridge in person.

13 days, I will be going through Paramount Studios and Warner Bros. Studios handing them my resume.

14 days, I will be sitting on Robertson Boulevard, having water or something with my brother, PRAYING to spot Matthew.

Have I mentioned that I'm a little excited?

Rest for my Blue's

Last night was the first night in a week that I've actually slept the whole night through.

And my good night's sleep? It comes from a weekend with my mom, where I could talk openly and honestly and share some deep feelings that I haven't shared with anyone, as well as getting a chance to REALLY talk to my roommate. My weekend, albeit full of work and some tears, was absolutely wonderful and ridiculously overdue!!!

My mom and I cleaned and worked hard, and walked... A LOT. But it was good, and we were able to make a significant dent in my brother's room and bathroom, PTL! We were able to exercise together, and I'm confident that it was the first time my Mom and I have ever been to a gym together. Lord-willing, this will be the first of many!

My mom and I talked about my relationships, the Guy I'm interested in right now (Yes, I have someone!), weight, love, life, structure, God... you name it, we talked about it. I don't even have the words to express how great it was to be with my Mom this weekend. She spoke some truths into my life that I desperately needed to hear too. And I cried hearing them, because they are hard to swallow, but good for growth! I'm sad that because of my obligations (you name it, I'm sure I'm over-involved!) I won't get to see her until April!!! :( Unless I can coax her into driving up to have lunch with me one day.

Come to think of it... I think I will do that!

My roommate and I REALLY got a chance to talk last night. I don't think people know how great Jenn is (I live with a Jenn... FYI). She has been such a blessing in my life! I'd never lived with a roommate for more than four months, and in May, I'll have lived with her for 3 years!!!! Who said I didn't take a big girl pill? You Punk! It's so funny (in hindsight) to see how God moved so divinely in my life and in hers, and how much I needed her in my life to grow up. Jenn is, for all intensive purposes, completely different from me, although many people think we're similar. She is (all at once) both my sandpaper friend -- rubbing me against the grain to grow, and well as one of my greatest encouragers -- pushing me forward -- and completely different -- challenging me to grow and stretch in ways I never thought of. We laughed last night about where we exercise control and where we don't, and how it couldn't have worked out more perfectly if we'd tried! Anywhoo... I'm glad we were able to talk.

If you think about it, please please please continue to pray for her. I know, and I mean I KNOW, that God still heals. While I have no idea of what His purpose was, I know that His Grace is Sufficient for the storm of life.

I have a busy week ahead, but I'm glad I had this weekend to mentally regroup. The next 8 weeks are going to be challenging and push me harder than I've been pushed in a while.

But I can do this... i CAN do this... i can DO this... i can do THIS.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A big bunch of nothing... for now!

I have so much to tell you, and so much I can't tell you.

And I'm tired.

Sorry for the dramatic lead-in, but I'll be blogging about my weekend tomorrow.

Nite Y'all!

The Before & After (from like 2 weeks ago!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Too bad I don't have 'go-go-Gadget' powers.

Last night, I couldn't sleep. I was up until 2:00 this morning working on the computer, and after I finally got in bed, I laid there an hour before I fell asleep.

I'm starting to feel the pressure of things I've committed too. The groups, the committees, the teams, the training. It's a lot. And I'm not even mentioning the things I'm sacrificing.

But my thought last night had more to do with excellence than it did failure. I'm the worst at setting expectations that are ridiculous and unreasonable. I've had to remind myself that my goal for running is to FINISH the race. It's not about time, it's about endurance, and completing the entire task. Running the entire race. It's about focus and priorities. It's reminding myself that, when I'm at work, I need to be working, not thinking about things I need to do at home. When I'm training/running/exercising, I need to be focused on the task at hand. When I'm at home... I need to be focused on responsibilities I have at home, as well as preparation for the next day. And Rest.

It's hard to rest when your mind is going a millions miles a minute.

But I know that I have to. I can't control the situations. I can't control anybody else. For all intensive purposes, I can't control me sometimes.

It's hard to remember to do things one at a time, one step at a time, doing them with excellence. But I know that I can balance all this.

Si Se Puede!

The Shoe Debacle of Oh-Niner

I haven't owned pink shoes since I was four. They had Strawberry Shortcake on them, and those were the shoes I learned to tie shoelaces with. I loved them, and wore them out. (My shoe past is littered with an Awesome purple pair of L.A. Gear shoes, one pair of Nike's that I wore 'til they died and a LOT of Keds!!)

And I was VERY excited about yesterday's purchase of pink shoes, but alas, it is not to be so.

Turns out... the pink shoes have zippo arch support. I thought my leg was going to fall off yesterday. I had to go back to Hibbett and cry. :( The shoe guy (who looked like he was 15) said, "You need the Kayanos". I thought he was speaking in tongues. I had absolutely no clue what he was talking about. He laughed and told me, "You just need the red ones".

So the pink shoes have been replaced with the illustrious RED ones! The Asics Gel-Kayano.

I'm going on a limb to say... I guess the red ones really ARE the best, no? Can I get an Amen from a sister?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daily Peek: My "work" life in pictures

I'm not sure why I've not really ever shared more pics of my office, but as I was out to lunch today (buying purchases you'll see below), I realized that I couldn't remember writing too much about my office.

Without going into details that my boss doesn't need to read (P.S. I KNOW you read!), I wanted to tell you that I am SO SO SO SO SO THANKFUL everyday for my office. My last job required me to work in a revamped department store (we were in a revamped mall), and my entire world was grey cubes. It was miserable. I was miserable.

But on September 12, 2005, I was welcomed into a new world. I remember my boss showing me my office, and I kept thinking, "Are you kidding me? Is this temporary?". Thankfully, it wasn't, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my office! I had the option to move closer to my big boss, director, and manager, but when I realized I would lose a window, I shot that idea down QUICKLY!

I love my office. Sometimes, I wish it was bigger, but in those moments, I'm reminded of my cubieworld, and then I mentally shut up!

I wish I had Pop-up video here... I'd point out that my desktop background is my friends from our trip to the Biltmore, my Nalgene bottle, my fuzzy valentine's pens (see, told ya'!), the J mug, and my Sally Hansen fingernail polish. That stuff is my saving grace
Behold, two of my favorite lotions EVER! Aveeno Baby (Lavendar & Vanilla), and Hello Sugar! from Bath & Body Works. Behold, Sally again! And a reminder to FILE YOUR TAXES!
If you look closely, you will see Nathan's pictures. My word, I miss that kid Everyday. Also, my workout bag... filled with clothes to hit the Wellness Center today!!!! And last, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, my space heater. My office is the return for the heater, so it's usually about 60 degrees in my office. That was a God thing, y'all!
My attempt at healthiness! New Kicks -- Asics, and a Grilled chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a. I normally love the Club, but today... :(. You will also notice my green phone, which constantly makes me think of Kermit the Frog, as well as Esther. "If ______, then God!!!!" Holla if ya' hear me!
My three windows. Can y'all give Jesus some praise for that?! Praise you Lord for light! And Vitamin D! And Sanity!
My world... in boxes. Welcome to the transition of accounting. These are 8 of 30 that I'll fill up in the next few weeks. Also, a stack of papers that I need to deal with.
A rare sight for me. My door is RARELY closed. I just don't like chewing and having people walk by an stare at me.
I love love love pashminas. I own 11... I think. Wanna come visit me? Grab a seat! But, don't trip over the chord to my speakers. You wouldn't wanna miss the craziness that is my iTunes.

A final shot of my world. Gotta Love it!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Various and Unsundry... Part 17?

I painted my nails red for the first time in a while. For some reason, I'm really excited to celebrate Valentine's Day, even though I don't have a valentine. I'm also wearing heart earrings, and a pretty heart necklace. Overkill? Nah.

Do you want to be my Valentine?


New Guy is not at work today. 25 business days into the new year -- He's missed 4. Not that I'm keeping track of anything. Except for the calendar on my desk.


I actually enjoyed being at the gym/wellness center last night. Seeing as how I don't frequent these joints often (in spite of the fact that I have paid DEARLY for them), I really like this one.

And the best part... there's no drama! I don't know anyone, except for one of the trainers, and she only comes to encourage me. I love it.

I also ran a total of 7 minutes last night. For once, it wasn't because I was too winded either... my legs just felt like they couldn't carry me. Strange, but true.


I had to buy a new Nalgene bottle because mine is AWOL. I'm sad only because I had a no-splash mouth insert in it, so now I'm worried about splashing. :( Plus, nobody carries them in store anymore.


I've been struggling with uploading .pdf files to blogger. ARRGH.


I missed The Biggest Loser last night because I 1) worked out, 2) had to something to eat, and 3) had bible study. Regardless, I know who got kicked out... and I can't say that I'm sad for Joelle.

Having sent in more than one audition tape, I was aggravated with her from week 1. I did like Carla though... in spite of the fact that she could have squished me if I made her angry!!!

Even though I haven't blogged about it too much, this season is very different (my opin) from other seasons. More emotions. Less weight. Bigger people. But I love the twists of the game, forcing people to go home (even though not necessarily eliminated). Weight loss has to be in the real world.

But I would still scream like a 5-year old in KMart if I could work out with Bob for a week. Shew-Wee!


It's 4:52, and I'm ready to go to the gym. It's going to be like 15 degrees outside when I finally leave!!!!! EEek!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're gonna need a clean-up in the Parking lot.

I assume that, for at least one day, I should get away from the topic at hand and share a bit of God's sense of humor.

I have said, MANY TIMES, that God keeps me humble. And quickly.

There is a LOT going on behind the posts that I've written the last two days. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. But, I wrote it last night, hit POST, grabbed my stuff, and headed to Dalton to stay because I was concerned about the condition of the roads in the morning.

I was almost in town when I remembered that we were having a diaper shower for a friend at work (his wife is having their 3rd child this week), so I called Bits, and let her know I was running to Wal-Mart. I went in, grabbed the things that I needed, and checked out.

I pushed my buggy to the car and unloaded the items I had, and then headed to the buggy corral.

Then I suddenly realized that me and the buggy?... we were ACCELERATING.

A kid, maybe 16, was driving his family's minivan, and I'm assuming they were talking to him with the van in gear. He didn't even notice me.

That is until I started yelling!

"Hey... YOU HIT ME!"

Sure did... got bumped right there in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

From the looks of things, he had eased up on the brake, letting the car roll forward slowly. Of course, it scared this poor kid to death. I'm sure the crazy white lady yelling and waving at him didn't help either. It kinda freaked me out too, envisioning my life ending at the buggy corral of a Wal-mart (*shudder!*), but thankfully, other than being horribly embarrassed, I was okay.

Sufficed to say, God keeps me humble, and reminds me to chill out. And more often than not, in really hilarious ways.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's talk about Sex.

Another day (day 2) of blood pressure issues... tomorrow I will be going to the doctor.

My mom decided to be "straight up" with me, and frankly, she scared me. HBP can mess up your head and your liver. Yikes!


I didn't realize until today how little I blog about what I think about most days. The last post has offended some people, and while I probably should have given you the setup as to WHY I posted it, it needed to be posted. End of story.

But seriously, can we talk about integrity? Amy Beth has been talking about LOVE and some of the details. She even mentioned that she and Cousin Cate can't say the word SEX because her mama might be watching. I get that... but I also grew up in a home where my Mom knew that if she didn't tell me about sex, then the world would.

Christians get so freaked out talking about sex. Don't get me wrong, I don't, and I mean DON'T want to hear about your sex life, but at 30, I know too many people who are afraid of the word.

FEAR makes it bad. FEAR is what causes so many Christians to compromise their morals. FEAR brings shame.

God made sex. Mind you, I've yet to experience what God really meant. If you'd asked me ten years ago if I was a virgin, I might have lied to you out of shame. But I am, and I'm totally okay with it. I don't need a big 'ole V on my shirt, and if you aren't, I'm not going to brandish you with a scarlet letter. But come on y'all? We MUST stop being afraid to talk about it.

God made it to be a beautiful, wonderful thing. It's the 'not talking about it' that has made it taboo and wrong. Recently I shared with my girls' group about good girls that I went to college with who were so freaked about it, they waited MONTHS to consummate their marriages! That's craziness!

And really my post comes from a point of compromise. Girls who give in, and give up to salvage relationships. I am not Snow White. I have gone farther than I ever dreamed. I knew when to stop, and knew what point was beyond stopping. And I sadly, stopped in between.

But when did it become NOT Okay to hold each other accountable? You know you wouldn't do "those things" if your Mom or Dad were on the end of the couch. You would have run away like you were on fire.

And while I'm rambling... stop using the "victim" excuse. SAY NO. Phone a friend. Be truthful with an accountability partner, even if it's embarrassing.

Find your value in The Word. Find your value in The Lord.

Sunday, February 1, 2009



Just a reminder...

You know those girls you treat like crap? The ones that you use (and abuse) at your convenience, for what makes you feel good? The girls you date just to date? The girls who act as time fillers, "Ms Right Now", while you keep looking for "The One"? Or does it comfort you to know that someone is treating your sister, cousin, or friend like trash?

My prayer, my hope, is that you figure out quickly that God made us right after you... God recognized that man was alone and didn't want it to be so. We were created as helpmates, as partners, as pairs. We are precious in God's sight.

Sadly, you don't treat us like that. You treat us like trash. Expendable. Worthless. Useless. Disposable.

Some of you need the somber reminder that, you may potentially be fathers one day.

Do you want someone like you to treat Your Little Princesses the way that you have treated women?

It's just a thought.

and while I'm on the tangent... Hey girls, being THAT girl, that made out with all the guys? It doesn't make us want to be you... it makes us sad for you. Sad that you have so devalued yourself that you're not worth having someone actually WAIT for you. Sad that no woman in your life was honest with you, encouraging you to find your purpose, not a dark place to make-out.

There is an old cliche -- Loose Lips Sink Ships. It doesn't JUST refer to gossip.

There is still hope. God is the RESTORER.
Last night, at an engagement shower for for my friend and his fiance, there were two tables of Nerts going, and they were following by a violent game of Spoons.

Three people got "injured" and one girl was practically drug across a table. It was HYSTERICAL and outta control!
I hate giving rundowns of my weekends unless I feel like it's absolutely necessary. For now, it isn't, but I want to give you the build-up to my shopping experience.

Friday night, after working a crazy week, and then spending every night at the gym, I came straight home from work and got in the bed. At 6:00pm at night. These are the times I feel no sadness about being single. I was tired. I went to bed. It was fabulous! I knew I had a lot to do on Saturday, and I just felt like resting. I only wound up napping for an hour or so, but it was still nice.

Saturday morning, I piddled around, not really wanting to do anything, but realizing the tasks ahead of me. I needed to get busy! I had to run to Chattanooga to pick up some stuff for the engagement shower (for my friend and his fiance) that we (me and a few others) were throwing on Saturday night.

Sidenote: Why is the expression "Throwing a shower"?