Monday, July 26, 2010

hello loves.

For reasons that I don't understand, I've not really felt like blogging. I haven't fought it as I should, just pressing through it, but tonight, that's what I find myself doing.

I haven't been reading your lovely words as much as I should... well, I haven't been commenting.

Life is busy, and wild, and crazy.

Workout 2 and 3 of running has passed and I had an epiphany tonight while on the treadmill.  I love that God gives us moments of clarity when we are discouraged.  It was so good!

I'm a little random tonight.

I think I need a shower.  Ha!

Hope you all are well... and hopefully I'll have some blogspiration very soon!!

Love you all ...  xoxo,


Amanda said...

Hm, it happens. I don't generally have issues with inspiration because I don't generally say anything, haha :) I say, post what you want when you want...we'll be here :)

slommler said...

Hugging you sweetie!! I agree with Amanda. Blog when you want!!

Gina said...

Sometimes there just are no words! I'm with the two before me... blog when you want to! :O)
Good for you for keeping up with the run!

Mimi said...

I find that the desire to blog comes in waves. You'll feel like it again in no time!`