Saturday, November 13, 2010

bloggy mojo.

Dear life, how 'bout we slow this ride down, mkay?

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind for me!  Work has been Cuh-ray-zee lately as have my other obligations!  More than a few people have decided to nominate me for things as church, so I have been quite busy with that too!

I decided to take a few days off and visit my parents (first visit home since the middle of September).

So, i can only leave you with a bunch of randoms.

  • I try to laugh at myself once a day.  I tend to take myself WAY TOO serious. 
  • I did not laugh last Friday when, at 2:30 in the morning, I decided to hurl myself down my stairs.  Although I am positive that my neighbors thought I had taken out a wall. 
  • Okay, now I'm laughing about that!
  • I'm pretty sure the lady who did my pedicure today told her friend (in perfect English) "I'm good dude", then proceeded to finish her conversation in vietnamese.  So funny!
  • It occurred to me that Chinese babies must not think their parents are speaking chinese when they first hear them.  Maybe greek?  Or Arabic? 
  • I really want Alabama to beat the HELL out of Auburn. 
  • As an early birthday/Christmas present combo.
  • I know, it's bad but I can't help it.
  • I love that it's finally getting cool/cold!!
  • 2010 has flown by!  Where did September go????
  • I have gotten so many compliments on my "Flo" costume.  It was so much fun!
  • All my former rules for SEC football have gone out the window this year.
  • My biological clock is ticking... SO LOUD.
  • I'm observing No Shave November in honor of a friend with prostate cancer, by not shaving my legs.  I'm pretty sure I scared my aforementioned pedicurist.  So sorry girl!
That's all!  Hope you all are having a wonderful November so far!



slommler said...

I have a manicurist who is from Vietnam as well...her name is Jessica and she is a living doll and so sweet! They speak their language back and forth and I just laugh!!
I too can't believe November is rushing by so quickly!! Yikes!

Aims said...

I too have a nail tech/pedicurist from Vietnam. They're a married couple and they've been doing my nails since I was a teenager. I don't know how you can go a whole month without shaving. I can go a few days, but when I can't sleep because my leg hair is rubbing against the sheets, that's just gross. HAHA!

Critty said...

I too try to laugh at myself once a day. It's just good practice ;)

Personally I am thrilled 2010 is almost has not been the best of years.

That Flo costume was genius!

Rachel said...

your post made me laugh and not much is doing that right now, so thanks for sharing your randomness. i can relate on so many accounts. ps. i'm running my first 5K on thanksgiving. you inspired me!

Mimi said...

Well my legs are largely unshaved in this weather, so I guess I'm unwittingly participating too, lol!

Hugs & love,