Monday, October 9, 2006


Yesterday was NCCOG’s 100 Years Celebration. The church was pretty well packed out, and there were a lot of historically important people there too. I got a little emotional during the video presentation, mostly because I am so thankful for the spiritual heritage that I have. There is a book with the same title that is a book for one of the religion minor classes at Lee. I read it. I am thankful for Camp Creek. I am thankful for Azusa Street. I am thankful for the gentleman who spent $1.00 to have the land registered for my church. His small act has ministered to people all over the world. I hope there is a jewel in his crown in heaven for that. Today, more than ever, I am proud to be a Pentecostal. I am thankful that my family was blackballed for Jesus. Their sacrifice, and it was the greatest sacrifice, changed my life and my future forever, nearly fifty years before I was born. I am thankful for Godly examples in my life, who are unashamed and unafraid of their faith, even when I have been. I am thankful for a denomination (as wild as it is) that, even though there are faults too numerous to mention, we are still dedicated to the cause of Christ. I have learned through the mistakes of others that, the denomination is not too blame, the problem is us, and our sin. The COG ain’t perfect, but who I am to blast it? The Pot or the Kettle? I am thankful for the intercessors, prayer warriors, unwavering evangelists, and little ‘ole hanky waving ladies who prayed through tough times. They saw the miracles. They saw the wind. I am even more thankful for God’s mercy. I mean, we are all really screwed up, you know? I am more unworthy of grace and mercy, and God continues to gush it out each day, brand new, as though I deserved it. I’m glad that God is God, and I am not. I am thankful that God’s word is alive, and I only have to speak it to see that.

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