Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This past weekend I had time for some long overdue spring cleaning. My guest room closet has been taunting me since I moved it. I wish now that I had taken before pics, but alas I did not.

Cleaning was pretty standard except that I'm a keeper of paper. I tend to hold on to paper that I deem special or important, not limited to but including birthday cards, wedding invitations and programs, and Christmas cards. While this is not inherently bad, I've lived on my own for 12 years and I'm blessed with lots of friends. On top of keeping what I'm given, I'm a repeat offender of the infrequently used journal. I have probably started 15(?) journals in the last decade never finishing them. The result is always funny to me, providing a snapshot of some thoughts I had at some random time in my life. Sometimes I talk in code to myself, and thanks to time, forget whatever code or inside joke I was referencing. Sometimes, it makes me look crazy.

But every now and then, I run across a note that reminds me that I shouldn't doubt God and just how faithful He Is!

In 2005, I wrote a note to God and asked Him for a husband, favor with work, and a very specific salary. What I found so crazy is that I low-balled God! I didn't trust Him to provide and bless me. It's having a cheap grace and shallow theology. I'm thankful that He saw that number, laughed in heaven, and then blessed me beyond my faith or trust in Him.

Now, I just need to remember to trust Him in some other areas of my life!!


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SueAnn Lommler said...

I have at least that many journals as well..Ha!!! I haven't read them though...gee...maybe I should!
Glad He blessed you so!! Same here!! He is more than faithful...He is awesome!!