Wednesday, July 21, 2010

to run for God...

Hello my Lovelies!!

This year has been so full of changes in my life.  Some have been really hard, some much easier.  And then there are some that fall into a category of self-imposed (read: GOOD!) changes.

Tonight, my church started a bible study called Run for God.  It was started here locally in town, and as of right now, there is a study going on around this area every night of the week. (During the video presentation, I may or may not have started crying.  Let's lean towards the may, shall we?)

The goal is to prepare Christians, inexperienced runners who love the Lord, to run their first 5K and share the gospel.  We are called to fill the Great Commission and what better way to do that, right?

Truthfully, I've wanted to run a 5K for at least 2 years now.  I lack the self-motivation.  Not my proudest feature but ... it is what it is.  I'm accepting that THIS is the time I'm going to change.  I'm choosing to change!

So... I'm asking you all to pray and keep me accountable.  The 5K is on October 16, and I could not be any more excited.

Next week our class is meeting at the home church for the program and we're having our Gait Analyzed by a company in Chatty, Fast Break

Y'all Pray!!  And please don't hesitate to call me out.  I'm caffeine free and french fry free.  Why not run? 

Happy Wednesday!



Amanda said...

oh my goodness, good luck! I think I'm going to start Couch to 5K on August 1. Not to actually run a 5K anytime soon, but just to get myself eased into running. I haven't run so much as a mile since high school (eep!).

Faith said...

As I'm sure you know, we've had the same goal for a few years too. Just found out there's a 5K in October that I'm gonna do--it might even be the 16th! Best of luck. The study looks great btw...keep us posted on how that goes!

slommler said...

What a great idea!! Good for you!!
I haven't run for a long time but I am walking briskly 4 miles a day so I am pleased with that!!
Good luck hun

Bitsy said...

I think your goal is WONDERFUL!!! I will strive to begin walking and get in better shape. The univ. system is talking about charging surcharges for smokers, people considered obese based on Body Mass Index. I would be charged and I don't smoke ~ so there you go!!!!!!! Gotta do something :)

Mimi said...

Oh girl, I'm so proud of you! I just can't imagine running unless someone is chasing me.

I know if you set your mind to it, you can do it!

Tasha said...

I know you can do it! Go Jenn! Keyter and I want to run the CF 5K next year- now you have to keep me accountable! :)