Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Riddance...

Last year, New York City sponsored the first Good Riddance Day -- a chance to throw away some bad memories of the year. They sponsored the event again this year, and in reading about it, I started thinking about some things I'd like to say good riddance too!

And... join me. If you want to repost on your blog, please do, just leave me a comment and I'll link you. Or if you don't blog, then leave a comment on my blog!

Good riddance to...

Good riddance to... D.R.A.M.A. -- whether is it mine, my friends, or my nosy self getting involved where I don't need to! NO MORE DRAMA!

Good riddance to... credit card debt. PRAISE THE LORD!

Good riddance to... not living my life to the fullest.

Good riddance to... CENSORSHIP.

Good riddance to... blowing my vacation days before September... I'm taking a real vacation this year!

Good riddance to... having a bad attitude!

Good riddance to... being late to work. No More. Hopefully :)

Good riddance to... body insecurity. I'm 30. I'm going to love me for me!

Good riddance to... unforgiveness. You are a cancer, and I don't want any part of you.

Good riddance to... my inconsistency with spending time with God. It shows in my life.

Good riddance to... screening phone calls. Sorry folks... I'm confessing here.

Good riddance to... Guys who are not worth my time!

Good riddance to... toxic relationships in my life.

Good riddance to... the "skinnier" jeans in my closet. I want to be that size... but I want NEW JEANS!

Good riddance to... letting people in my life feel like I'm worthless. I'm going to call you out in '09.

Good riddance to... 2008. You've been an interesting year (albeit the best birthday and Christmas I've had in uh, a decade!), but I'm glad to see you go!

Now... it's your turn!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

31 Things to do Before turning 31

  1. Kiss someone at midnight on New Years -- I've never done this! I have kissed people, just not at NY btw.

  2. Make up a song.

  3. Learn to say and write Love in 10 different languages.

  4. Lose 60 pounds!

  5. Learn the names of the people who clean my building, do my manicures, and my mailman/person.

  6. Travel to at least ONE city this year that you've never been too!

Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm refusing to back down on this... so I'm asking you again to pray for my friend Nathan.

He got his acceptance into Duke's double lung transplant program today... but recieved a huge setback today as his O2 went berzerck today.

His family set up a Caring Bridge page here, if you'd like to visit... but if you would remember him in prayer tonight, I would appreciate it!

God is good!!!!

I should be ashamed to admit this...

but I TOTALLY want one of these things.

I'm having one of those days where I can't get it together, you know? So, I think a list is appropriate:

  • a guy showed up to look at my water/meter this morning -- I didn't get to work until 9
  • my nail polish is chipped and looks like CRAP
  • I ripped a corner of my nail off washing my hair
  • my windshield was frozen solid this morning
  • i mean... 60 degrees one day, 30 degrees the next... ???
  • my brother's flight got delayed 3 hours yesterday
  • my house is a wreck

But Amy Beth said it best -- "God has been known to make a message out of a mess."

I'm so thankful that God makes messages out of my mess... even a mess that I don't think He can do anything for. Or the messes that I don't think He cares about. I am reminded, both deeply and profoundly, that God cares about my messes -- the big and small, insignificant and major, climactic and anticlimatic.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wish & Prayer

I did have good intentions of wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas! But since I didn't do so in a timely fashion, I wanted to say Belated Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year, as well as pray that you are blessed and realized the true meaning of Christmas... and that one of the greatest miracles is that we don't have to wait until this time of year to remember Jesus' gift of Love!

Also... I encourage you to start a new tradition for 2009 -- either ring in the new year with prayer, grab a prayer journal to use throughout the year, or start a prayer blog.

"Then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it."
Habakkuk 2:2
A few years ago, a friend of mine and I did this, we even wrote down a few requests and sealed them in an envelope to lay our requests before the Lord. You would have chills if you knew what I put in that envelope and how the Lord has answered those requests. God longs for our conversation and relationship, and to hear our requests and thoughts. I encourage you to be serious about giving even 5 minutes in your day to God over and above your bedtime prayers. It will literally change your life!
Much Love!

Christmas Recap

Let's start with the Eve...

  • as I mentioned before, I hit up Wal-Mart AND Kroger on Christmas Eve and left unscathed.
  • I wrapped a lot of presents with Love.
  • I dropped off said presents and food at my grandparents house at 3:40
  • Left for the airport at 4:00
  • NO TRAFFIC on I-85 North
  • That alone was a Christmas miracle for me.
  • Met a really nice lady at the airport who was waiting for her sister. Her son was at home tracking his aunt's plane via As we were conversating, it turned out that her sister was on the plane that left LaGuardia right before my brother's, so her son was able to track JM's plane and let me know that he would be landing 20 minutes early!
  • I've officially made more friends in/from New York than my brother. :)
  • After collecting JM, we headed to my grandparents for family Christmas.
  • Played the "Right Family Christmas Game" with my big crazy loud dramatic family -- who are officially dislexic and deaf. Right and left became "throw it across the room", and "huh?".
  • Gift time... it's a hullabloo that should be video,... but (as mentioned) I dropped the ball on that.
  • Getting to enjoy my family!
  • 12:30am -- Headed home for the night.
  • Merry Christmas!!!!
  • 1:00am -- my brother connects my Mom and SD's new tv up.
  • 2:00am -- we decide to have family Christmas
  • The lottery tickets were a HUGE hit... my mom won $50 on the first ticket, and $80 (plus 2 free tickets) overall.
  • SIDENOTE: At one point, I realized that my family was all sitting around scratching off lottery tickets... VERY strange!
  • We all slept (well except Bill) until noon.
  • Lunch with my family again at 1
  • Food... naps... conversation... general family stuff from 2-5
  • Eventually, my mother, brother, and I sat down and my mom (who never plays games and I've never seen pick up a deck of cards) DESTROYS my brother and I at Phase10. It was fabulous.
  • John Mark and I start cooking and I teach JM how to solve a Rubik's cube.
  • 1:00am -- Off to bed.
  • 4:15am -- my mom wakes me up
  • 4:40am -- we leave for work (I dropped her off!)
  • 7:30am -- I arrive in Dalton, and hit the mall (don't ask!)
  • 8:00am -- at work.

It's 9:10am and I'm pooped. But Happy. And Blessed.


I am known for taking 10,000 pictures of random events... heck, I even took 50 shots while some friends and I were standing in a parking lot this past April, so I'm sure you've been waiting on pins and needles to see the bounty of pictures I took over Christmas!

Well... grab and seat and enjoy them!

No, your browser is not bad. I took ONE picture. Okay, I took three, but they're all of this tree, and really... there's no need for three pictures of this tree in one post. It's overkill.

I didn't even take my camera out of my purse after 2:00pm on Christmas Eve.

I know... It's SHAMEFUL.

My family did take a few shots... so I'll try to get those!

Belated Christmas Gift to you!

I rarely share videos... and I definitely hate the sound of my voice on tape (listen for the word "leotard"... I sound like I was raised in Plains, Georgia!), (also the fact that I forgot the word "Octogenarian"... oops!) ... but I could NOT resist sharing this video.

Oh, and please excuse my "man-voice"... my voice either goes deep or out when I get sick, and this time, it went the former.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'll be brief. Briefs. I just made myself laugh.

  • Still sick.
  • Sound like a DUDE.
  • Not cool.
  • Braved Wal-Mart AND Kroger on Christmas Eve.
  • Except for the $180.00 I spent, ... I exited unscathed.
  • I did manage to see more people in the Valley Wal-Mart who do not have teeth than I have seen in a LONG TIME in Tennessee.
  • I know it's a recession people, but teeth, really???
  • It's 11:11am.
  • I have 45 presents to wrap by 2:00.
  • Then I have to take said wrapped presents and some food to my grandparents.
  • Then I have to leave by 4:00pm to head to the airport to pick up my brother.
  • I should note that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to get on a plane and head to a beach somewhere... but I can't.
  • Christmas Eve at my Grandparents with All the Family = 40 peeps.
  • and yummy food!
  • Tomorrow... low key... REST... lunch with big crazy loud dramatic family.
  • Friday -- work.
  • I'm an idiot, and used all my vacation days by August or September.
  • I know. I know.
  • Saturday with Dad & Caroline.
  • Sunday -- home.

So basically, I have to drive all freakin' week again.

These are the only times I get excited about being married because I will have cause to tell people NO.

Merry Christmas Eve Friends!!!!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

The Semi-Hibernation of 08 and such.

As I'm sure you've read by now, via my many grips, whimpers, and whines -- I've been a little, umm, under the weather lately.

Humble, aren't I?

In my defense, I have been telling everyone how thankful I am to be sick this past week, instead of Christmas, but considering today is Monday and Christmas is Thursday, and I have still have "colored" drainage,... I'm losing my optimism.

I know, TMI... TMI!

Anywhooo... with the exception of the Tuesday night E.R. debacle, I've managed to get a significant amount of sleep in the last five days... almost 50 hours worth of sleep! Last night, I was a little wired up about getting to work today and showcasing Yet Again my domestic side, so I didn't get into bed until 1:00. And then I had an awful dream about the rapture that I won't be sharing with you. Sufficed to say, I prayed for most of the 3:00 hour this morning.

Before my dream, I took a trip to Wal-Mart and spent a good chunk of money (more on that later), came home, wrapped presents, downloaded Taylor Swift from iTunes, and made homemade chicken casserole.

Essentially I just channeled the spirit of Martha. That's right folks, I know how to boil chicken. MWAH HA HA HA HA! I AM a domestic goddess. Next time -- I'll crochet a doily for the house!

I also purchased freshly sliced ham and turkey, as well as the much needed bread and chips so that the few people who are working today don't have to go out for lunch. Considering that I don't often plan so well, I am thankful that I "planned ahead" since it was 14 when I cranked my car up this morning.


I should mention that last night, while I was in Wal-Mart buying food and whatnots, I realized how thankful I am that I have people in my life TO buy for. And to cook for. And to bake for. And to buy silly cards for. And to just love on in general. As much as I would normally loathe being in Wal-mart this close to Christmas, I can't take for granted the privilege that I have to be able to shop at all... hopefully on things that remind my family that they are loved.

Except for my immediately family who are each getting five lottery tickets from Tennessee, Georgia, and New York with little notes that say "If you win, I win too!" 'Cause clearly that kind of thing screams the spirit of Christmas! I'm officially trademarking the stocking stuffers that LITERALLY keep on giving.

Oh... and just because I feel like a complete lech for not posting any... there were no Christmas decorations at my house this year -- a bone of contention that I won't be blogging about. However, I will be sharing pictures of my Mom's house and my Grandparents' house later this week.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Straight No Chaser

I have to thank Josh for introducing me to this... AWESOME!!!

Well... the video was taken down for infringement purposes, but you can read an article about them here or google them!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tips & Tricks

I've been thinking about blogging random stuff... stuff that I know (although I'm not sure how or who told me), and that I should share them:

(I've updated the blog with a few links as well!)


  • When you fly with kids... from newborns to 12 -- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS take some kind of candy or gum, and for babies, take a pacifier and/or bottle. It's the sucking mechanism that keeps their little ears from getting stopped ears and prevents them from crying for extended periods of time. You would be amazed at the number of parents I've flown with who DON'T know that.
  • Also for kids, TAKE ACTIVITIES! There are so many resources that encourage "airplane bags" filled with games, music devices, crayons, etc. that prevent a kid from wigging out on a plane. Again, you would be amazed at the number of parents who think their 3, 4, or 5 year old will want to sit perfectly still and quiet on the plane. For those kids who act like KIDS on a plane -- it is TOTALLY your parents' fault!
  • If you have a head cold, sinus infection, or allergies -- you must also take gum or candy, and I recommend taking the strongest decongestant before boarding the plane. Pilots are working hard to make the flight as quick as possible, but there are delays! If you're plane gets told to hang in the air for an extra 20 or 30 minutes, you need to be prepared! I did not do this on one of my trips, and my ears didn't pop for two days. I made sure not to repeat the same mistake on the ride home!
  • If you get antsy on planes, don't schedule to sit by the window! Aisle seats are the fastest getaway!
  • Check into FREE frequent flyer programs. Because of my crazy credit, I could not get a Delta Skymiles American Express, but I could sign up for their free program, and when I did finally get a card, I had 20,000 miles that transferred over. 20,000 miles is a flight from Atlanta to D.C. for free! (They will let you print off a paper card with your number, and after you use that number -- they'll send you a real one.)
  • Don't forget to check your itenarary as well as checking if the FAA or your particular airline has changed any fees. On this last flight, you can no longer check a bag (that goes under the plane) for free. Every bag EXCEPT carryons are $15 per bag. There was a family that went ballistic, and we had some yelling in our cabin because a majority of the passengers had made sure to check! If you don't want to abide by the policies -- then pick another airline!

The rest of the "tips" I have are unrelated to air travel!

  • If you have a toe nail fungus (I know... it's gross, but it happens!) -- put Vicks VaporRub on your nails and keep them covered with socks at night. Two weeks -- VOILA!! All gone! Camphor is also in the main prescription that doctors prescribe at $100 a pop!
  • Warts - You need ORGANIC apple cider vinegar (you can purchase at GNC or other health stores). Soak a cosmetic pad and wrap the area, then tape to prevent air as best as possible. Repeat twice a day for five days, and the wart will peel off -- and you won't have a scar! (I didn't believe this until a co-worker tried it! It worked wonderfully!) You do need to keep in mind that your hands will have an odor during the duration of the treatment, but not having any scars after the facts (or medical bills!) makes it WELL worth it!

Do you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share???

Thursday, December 18, 2008


My lungs need to be taken out and hosed down if you know what I mean. Coughing = Boo, but it makes me think about my friend Nate and all the coughing he's had to endure. Come to think of it... mine's not so bad.


New Guy may not come back for a while. ARRRGH!


coming soon: tips for flying!


This weekend, my plans involve SLEEP. Halleluah!


I'm so excited for Christmas!!!!! I bought three more gifts today, and I'm pretty sure my family is DONE! woohoo! This means that next Wednesday, I get to wrap all day, then pick up my brother from the airport!


I want to start a new Christmas tradition with my extended family this year. Do you have any you'd like to share?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not gonna lie... I need to take a nap ASAP

I think the Croop of 08 has finally hit me.

Or maybe running full steam ahead for the last two weeks is calling in some much needed R&R.

Or maybe I, for the first time in a month, have no pending stress, and my adrenaline levels are finally able to hit rock bottom.

Regardless, I feel as though I may have been run over by a concrete truck. That also promptly backed up. :)

Today was my work Christmas party, something that I've been stressing for a while. You need to know that I got all Verklempt before we even prayed. I stood there -- ALL EMOTIONAL AND STUFF -- in front of 40 of my coworkers who know that that's just how I am. Still, it was slightly embarassing. Dinner went off without a hitch, and I can tell you that I ate more this year then I think I've eaten the past two years... it was SOOOOOOO good!

I do need to interject that, because of some grumbling and complaining, I went a little overboard to make sure that things were NICE to my standards. After lunch, my BIG boss came in, and reimbursed me all but $30. I went to tell my manager about it, and she yelled at me. And then I promptly lost my composure and burst into tears again.

Seriously, I'm a crybaby.

But I was and still am touched that my big boss would do that. He didn't have to... but he chose too.

All in all... we had the best Christmas Party yet!

Have you done something nice for someone today, or has someone does something nice for you?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 in Review!!!!

January - My friend Miranda moved to town. My friends and I celebrated Nathan's 26th birthday! Set a list of goals here -- I couldn't do #1 because I found out some of the donations are not give to LOL, they're sold to wig companies, #2 - DONE!!!!!!!!, #3 - I made a small one, but one just the same!, and #4 -- Yeah right. I gained 25 pounds this year. The only thing I ran to was Little Debbie. Did realize how much of the healing process had occurred though!! A friend of mine turned 30!

February - is a big birthday month with my friends! J. & N. also got married this month, and I caught my first bouquet! My roommate gets sick and leaves. :( I bought a new computer.

March - Hilarious Underwear Crisis on Easter Sunday. Really starting to make some changes and set a lists of goals (note: not Resolutions) for life.

April - What a crazy month -- Lee Day (a whole weekend), Two weddings (M. & N. and M. & R.), the Cystic Fibrosis walk (with the t-shirts that 'bought put me over the edge). Blog Redesign. Celebrated a friend's 30th birthday.

May - My friend Mere moved away. Got the HooHah scared out of me. Learning to tell Jesus my junk before I tell everyone else. First blood pressure attack. New(er) car.

June - Bought NKOTB tickets!!!! Laughed at my friends. Spent my first Father's Day with my Dad in quite a few years. Had to remind my friends that reading my blog does not constitute ACTUAL conversation. :)

July - Horrible situation for my Best friend. Another wedding. July 4th (okay really it was the 3rd) at the Lookouts with my friends! Also, a funny in why I don't exercise.

August - Girls' Retreat!! I shared my thoughts on blogging. More friends move away. :( Thoughts on relationships. 2008 Summer Olympics! My brother got to go to Hawaii. Went on an ACTUAL date. :)

September - Started my month off with a trip to NYC! Mr. and Mrs. I-Wish-You-Would-Magically-Disappear made an appearance. Family reunion in South Carolina! Two more friends turned 30! My spiritual birthday. Another blog redesign, as well as the purchase of and that redesign! Health scare and prayers for our economy.

October - Happy Birthday to my Mama! Corn Maze. Reunion Oh-Eight! at the Biltmore with great friends! 30 Things to do before turning 30. I reintroduced myself to the written word. My grandparents came to visit just me! We had two bomb threats in Dalton. Somebody found my blog by searching for patent leather underwear. EW. Opened up about internet dating. Finally - NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!!! Halloween!

November - Homecoming with my good friends! Nathan got really sick. My 800th Post! As usual, November was riddled with some DRAMA. :) Getting to see Altar Boyz again! I was on the local news. I realized my life is NEVER EVER boring! Thanksgiving blessings!

December - Planning and cooking for Christmas Parties (personal and work!). Birthday parties with friends and coworkers. The Best 30th birthday in NYC!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend in Pictures...

My goal was to post a few pictures... but clearly I'm not short-winded, so I hope you enjoy! I seriously had a blast this weekend!!!!!

Mostly, I was able to forget the things that normally haunt me on my birthday -- not being married, no prospects, no kids, no home with a white fence, etc. For the first time in four or five years, I didn't cry on my birthday. Believe it or not, that's a big deal. I'm ridiculously excited about what the next year holds for me!

Rockefellar Center Tuba Christmas Concert
Birthday cake!!!
John Mark, Kristine, Me at the tree Saturday night.
I desperately wanted to skate, but the line was an hour and a half long!
The Tree!!! Television does not do it justice... it is BEAUTIFUL!
Good Morning America window design of Atlanta... they even had a Pink Pig!
I do... do you??
I finally got to dance at Herald Square... 13 years later!
Empire State Building... the wind was outta control!
Fortunately, my brother is a dork like me. :)
If you look closely, you can see people taking pictures of us from the Top of the Rock!
Just Do It!
Vintage Subway cars from the 1930's... they had wicker seats and were so much fun!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I'm 30.

I totally started typing a 2 just then and had to hit delete!


I'm not gonna lie... it is COLD up in NYC, but I had an awesome plane flight in last night, and met two really nice women (one of whom shared a cab with me and confessed in a whisper that she was pentacostal and had a prayer language and wanted to make sure that I was okay with that). Of course, I was! The other lady, as it turned out, graduated from Harvard, went to Law School, and is now a writer... and her book is due out next year. It the shortest flight I've ever had considering the constant conversation, and the fact that the pilot was hauling it!

I've been blessed to receive numerous phone calls and social networking birthday wishes... and I am truly, truly thankful!

My birthday wish is that you do something for somebody else. Bless somebody. Pay it forward, if you will! Tell the girl at the drivethru to have a 'Merry Christmas'! Be kind to that server who (you can clearly tell) is overwhelmed because of the Holiday rush. Check on elderly in your neighborhood. Be Kind!

I cannot wait to see what the next 30 years hold... mostly what the next year holds!

Regardless,... I know who holds me, and THAT is what matters!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Spirit Award!!


I got an AWARD! It's a first, folks!! A special thanks to Screaming Mimi! In accordance with the award, I must do the following:

(The Rules are simple!)

  • You must be a true Christmas lover to receive this award.
  • The person to whom you give the award must also be in love with Christmas.You must link back to the person who gave you the award.
  • You must list 5 things that you love about Christmas. If you can't limit it to 5 things, then keep going till you run out of space!
  • Pass the award along to as many people as you like. That can be 1 or 45; it's up to you. But, you must pass it on to at least one person in order to keep the Christmas cheer going!
  • Let your recipients know that you have tagged them by leaving them a comment on their blog.

Okay... so the things I love about Christmas:

1) Baby Jesus. I mean, duh, he tops the list!

2) Spending time with my family! Sometimes this is hectic, but I've come to not only expect it, but to relish in it.

3) Wrapping presents. I'm totally OCD about presentation, so my Mom doesn't wrap anything but mine. I love a clean table, lots of pretty paper, tape, tags, and a pen. Then leave me alone to work out my masterpieces!

4) FOOD. Christmas Eve with my family = Ham and all the fixins. Christmas Day = Turkey, Dressing and all the other fixins. And I haven't even mentioned the desserts!!

5) The opportunity to give back (or pay forward).

Now... I'd like to tag:

Bits -- Bitsy has been a blessing to me all year, and I know she loves Christmas!

Staci -- I would love to be around and watch Staci bake a holiday cake (or two) this year!

Leslie Ruth -- LR has a poll going about Christmas lights. It that doesn't scream "I love Christmas" I don't know what does.

Royce -- Royce has this incredible talent to personalize a gift!

Holly -- I know that Holly loves Christmas! It may not be on her blog right now, but I know that Christmas at her house is going to be a blast with Buddy & BuddyRo this year!

Julie -- This Mommy-to-be is so precious and I pray that this Christmas will be the most special for her and her hubby to date!

Sarah -- Sarah and her husband have three kiddos who, I have no doubt, will make this Christmas one of their most memorable (and exciting to date!)

Paige -- Paige and I have been friends for almost 17 years! She is just a great Mom and I know Christmas at her house is a blast!

Jennifer M. -- I can't wait to see what's she got planned for her family this year!

Michael -- (I'm sure he's thinking I would not tag him.) I can tell you that I don't know ANYONE who puts more into Christmas planning that Mike does. I have been unable to attend his Christmas celebrations, but just know that he puts MONTHS into planning it all! No details are unnoticed or undone!!

Thanks again to Mimi! You're the best!!

Leaves + Rain = New Pants

New Guy bops into my doorway this morning around 10:30 and proudly (and loudly exclaims)

"It's a GREAT day!"

And then has this weird smirk on his face. He points to his jacket (a red Georgia windbreaker of sorts) and I notice it's wet and has a few leaves on it. I am unimpressed as it's been raining on and off around here for two days.

Then he turns around completely, and his pants have a ginormous wet spot on them, literally down to his knees.

He fell down one of the hills at work trying to take a shortcut to his car.

And he fell TWICE, not just the one time.

Of course, his pride was bruised more than anything, but you know we have to file "reports" on stuff around here. I will be surprised if he's here tomorrow. It did force him to go to Wal-mart and buy new pants (and I suggested new undies as I'm sure the others experienced some discomfort too).

Moral: Be careful out there!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Various & Unsundry: Part 15

(A comment at my birthday dinner prompted me to look in my archives and figure out which one I'm on. To you... (you know who you are)... Thanks!)

Last night's Biggest Loser was exciting and disappointing for me. And I totally voted for Ed. I am frustrated that he was given a huge opportunity, and instead of thinking clearly, he begged America to vote for his wife. She is selfish! Her plea was clear that Ed wouldn't be in, and she would win. Boo to you! I don't like Vicky -- I mean not at all, not even a little bit -- and I am just going to have to pray that Michelle beats them all fair and square. I love Bob, but this season, he had four of the WORST contestants in all the seasons. Except for that comedian from season 3. He was a horrible sport about it all.


There is a guy in my group of friends who is verbally sabotaging his relationships before they even get started. He's afraid he's going to wind up like his father.

There is a girl in my group of friends who is tired of being alone and is compromising her "wants". She is surrounded by friends who are married with babies and constantly compares herself to that standard.

There is another girl in my group of friends who is terrified of being in a relationship because she has no basis for comparison. She uses humor as a way to build walls and prevent herself from being vulnerable at the cost of being hurt or heartbroken.

There is another girl in my group of friends who would rather have a warm body than nobody at all. She is only repeating a pattern that her sister followed, but can't see that.

There are two guys in my group of friends who are very sad and disheartened about their upcoming birthdays.

I have a very close friend who thinks I'm not worth dating and has told another guy in our circle of friends so.

Writing all of those out makes me sad, but it also reminds me that 1) I'm not the only person who has friends like this, and 2) it's a lot more common than not. We are humans, and we all have dysfunctional relationships. Reflecting on 30, I'm so thankful at the doors that God has closed in my life, and even though I see some of these relational doors closing, I'm thankful that God is so far ahead of what I am thinking/worrying about/fretting over, and is working out the details. I'm thankful that God puts people and words in my path to make me think about decisions (past, present, and future) so that I can put the decisions and choices of my life in His hands instead of my own.


Turning 20 was a huge time in my life. It was a time to re-evaluate friends, where I was going, who I wanted to be, and where I wanted to wind up by the time I turned 30. Without hesitation, I can assure that where I am now is nowhere close to where I anticipated, planned, or dreamed that I would be by now.

I still want to be married... (and SOON Lord), but I think about the wife I would have been ten years ago, or five years ago, or even three years ago, and I can't help but see how stupid and naive I was.

It's taken 30 years to come to grips with this simple thought, but MY path is totally different from yours. I read the blog of a 24-year old who solves the relationship problems of others, while she rarely lets those people hear her cries, and I'm very apathetic because I can see now what God has for us, not what we think we have for God. There are some 24-year old that seem to have it together, but for most of us, we don't. Constantly putting ourselves into those molds is self-destructive and totally unhealthy. But most importantly,... it is not what God has for us. Yeah, I want kids, but I don't want your life. I want a husband -- a best friend, and confidante, and lover -- but I want who God has for me, not the guys I keep trying to force on God. When I think about the boys in my life... I can't help but laugh. Each of them were good in their own way, but Them + Me = DISASTER! I can see how God used them to remind me of the changes I need to make in my life. And for that, I am thankful. I don't really ever tell people what I truly want in a husband, because I know God's got ALL OF THAT. And I can't wait.


Completely off the subject, last night when I got home, my roommate had scrubbed the kitchen. In case you were wondering, I like my home to have a lived-in look, and so if every dish is not put away at the end of the night... it's no big deal. It's funny to me to see how different my roommate and I are, and yet how thankful I am for her presence in my life... even when I don't appreciate her like I should.

These days, I'm all about the Lists - UPDATED

  • I do not feel well. Last night - Chills... today - fever. This is NOT the week to get sick.
  • But I was reminded that on my 27th birthday, I had a corneal ulcer (it's an ulcer in the eye), and felt like machetes in my eye.
  • My friend Matthew wrote a great post yesterday... you can go here and read it.
  • The location for my work Christmas party is going to drive me to cuss.
  • At this exact time in three days, I'll be enjoying a late breakfast at The Sunflower Diner and then head off to Sephora the Rockafellar Center to ice skate. YAY!!!
  • I got to babysit a friend's youngest daughter last night and being with her made me want kids... and lots of them!
  • I only have two presents left and I'll be done with my Christmas shopping!
  • I only have one more big batch of Christmas cards!


I decided that I needed to lay down and 1) going home wasn't an option, 2) laying in my car could have been potentially dangerous, but if I didn't, I didn't know how well I'd function the rest of the day.

Final Answer - Nap under desk. After 40 minutes, using my small heater as a heating pad, and Naproxen Sodium, and some much needed prayers -- I feel better.

The only downside is that they went to pick up Chick-Fil-A for lunch again today. My new prayer is that I don't spill the BBQ sauce. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When worlds collide... we eat outback.

I have tried to write this post all day... and frankly folks, the EXHAUSTION OF OH-EIGHT has finally reached a pinnacle... and on the worst week possible! I need to be Rested! and Rejuvenated! and Energized! and instead I would like to lie down and hibernate for oh, five months or so. Sunday night, I only slept two or three hours, and last night, I stayed up and talked to my ROOMIE!!! until 12:45, and then still couldn't completely wind down until 1:30.

So, today I am suffering from "Sleep Fever" -- you know when your body is basically screaming at you to lay down and nap and as a result of your complete defiance, said body decides to turn the proverbial heat up. Remember Peeps, your body wants to win and will fight against your willpower.

Needless to say, I will most likely go home, take a shower and wash off the BBQ sauce (more on that below), and head to bed. Sad, but mandated no doubt.


My sweet friend Miranda planned a birthday shindig for Moi last night, and I must say that I had a lot of fun. I was touched that people came! Miranda also pulled a fast one and invited Bitsy & Amy to come! At first, I was seriously confused thinking "wow, that's quite a coincidence that they're here", then it finally occurred to me that Miranda had contacted them.

Mad Props to Party Planner Extraordinaire MirandaDawn.

A fabulous dinner at Outback was promptly followed by a rousing game of Boxers or Briefs at K-Dizzles & Danielle's house. It was fantabulous.

I did receive some lovely gifts and hilarious cards! My friends -- all of them -- are too kind! I am so blessed to have you all in my life!!!!!


In my progressed state of delirium, I'm pretty sure I'm going to make up words. My apologies in advance. :)


I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane at 6:40pm on Friday... and I absolutely can't wait.


Today, I had to go to the bank and post office, so I swung by Chick-Fil-A and grabbed a #5. SIDENOTE: I just want to tell any of you readers (all okay... maybe 10 of you?) that if you don't have Chick-Fil-A in your neck of the woods... lemme know. It's a travesty for anyone to miss out on the yummy goodness that is CFA. I brought it back to work, partially closed my door, and cozzied up to eat my desk. I mixed my BBQ Sauce and Mayo for my nuggets and broke out my fork so I could eat and scroll through the MSNBC headlines simultaneously. I ignored a few phone calls, but just as I was picking up nugget #6, the phone rang and it startled me. In true cinematic fashion, the nugget, baptized in BBQ/Mayo sauce, flew up in the air. As gravity would have it, it came down again. In my hair. On my WHITE sweater. On my pants near the stride. And finally landing on my chair.

As I sat in shock, I realized that I was out of SHOUT! wipes.


My Tide-To-Go pen has a weird odor and is not really as effective, but I used it and diminished a good bit of the evidence that my old age is going to force me to revisit bibs.

Next step: incontinence at 31.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday night - Shopping
Saturday morning - Get hair colored
Saturday afternoon - Get ready for party
Saturday night - PAR-TAY!
Sunday - REST.

Friday night, I had an exceptionally productive time shopping and say in hindsight that I'm glad I don't buy in ridiculous bulk because today I'm going to be able to return $45 worth of stuff that I didn't use at the party. So, PTL for that!

My hair... is not the color I asked for... I asked for deep fire orange but got cherry cola. I cried about it ('cause that's what I do), but realized that I needed to cry BRIEFLY, put on my big girl panties, and get to gettin'. I had stuff to do, and crying would only prolong the inevitable. I headed over to the venue (if you will...) and started getting things together.

Just to show that I'm making progress from this, I did have to set a few boundaries for myself:
1) Decide what's worth doing and do it to my level of standards.

2) Do not expect anyone else to understand what my standards may be, or expect them to rise to the occasion. If I had not involved them already, then leave them alone. They shalt receive No Guilt Trips.

3) Aim low. This sounds like I'm being mean, but with 30 people... they're not going to notice everything. I quickly decided to forgo massive Christmas decorations because they would be too expensive and because there was no way my friends were going to gather round the Christmas tree, hold hands, and sing songs. I did opt to bring some games and Phase 10 was a huge hit. :)

4) Think efficiency vs. economically... paying for the aluminum trays cuts out the clean up later. They are worth the extra buck or two!

5) Enjoy people... running around trying to maintain some preposterous level of whateverness means = Jenn is very sad/angry/upset at the end of the night and has nothing to show for it.

6) Hug people, thank them for coming, and remind them to pay up. I'll be honest... I really struggle with this, but I did ask everyone in advance and I can say that there was only one person who did not pay. The annual Christmas party is the only time we've ever asked people to shell out $$, and so they were willing (and some were even expecting) to pay. To all of you... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

7) Ask for help when you absolutely need it! I'm not going to lie... I worked HARD, but I'm very happy to say that people paid like I asked, and I wound up spending a fraction of what I thought I would have too! Also, we started cleaning up the kitchen around 11, and I tried to keep some sense of organization throughout the night. I had two very special friends wash and dry the dishes for me, and a few guys loaded my car! My back says "Muchas Gracias Amigos & Amigas"!

Yesterday, I seriously, SERIOUSLY needed to rest. Jesus was all about the Sabbath, and so yesterday, I just spent it with Him. It was MAH-velous!


My friend Miranda is taking me to dinner tonight for my birthday, and I'll be honest... I'm a little afraid.

Pray for me. :)


I'm finishing up Christmas cards, but still have more to send out... PLEASE send me your address... I'd love to send you a card! You can email me at


New Guy is out today, and it's like the 14th month in a row that he's missed a day of closing.

Bottom line = This is NOT good.



Friday, December 5, 2008


So... after watching a few others... I decided to "Elf" myself and a few friends...

Check us out.




and my personal favorite -- DISCO!!

I've been putting all my friends in there too!

Lost in Translation: I'm a MOM!!!!

When I came to work at my present job... I'd had a rough road to say the least. While a portion of that unpleasantness was self-inflicted, I left my last job bruised and battered from it all. God in His infinite wisdom put me in a job that I needed to work on myself and to work out some of my idiosyncrasies.

One of those... is my need to be relational. My last job was cliquish, and within two weeks of this job, I was put in charge of the cross-departmental Christmas Party for 40 people. Probably doesn't sound like much until you realize my company employs 40,000 folks in the world. But my Director decided that I needed to be the one in charge of parties. Along with that, I was put in charge of birthdays. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE BIRTHDAYS. Birthdays are important -- not so much for the age, but to know that you have people in your life who choose to recognize you. I don't mean that in a conceited way, but I love recognizing my friends' birthdays -- to mark the proverbial milestones. And work is not that different. Out of the 25 or so birthday cards I've purchased the last few years, I try exceptionally hard to make sure that each card goes with the person, even so much as to make specific situations or inside jokes. I've also been known to see a birthday card oh, six months before a birthday, and purchase it. I have a special box at work that currently contains 8 birthday cards and a gift for a co-worker whose birthday is in January.

See, I am ahead of my game. Except for my FBC ladies -- I totally dropped the ball on them. '09 will be different. I digress.

My small department LOVES cookies from The Great American Cookie Company. Chocolate chip cookies are the big winner around these parts. GACC has a special buy 6 get one free on their large cookies, so I've been able to save $80 over the last two years. I usually call in an order about 10am, and pick it up shortly after lunch. Well... this week is our busy week -- Closing -- and I completely forgot two birthday for my department -- including my Director's. In order to compensate, I picked up some yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts this morning as well as the birthday cards. I call GACC at 10, and they said my cookie cakes would be ready at 1.

Just so you know, I told the young lady who answered my phone that I needed two cakes. The first cake was to say "Happy Birthday Danny", and the second cake was to say "Happy Birthday Bucky". I got to the mall around 1:00 today to pick up my cakes. The woman at the counter opened my boxes so I could check. Something caught my eye, but I thought I might just be seeing things so I fluffed it off. I got my free cookie this time (Lucky #6!), and headed out the door. Then it dawned on me what the cookie said, and what the lady must have heard.

Behold the cookies of my two "sons":

Happy 1st Birthday Danny

Danny reading the cake realizing that he gets to relive part of his childhood.

Happy 2nd Birthday Bucky

Bucky thought it was hilarious!

I must say, the funniest thing about these pictures is the expression of my "Big Boss" in the background. His birthday is in January, and I'm pretty sure it's going to say "Happy 3rd Birthday Tom".

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Various and Unsundry Part... Who cares. NOT me.

  • I have some SERIOUS family drama that I unintentionally started.
  • :(
  • I got to see Nathan last night, and he looks GREAT!
  • He's now waiting to hear from Duke about transplant eligibility. Pray Peeps Pray!!
  • This weekend, my friends and I are having a Christmas Party. I went and toured the locale last night and HOLY COW! The house is HUGE!!!
  • And I'm totally hanging like 15 batches of mistletoe.
  • I totally called a friend out on a girl he likes and realize (in my heart & head) that the more you push someone to walk away, the more you actually drive them towards that person.
  • People are gonna be with who they wanna be with.
  • I had a convo with a friend the other night about being equally yoked... b/c my pentacostal friend is dating a catholic. She got very defensive that they were both still "christians", but I'm still a believer in being equally yoked. I look at the nearly 90 weddings I've been to in the last nine years and I see a lot of great friends who DIDN'T SETTLE or compromise.
  • Lord, give me the fortitude to know that who you have for me is Best and won't require me settling for things.
  • The door to my office looks FABULOUS all decorated for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I'm in the process of writing this big email about how my company (specifically my building) has given to the Salvation Army this year, and my head is totally not in it.

I'm wrapped up in my thoughts, thoughts that totally consumed me as I laid in bed last night. Thoughts about TRUST and my complete lack of it.

A few years ago, I read (and re-read) Brennan Manning's Ruthless Trust, and even blogged about how the Lord had totally healed my trust issues.

The truth is, He DID heal those issues.

But the ugly reality is that I have a lot more trust issues that have cropped up and need healing, but I've focused so much on the past that I've been in denial of my present. I've been in denial of my distrust in the people that surround me.

It's debilitating y'all.

It's the "fight or flight" response in me that wants to run screaming for the hills, but can't.
It's the fact that I am in some weirdo way intentionally (and somewhat maliciously) ostracizing myself from my friends, knowing allthewhile that that's not what I want to do.
It's the fierce independence that I would rather fall flat on my face than ask for help or fail with others.
It's overinvesting in things -- whether financially or emotionally -- but not asking others to do the same and then beating myself (or them) up about it before and during the process.
It's the plank versus the speck.

Simply put -- it is:

I have to do it myself because I don't trust you.

And I have some procrastination tendencies in me... so you can only imagine the frenzy that I work myself into.

And it's stupid.
And unnecessary.
And the hardest thing in the world to relinquish.

It's hard to explain to people that I DO trust God but don't trust his creation.

I feel like it would be awesome and super-spiritual right here to throw in a scripture about trust. Factoid: There are 164 references to trust in the NIV. But I won't.

And I know those promises... it's just getting it the 18 inches from my heart to my head that's difficult.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm still not sure if most of these words will make it into regular use...

Today, I had to wikipedia the words/terms below. I am not God's proverbial gift to speech, although I must give necessary shout-outs to my parents who taught my brother and I how to speak clearly and skipped straight over the baby talk stage, and Ms. Biddle, my second grade teacher who was obsessed with words and took a speed-reading course just for fun. And I can spell conscientius in two seconds. HOLLA.

Anywhoo... in working today, and accidentally coming across things, I had to refresh my brain at the following words:

  • polyandry
  • polygyny
  • marmoset
  • "persona non grata"
  • sheep-goat chimera

I'm not sure if I feel smarter, but this bizarre concoction of words in combination is enough to make my friends worry about me for sure.

And I must say that I'm sad Polyandry never picked up momentum... but I guess it really is a man's world. :D

- Jenn -

Richmond, Virginia

Does anyone have any contacts near Richmond, VA?

My friend Jenn's mother is in the hospital and because of the expenses associated with hospital stay and out-of-state travel, her family is looking for affordable accommodations.

If you know of something, would you email me? I'm not linking her sites out of respect, but I'll be happy to put you in contact with her if you know of something.

Whether you have contacts in the Richmond area or not, would you also say a prayer for Jenn and her family as well?

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Holiday Spirit!

  • it's 12 days until my birthday, and I have a secret!
  • I'm finishing my first batch of Christmas cards. Miranda is by far getting the funniest.. or at least the one that shows I have the same humor as say, a 13-year old boy.
  • First round of cards = 18.
  • I'm expecting at least four more rounds.
  • Which also means NONE of my friends are getting presents since I'll be giving the United States Postal Service $32.80 in postage alone.
  • That does not include the $24.00 in postage from mailing out Christmas invitations last week either.
  • I am currently cooking for FOUR Christmas parties.
  • I'm still not sure how I got "voluntold" for the last two of those either!
  • I did not get to go shopping until Saturday night and I managed to spend $350.00 in two hours.
  • Thank The Lord I didn't go any sooner or Bank of America would be calling me!
  • But PTL for putting money in my Christmas club this year!!!!
  • At the present moment, it is SNOWING OUTSIDE MY OFFICE.
  • Sweet!
  • Over the Thanksgiving weekend (Wednesday - Sunday) I drove 20.66 hours.
  • Mostly in the rain.
  • People from Ohio should not drive in the South. Anywhere.
  • Take a cab folks.
  • People from Florida mistake I-85 and I-75 for the Daytona 500.
  • My mom and I almost got on a plane Thursday because we were missing New York City.
  • The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport is by far the coolest place to peoplewatch.
  • Christmas, two years ago, My Mom and I saw Andre 3000 there while waiting for my brother's plane to land.
  • That led to her asking if his son (who was with him) was Andre 3500.
  • And she promptly cracked herself up.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Happy First Day of December!!!!

What are you doing today to get ready for Christmas? Did you go shopping at midnight or 5:00am?