Friday, August 31, 2007

Words and music by...

I don't typically have a "lyric post". However, this song is in my head regularly. I think the song is several years old now, but I only heard it about three years ago. It's an anthem for me, a vulnerability, the heart of worship. Without him... where would we be?

"How Deeply I need you"

Here is my heart, I give it Lord to you
Here is my life, I lay it before you
Where else would I go?
What else Would I do?
If I did not know you?

How deeply I need you, my Lord
How deeply I need you, my Lord

Like the desert needs the rain,
I need you like the Ocean needs the streams,
I need you like the Morning needs the sun,
I need you Lord you Are my only one

In every way, in every day I need you

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just another Manic Thursday

Today's To Do List:
  1. Work until 5:00
  2. Dinner @ 6:00
  3. Induction Ceremony @ 7:30
  4. Watch the Girls @ 8:30
  5. Secret Event @ 9:30
  6. Pack

Can I just tell you I'm pooped???? The last two days of training just wiped me out. I learned alot but I'm seriously dragging. And today will not be helping matters.

Last night, a bunch of us went to a friend's house to watch "Blades of Glory". That movie was hilarious. I do believe that the entire event was made even more funny by watching my guy friends. THEY were hysterical. Will Ferrell & Jon Heder were pretty funny too though.

I'm very excited to get to see my brother tomorrow!!!! I feel like it's been six months since I saw him, even though I think it's only been two. The only negative to the trip is that NYC has been significantly cooler (temperature wise) than TN. Like... in the 70's. I'm afraid I might freeze my butt off.

In retrospect, that might not be a bad idea.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Comic Relief

  • It's not my fault I fell in love. You are the one that tripped me.
  • Excuse me, do you have your phone number, I seem to have lost mine.
  • Hello. Cupid called. He says to tell you that he needs my heart back.
  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.
  • I hope you know cpr, because you take my breath away.
  • Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dear Lord,

I am surrounded by good guys who are OBVIOUSLY not my husband, but I fear that I am wasting time just being in their presence. Lord, is that mean? I mean, I have been praying for my husband for sixteen years Lord. And, in spite of my present frustrations, I know that you have someone who is so special for me that I won't hardly be able to stand it. I am so thankful for the man that is he is now, even in light of my not having ACTUALLY met him, but I am also thankful for the man, husband, father, best friend, and partner-in-crime that you are molding him to be. (And Lord, I mean that crime thing in a good way. You know, a comedic buddy, of sorts. And I'm trying to keep this interpeep-readable too.) But Lord, seriously, what is the deal with my guy friends? What is the deal with Christian guys anymore? I know there are good ones, I KNOW some of the good ones, but am I just running in the wrong circles? Give my guy friends some guidance, Holy Spirit. I spend most of my time with wonderful ladies who love the Lord but we are apparently so far off the radar it's not funny. And Lord, it makes me believe that we are wasting our time AND Yours. And I don't want that. I want Perfect Will, not just permissive will. You promised Abundance, Lord, and I'm holding you to that. I realize I'm imperfect, and fallable and alot of other things that aren't necessary to remind you of in this prayer, but I know that you word is THE WORD. You are true to your Covenant. If I'm messing up, then I need direction. I don't want to waste time with guys who say they are one thing, and then search for another, or spend time and invest emotions and energy in men that are clearly not meant for me. I'm gonna need your wisdom and discernment on this because frankly, I think I've been missing it.

Oh, and thank you for your mercy that you make new every day. I can't imagine what I would be without it... you know, I don't want to know what I would be without it.

I Love You with my whole heart,
Jennifer Leigh

Please love me...

I do not have a routine to wash off my make-up everyday. For those of you who do, I commend you. But I don't do it. My mom wears very little make-up, and so since she didn't do it, I never developed the habit. Plus, I only wore powder, lip-stick, and eye shadow until about three years ago, so it never bothered me.

But, now I wear lots of stuff, including eyeliner. Not washing my face everyday means I tend to have black things in the corner of my eye. I try to catch them. I really do. But, I miss a few.

But don't look at me for an hour if I have some weird black speck in my eye and wonder "I wish she'd get that thing out. Wonder if she knows it's there?"


I will tell you if you have stuff in your teeth, or ... God forbid, a Paratrooper hanging on for dear life in your nose. Or if your fly is unzipped. I won't tell you to embarass you. I'll tell you to keep from you being embarassed later on.


Thank you,

Blog Funk

Right now, as I type this, I feel like I have nothing to say. But, I wanted to post in the hopes that it might inspire me.


Church was awesome yesterday. P&W was fabulous and the word... WOO!! Pastor even talked about music in the church and how there are churches that are dividing over traditional worship and contemporary. I prefer contemporary, but definitely don't mind traditional. But I get IRATE when I hear people, more often than not, Older people, who hate newer music. To quote Pastor Page: "Stick a sock in it. At least they're in the church and not running around in the world."

The sermon was Killer too!!!! He preached about Nehemiah and burdens. Good stuff...

Saturday my roomie and I were able to spend almost all day together except for a break. We went shopping. I got my friend N. a pair of Jeans (he doesn't shop and we all know I love shopping for Guys!). I got some Hot black heels, a curtain rod and sheer for my bedroom (I've lived there a year and never hung up a curtain.), some stuff for my roomie, and some jewelry. Good times! Apparently, everyone else went out to the lake. While we now know that there was an open invitation, I was led to believe that it was a private thing.

And, the fact that NOBODY CALLED.

Let's not go there on that one, k?


Saturday night, a bunch of us got together for dinner at... "Let's go Outback, tonight" (I can't help it -- that dumb radio/tv commercial gets stuck in my head). It was fun!!! We went back to my house to watch one of the worst movies ever -- The Wedding Date. In the middle of the movie, a helicopter landed across the street. Apparently there was a really bad wreck and Life Force will land wherever it can. We all stood outside gauking at it... like we've never seen a heli before.

After church on Sunday, we played (well, I photographed) Touch Football, and then we went to another friends to grill out and play some cornhole.

I really don't like cornhole, but I love my friends.

Friday night -- there was some unnecessary drama, but I want to leave that alone. Sufficed to say, I'm really having to re-evaluate some things. My friend N. and I sat and talked until almost 1:30, and it was good to get a guy's perspective and just open up. Lord knows I don't feel and haven't felt like I could just be open and honest with people lately. I'm tired of walking on eggshells.

Friday, August 24, 2007


I did not win the car.

I was, I WAS disappointed. I'm human.

But... I am so thankful for what God is doing in me, in my life, and in the lives of my friends. There's more I could elaborate, but that will have to do for now.


List Post


Today is FAST FOR JENNIFER'S CAR FRIDAY! Pray Saints Pray for Manna from Heaven in the form of a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

God sends Manna with wheels too. God is no respector.


We started a new bible study at DFBC last night. It ROCKS. And a mad thank you to Priscilla Shirer for not wearing an ear mic... (can all you FBC Ladies say HALELUJAH?!?!)

On that note -- I'm missing Amy G. (Your presence is missed!)
Secondly -- I love that I have a friend I can call Bitsy. She's wonderful!
Third -- We had several new women last night (well... new to me, but most of them were members), and one of the new ones whispered in my ear as she was leaving, "Girl, don't worry about that husband of yours, He's coming."


We are doing Priscilla S.'s Discerning the Voice of God. I'm really excited about the study and getting into the routine. I have seriously, SERIOUSLY missed time with these women. Two years ago, when I started working in Dalton again, I never imagined that God would send me into their lives and vice versa. Now, with the assurance that I'm not going anywhere for a while, I can't wait to see what's next!!!


Totally off the spiritual richter,... and I mean WAY OFF,... I have a beautiful drive to work each morning. Doesn't matter what time of year, I am blessed with some of the most breathtaking scenery and sights. This morning, my sights were interrupted by a older gentleman who cleans the road. It's not that I mind that he cleans the road; that's very admirable.

Apparently this morning, NATURE CALLED and there was no way to wait.

Sufficed to say, that was the LAST THING I expected to see on my way to work.

He he.


FYI: I am so over guys who are willing to trade in their calling for a woman. To you I say "Pee-Uke."


Oh... and this morning on my way in, I passed a guy on a tractor cutting the grass at a golf course.

He looked just like Randy.

I actually said his name out loud, and then my eyes started filling up with tears.


This morning my Mom and Step-Dad leave for Myrtle Beach. They haven't been back since my mom's accident. I'm praying for traveling mercies and a special hedge of protection over them.


Later Y'all!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I just have to give God Praise!!!!!!

Last week, when I withdrew my name from the job I had been interviewing for, I knew in my heart that I was doing the right thing. I knew that the Holy Spirit had been dealing with me about it, and that, irregardless of how un-whatever it was for me to step down, I knew it was what I had to do.

I must say that I had a peace about my decision (well, God's decision), and that I did not regret it at all. Yesterday at work... I got a teaser of things to come. Let me back up and say -- if two years ago, I had envisioned my life, it would not have been here. God divinely orchestrated my being in Dalton for a reason. I had just had a horrible exit from Life Care. My mom fell and shattered her shoulder. It took a trip to Ninevah/Nashville, and some serious obedience on my part.

(Imagine that... me not being obedient... anyway)

But, God is faithful with the covenant to Himself. What HE promises, He will do. He promised to never leave us or forsake us, that in relationship with Him, He would take care of our every need.

And God is SO GOOD. I can't reiterate that enough.

This morning, I received a two-step promotion and a wonderful raise. I stepped away from the other position knowing, although not sure when/where/or how that God would take care of me. I mean, God KNOWS what's going on in my checking accounts. God knows the condition of my car.

But God promised time and time again that He was taking care of me, and that if I would just honor Him, He would bless me.


On the way home last night, after sharing with my Mom about the teaser, I wept. Good tears just to thank God for all He does for me. Bottom line, none of us is deserving, and yet, He loves us anyway. He is so Faithful to us. He loves us. He loves to lavish His children with His Blessings in His time. Just think... next comes a Husband for me! YAY!!!

And I must give God all the Praise!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eatin' Buddies...

I was blessed to eat with some of my favorite ladies last night!! Yay!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Random Bits

1) Saturday I got the mail, and had a letter from the Chattanooga Lookouts. As I was opening the letter, I was thinking: "the last time I ordered tickets... did my credit card get denied?". I realized it did not, and felt something weird in the envelope. Inside the envelope was:

a note
4 tickets
a blue key

I'm in the running to win a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser!!!

How cool is that?!?

And... drumroll please...

2) "I'm leaving on a jet plane"!

Sadly, I do know when I'll be back though. I'm flying to see my brother and, um, New York City, over Labor Day weekend. Exciting stuff! :)

Funny bits

(I have been watching TOO MANY BRITISH PEOPLE on tv when I use "bits" in regular conversation. But... I'm getting there. :D )

Amidst the pain of Saturday night, I thought I would share my one foolish moment in the middle of a funeral and the humorous statement my friend K. said to me while we were leaving the funeral to go get something to eat.

1. (Setting... We are at the church sitting down. I am between former crush and my roommate.)
Roomie: "Do you have any gum?"
Me: "Yes, hang on. "
(Grab giant purse/quilt patterned diaper-bag off floor.)
Me: "Sorry if y'all see anything in here. I haven't cleaned out my purse in a while. I'm likely to have a small child or a dead body in there."

OH MY GAH!!!!! I could have crawled under the entire church for saying something THAT stupid. Not to mention the fact that there was a DEAD BODY in my presence about 50 feet away. Ugh.

2. (Setting... K. and I are driving up the road having left the funeral headed to meet friends for dinner. He and I are talking about Randy and death and suicide, etc.)
K: You know, we're going to get to heaven and look around and someone and think, "How did THEY get HERE?"

I seriously could not quit laughing. When I get to heaven, it won't matter, but it was still a funny thought to lighten the moment. Especially considering that 30 minutes earlier, all of us had been crying.

Tupperware has got to stop sending me emails. I'm going to go broke wanting to buy MEGA! BOWLS! and SALT!&!PEPPER! SHAKERS and ROUND! CAKE! CARRIERS!

I'm weak.

What can I say?


It's a New Day Thank God!

There is a part of me that is ready to get back into the swing of things. This weekend left me drained, emotionally, and while I am in no way shape or form forgetting anything, I still have to live. A full life.

I failed to mention this on Friday for those of you who don't know. Last Tuesday, I withdrew my name from the candidate pool for the job I'd interviewed for. I just knew it my heart that it was the right thing to do. The Holy Spirit had been dealing with me for two weeks, and I made the time last week. My meeting with the hiring manager went really well. It just reaffirmed that I was making the right decision.

Life is NOT about how much money you can make. Because you can't take it to Heaven and you can't spend it in Hell.

I'm hoping to talk to my director today to get some finality on what the dept will be doing. There will probably be some salary negotiations, so I will need your prayers! Thanks!

I've gotta run... not much worth blogging about...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

In hinds' sight

I still cannot grasp my friend's reasoning for killing himself. I've had the conversation a few times, and still ... logically ... cannot understand.

At the funeral tonight, they kept talking about how wonderful he was, and how he shared Jesus, and that he loved Jesus.

I cannot understand how you cannot call on the very name that can save you.

I just pray for his family, and his ex-fiance, and that God will give us peace and discernment for the future.

I was reminded about Post Secret tonight, and wondered if Randy ever knew about it. Not for some crazy purpose but in the hope that, if he'd seen one other secret that resembled his own,...

you know?

And it made me thankful for other people's secrets. Yes, some are bad. Some are dirty. But some... have saved somebody's life.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I saw this picture, and couldn't help but crack up. Those sunglasses are from 1985. I owned a pair. Maybe two. Mine was purple, and wait... the others were blue, but they were John Mark. And didn't Will Smith wear a cardigan like that in his video "Parents Just Don't understand"?

Today's quote is fitting...

"You must look into people as well as at them." Lord Chesterfield

That's the understatement of the week, isn't it?

Let me give a rundown of my week. Monday was ... uneventful, but Lordy Lordy I can't really remember that far back now.

Tuesday, I got to spend QT with Royce at Starbucks. Unbenounced to either of us, we had a funny conversation with our friend R., who shortly after we left, got a phone call to check on his friend Randy. We even talked about Randy. Royce and I... had a blast. I got a gift in a jar, and God knows that I needed that this week more than anything. She is such a blessing. And... we will be doing this again, and more regularly.

Wednesday night at 9, I got the call about my mom and SD. Then I was on the phone with my brother talking about a former HS classmate of my brother's who took her own life. JM and I were talking about how, most of us reach a point where we get desperate, but not that far. We were talking about how drugs affected Celia to the point that she would want to take her own life. Celia was a Tigerette with me. She got into drugs. She's gotten clean but recently got back on them (I've never done drugs so I don't know if that is the proper term), but was presented with the option of either rehab or jail. She told (somebody) that she'd rather die than go back to either place. And in whatever stage of desperation... she took her own life.

At 10:00pm, I got the phone call about Randy.

Sometime in the early hours of Wednesday, this friend took his own life. One of the guys that found him came and hung out with us last night, and answered a lot of our questions.

But there are still a thousand Why's that we can't answer.

Suicide... is not something I enjoy talking about. And yet, in it's own twisted way, suicide is a part of me.

My mother's favorite aunt, who's given name was Virginia, was called Ginny. She loved my mom. My mother is one of four children, and is the only redhead in the bunch. Her brother and sisters all had dark, almost black hair. My poor mom stuck out like a sore thumb when it wasn't cool to be a red-head. But Aunt Ginny had a very special place for my mom and showed her extra love. ... My grandfather and his sister Ginny were the only two children who were able to take care of their mother. My great-grandmother had dimentia and would constantly scream at Ginny that she wasn't good enough and that other children needed to take care of her. Ginny took this to heart too much. While I'm not entirely sure what the last straw was, one day, she cleaned her house, made coffee, made a coffee cake, pushed a chair up to a column in her home, and shot herself. She left a suicide note saying that she couldn't deal with her mother anymore.

Originally, my mom planned to name me Jenny, after this Aunt, but my father changed it when he went to sign my birth certificate. So... long story down... suicide is tied into my name.

I pray that Randy had a moment of clarity when he realized that he couldn't get free, but made sure his soul was right with God. Suicide is one of those things that I can't explain. We don't know if people wind up in Heaven or Hell. We won't know until we get to Heaven, and when we get there -- it won't matter. It's selfish. It's a selfish escape.

My goal from here on is to pray for guidance and wisdome and discernment from the Holy Spirit that I don't have to endure this ever again. I can't solve everybody's problems, but I know who can.

I know the name that saves.
I know the name that heals.
I know the name that restores.
I know the name that renews.

They don't call him Jehovah for nothing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


In the midst of ... whatever that last post was... I am struck with reality.

at 9:00pm, my brother calls to tell me that my Mom and SD were in a wreck -- they pulled out of a parking lot and hit another car which promptly flipped 3 times. At this point, they do not know if the other driver is dead or alive.

9:45 -- still obviously freaked out, my mom calls to tell me that the other driver is alive, screaming, but alive, and on her way to the emergency room via ambulance, as is my step-dad.

10:00 -- my friend Kevin calls to inform me that a guy we've hung out with several times...

took his own life tonight.

And the shock sets in.

Here I spent time today wanting change when I have failed miserably to make change where I am.

I am ashamed.
I am saddened.
My heart is broken for my friend's pain and my obliviousness to it.

A few months back, I had to call and alert many of these same friends of the death of a mother. Tonight, I have to call and share this.

And we come together and wonder what in the world is happening.
How did we miss this?
Why did we not see this?
Why didn't I do ______________ or do ______________?

And I am reminded of the lyrics from "Come to me" by Kari Jobe

Come to me you weary ones,
and I will give you rest.
Come to me you burdened ones,
And I will give peace.
I will give you peace.
For my yoke is easy,
and my burden is light.
Take it upon you,
I will give you rest.


I'm long overdue for a post worth posting. I can't promise that this will be, but at least I'm posting more than one sentence.

I have kept a secret for more than 24 hours. I think this is a record for me. I'm not a good secret keeper (I don't mean to not be, I just am). I will reveal the secret on Friday. :) Stay tuned.

I uploaded reunion pics (from last September) to my Flickr. The updates are going to be out of chronological order, but I want to keep a bunch of stuff up on there. I did order Flickr books for the friends that I went out with on Saturday though. I'm excited to see them!! I also set up a photobook for myself on Snapfish, and pending some pictures from H., it will be finished shortly.

Life is changing for me. I am finally doing things that I have said I would do/felt like they needed to be done, for a long time. It's changing the dynamic of some of my friendships. As much as I used to hate that, I'm way past worrying about/being ridiculously hurt over it anymore. It is that it truly is. I'm not becoming an absolutist. I'm not the extremist type, but I am solidifying a few things in my life, and surprisingly becoming more flexible in others.

I am not an "all about me" person. I love to talk about my family and friends, I'm a total reminiscer, and I love celebrity gossip. (It's vapid, but it's my vice, so don't worry about it, okay?) But I am a principle person. I've been in more disagreements with people over principle issues than I can count. And I lose a good portion of the time.

I digress.

I'm moving on past the crush. Don't get me wrong, that man is GOOD-LOOKIN' but, let's face it, he's not into me, and he's not in a place in his life where he even wants to. He doesn't return phone calls or texts (when I contact him for group stuff), -- which is TOTALLY TACKY AND FRUSTRATING btw, but the big deal is that -- He's just not into me. The days of me foolishly pining have to be over. It means, I really don't want to be around him. Let's face it -- I'm a habitual crusher, and I don't know how to magically change that overnight. God is still healing my heart over the last guy, and it's not fair to me or to the Crush to do that.

And I deserve a man who wants to call and text me back.

I'm having to separate myself from friends over "affection" issues. I'm not proud of everything I've done in my life. I try not to waste time regreting it, because I can't go back and undo it. But more than anything, I want to be a woman of integrity. Please don't misconstrude or read beyond what I am saying. There have been two men in my life that I loved 100%, but now they're both married, and I'm okay with that. Neither of them really knew how to love me, and #2 wasn't even committed. Again -- not my point. I just can't deal with stuff anymore. If my friends don't respect me when I say things repeatedly, then I just have to remove myself from situations where I will get upset/disappointed. I guess I'm saying -- I'm not 16 anymore, and I don't enjoy spending time with people who act like they're in high school. I'm forcing myself to grow-up and move on. The Girl Scout motto is: "make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold". I have discovered that, when I put distance between relationships, one of two things happens: 1) we grow closer after all is said and done, or 2) we realize it's a good time to move on.

It happens.

I'm having issues with people saying who they are -- and then acting COMPLETELY differently.

I'm imperfect.
I'm impatient. (I originally typed "iNpatient, which may be more appropriate than not. LOL)
I'm judgmental.
I hold grudges sometimes.
I'm materialistic when I want to be.
I struggle with body image. A LOT.
I'm not a fan of alcohol.
I don't like people in ministry who are constantly justifying their actions as "ministry".
I'm fallable.
I'm perpetually late. to work. to school. to church. to meet friends. It's my M.O.
I stumble.
I fall.
I get up again.
I fall down again.
I'm human.

This is who I am.

But surpassing all that, I love Jesus. With my whole heart. I trust, beyond what I say and do, that He has great plans for me. I want more than anything to fulfill them. Life is bigger than me, but if my witness destroys the opportunity to share "He that is in me", then I am not better than the world.

Time's... they are a'changin'.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007


There are days when I realize how overexposed I allow myself to be. Most of the time, I really am okay with it.

And then I run across something that just totally infuriates me.


Events and such...

I went ahead and uploaded some pictures, but thought I would give an explanation of my weekend. My mom was supposed to come up to TN this weekend, but I found out a friend of mine was home, so I went to GA instead. Friday night, I stopped in Duluth to see my friend M. She is wonderful and precious and I love her! She is the minister of music at a church, and they had a night of worship that was really awesome on Friday. I haven't been to Michele's house since January -- either plans have fallen through or, for obvious reasons, I have been hesitant to be anywhere in ATL.

After a pit stop in LG early Saturday, I met my Mom and we went and overhauled her office. We threw out three bags of trash, and two big bags of recyclable paper. Her office is TINY! I left there, quickly went home and showered and met up with friends to go have dinner/dancing in Columbus. We had so much fun!!!! At least four times, I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe!!! This weekend marked the first time I've been with people that are my age. We all graduated the same year, four of us together, and C. went to H.S. in Alabama. But, I've known C. since I was 7. Here's the connections between us all.

C: I've known C. since I moved to Alabama in the 2nd grade. We also worked together at KRGR in high school. We went to college together for the first three years. C.'s cousin married L.
L.: I met when I first moved to GA. We had a mutual friend, Tiffany, who knew her really well. I also graduated from H.S. with L. L. & N. went to kindergarten - 12th together, and are kinda cousins. L. met H. in high school, and they were in each other's wedding. L. and C. have known each other a really long time... probably forever.
N.: I've actually known N. since the fourth grade. I met her at the pool in Lanett, (but I was a TOTAL dork, so she doesn't remember me). We got reacquainted at the WP pool, and then in high school. N. likes to tell the story that the only reason she registered for college was because I asked her to tag along. Funny stuff. N. & H. met through high school classes too. N. & C. met each other through swim team... I think.
H.: I met H. when she first came to H.S. in the 9th grade. We had Coach Floyd's (God rest his soul) Economics class. H. and I got WAY better acquainted after high school when she started coming to my church. I also followed in H.'s footsteps by going to Lee.

confusing enough?????

I think so!

Memorable moments from this weekend:
  • the sweaty guy that was totally into watching himself in that mirror
  • that I got hit on TWICE
  • dancin'
  • singin'
  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Filet instead of steak
  • funny videos :)
  • a shopping trip
  • underwear on Nik's head
  • Chocolate in the fat girls' store
  • Crystal's chandalier necklace
  • Dr. Grossman
  • Gang Signs
  • The Cage
  • C's convo in the bathroom
  • reminiscing.
Long story short, none of us got home until almost 3. (Made for a really short night!) Sunday after church, I went back and finished my Mom's office, then stopped by to see my cousin's new baby (on the Calhoun side). I've never met his wife, plus, I got to see Erin's brother, Josh, who I haven't seen in ... like six years.

For the record, Calhoun's are CRAZY. Seriously.

I got home last night around 10, and literally posted two sentences and got into bed. And I still could use a nap!!

Good times, Ladies, Good times.

Weekend in pictures...

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I had so much fun this weekend, and worked really hard.

I'm pooped, and now I'm going to bed. It's 10:00pm.

Friday, August 10, 2007


It's my understanding that a decision has been made. But,... I believe I may be making the decision for the hiring manager.


I was in a meeting this morning that involves a Six Sigma project. I am ACTIVELY pursuing my Green Belt Training. OFFICIALLY. And I'm very excited about that. Green Belts in financial arenas are hard to come by!


I'm so glad it's Friday!!!!


I'm going to start working with a friend in the D. public school system. I am pumped! Being in her classroom makes me want to teach!


Other than that, I can say with honesty that my last two days have been quiet and drama free. Praise the Lord.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


It's one of those days, y'all. It's list time.

1. I received my replacement Benny card. (When you grow up and have to get your own insurance, you can elect to have money put into an account each week to use to pay for medical stuff/dr. visits/copays.) I had to pay $10 to replace it, but I discovered that I had $300 in the account ('cause I'm smarter than I look!), so I can get contacts.
2. Today, I have to pay a visit to the optometrist that made me cry and apologized. Pray y'all, Pray.
3. I'm wearing white pants today.
5. My Mom is coming to visit me this weekend. I'm taking her to see Hairspray.
6. She asked if her hair was gonna be stiff at the theater.
7. I come from a family of dorks.
8. My brother told me yesterday that his shoe "blew out" while at work, and he had to go all "McGyver" on it with a letter opener, glue, and some Acco clips. A co-worker suggested duct tape, but my bro informed him that he wasn't THAT redneck. (I almost wet my pants from laughing so hard.)
9. I hurt my back moving a tv for my roommate last night.
10. She calls me "Shera".
11. More frequently than not.
12. I am in A LOT OF PAIN because of my stupidity. Ugh.
13. School starts back tomorrow, and I'm excited for my friend K., who got a job as a PE teacher at one of the local middle schools. God has been SO faithful to her!
14. My brother also informed me yesterday that he is going to buy tickets for my mother and I to visit at the end of September.
15. YAY!!!!!!!
16. This means I might get to see Sunburned.
17. My friend A. has been dating a guy for only a few months, and I told her when I thought she would get engaged.
18. I've called (within DAYS) two of the last three engagements I knew about.
19. It's a gift.
20. One-way tickets to Miami on AirTran Airways are $29.00 today.
21. This only intensifies my love for all things CSI: Miami and David Caruso.
22. YES, I still have a mad crush on David Caruso.
23. I would like to visit AT LEAST four states outside of my usual circle before Christmas.
24. My mom is considering Christmas in Miami.
25. See #21. :)

I've got work to do... Peace out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I have no wherewithall

to stay away.

I'm unapologetic about it too.

I have:

a) uploaded old/new pics to my flickr. (I do believe that's the best investment I've made all year.)
b) cleaned up some posts because, I've got to let stuff go, you know?
c) played with the HMTL to the point that I hate the new blogger templates.

Tuesday night, we had a big cook-out/cornhole party at my house. It was fun! A few people stayed late and we watched The Holiday. I cry everytime I watch that movie. (For reasons beyond just the movie.) I did not get in the bed until 12:45 though. That's got to stop. I'm going to get fired for being late ALL! THE! TIME!! And No, for any of you potential suitors, I'm not uber-punctual. Sorry. But I have a good job and am willing to be your Sugar Mama. (KIDDING.) But, I'll be tardy more than you like.

Gotta run... work calls!


Dog the Bounty Hunter is going to be in Atlanta next weekend.



Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend, et al...

First off, R... your comment made me smile. Love you!

Weekend... I spent with L., G., and the babies. We went swimming. So much fun!! Saturday, I met up with them after running by the mall. While in the mall, I got kicked by little kids and hit by an older lady. It was an accident, and she apologized, but it scared me when I suddenly got whacked in the back! She thought I was her granddaughter and that she would be funny, but when I turned around, she was very surprised!

*Note to self: do not shop alone in a major mall on tax-free weekend.

**2nd Note to self: Next time, wear shin guards and a protective vest, too.

Saturday night, the bunch of us caught a Lookouts game. They lost (surprise, surprise), but it was a good game, and the kids LOVED the ice cream in baseball hats and the rather spectacular fireworks display. I am seriously going to try to catch a few more games before the season is over!

Yesterday, church, then lunch with a few friends, great convo with a Lee professor's wife and daughter, and dinner more folks.

Eventful to say the least.

Link love

I've been known to periodically add and promote websites that make me laugh. TBS has a daily Flog (Funny blog) that they update VERY regularly. Go check it out!

Now I ain't sayin' he's a gold digga...

We took in a baseball game on Saturday night. I captured this photo purely by accident. But I loved it,... so I kept it.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

To whom it may concern,

I would no longer like to be the resident drama queen.

Thank you,

Friday, August 3, 2007

Another night, another dream...

Still no word on the J-O-B front. We were supposed to hear yay or nay today, but the hiring manager isn't here.


Friends of mine watched 300 last night. I had a birthday for a four-year old to attend to.

Let's just say I left with pink hair.

It was FAB-Ulous.

And a tummy-ache from eating a cupcake.

My BFF is in town with her husband and three kids. I CANNOT wait to see them! I imagine they are touring Rock City right now (hopefully), and tomorrow we are probably all going to go to the Discovery Kids Museum or the Aquarium.

It's pathetic that, I've lived here 8 years (in three weeks), and I've never been to the Aquarium, IMAX, Rock City, or Ruby Falls. I've been up Lookout Mountain, but I've never done anything up there.

Maybe that should be a 2007 goal, huh? I might rule out Rock City. Dark places deep in the earth give me claustrophobia. Yikes.

On the conceited side... I bought the prettiest top and wore it to work today.

With 3 inch stilletos that my boss promptly called "Street Walker Shoes".

Then I reminded her that her 13-year old daughter wanted to buy a Corona [beer] bikini, and that my street walkin' shoes weren't so bad. Considering I'm of LEGAL age.

Peace out.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I'm really enjoy random posting. I may try this for a while.


I finally upgraded to Flickr pro. That my be my Christmas gift to two of my blog friends. There's your heads' up. I'm totally addicted to that site. Now, I'm just uploading every picture I can find!


Thank you to A. & J. for your honesty with me. It made me cry (imagine that) but also served as further confirmation in my heart and head that I still really need Jesus to heal my heart. I guess I knew that, but didn't want to admit it so readily.


I want to go and tell every single man that I know that, "Actions speak louder than Words". You learned that in kindergarten. If you invest in the lives of single women, your actions will completely override your lip service. If you want us to believe differently, then get your mouth and your actions in line.


My very best friend and her family (husband and THREE kids) will be in Tennessee this weekend! I am so excited!!! I have two other people who are coming into town, ... and I have no idea when or if I will get to see them. I'm not promising anything for fear I won't be able to get free.


My little friend Riley Jo turns 4 today. She is a mess! I can't believe she's four... WOW.


I am delinquent in returning texts and voicemails. Sorry y'all! I'll respond soon!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Man of Steel... and more

I did want to share a little note about one of the pictures. I was waiting in line for the group picture (that you get when you walk in the park) to be printed. Porky Pig walked up, and I thought it would be cute to have a picture with Him. While posing, Porky threw up the peace sign, and part of the expression on my face is why would Porky do that? Is he a pig on a mission for World Peace? Is Porky secretly in a gang? Is there a War in Six Flags or the ATL that I don't know about where Porky feels obligated to "represent"?? I was confused and VERY amused. It was just an odd sign for a fictional cartoon character to "throw up". So... I thought I should to. I mean, pigs need support you know.