Tuesday, November 16, 2010


am an over sharer.


My lack of blogging these last four months or so have led to my blurting out random things in social settings.



I cannot wait for Christmas to get here.  I, have never owned a laptop.  Archaic... I know, but still true.  I haven't really ever needed one per se, but always wanted one and yet had other wants/needs that outweighed laptop ownership.  But this Christmas, I'm joining the new millennium with a portable computer.  Praise the Lord.

I'm also going to make sure my wifi is up and running (it should be, but does not register on my phone ;(  ), so that I can blog from my downstairs.

Basically, I just confessed that location is the reason I don't blog.  Or laziness to walk up the stairs.  Truthfully, I just don't spend THAT much time upstairs. 

But I do miss the bloggy community.  I miss the cathartic-ness of it all in getting out feelings.  I miss checking my facebook on more than a iphone screen. 

So... I'm challenging myself to blog semi-regularly for the next few weeks to re acclimate back to the blogging culture.  I've missed y'all!

And Lord knows I'm going to be disowned by my local friends if I don't stop with all the blurting and such.

all my xoxo,


slommler said...

Blurting out huh? You have it bad!! Ha! I have been remiss in reading blogs...so today and tomorrow is catch up time. I feel cut off from the world!!!!!!

Mimi said...

Oh I feel your pain, I'm a "blurter" too. Blogging really does help with that. Can't wait to hear from you more!