Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Right now, my life is kinda boring!  I'm consumed with running and sleeping and not trying to pass out in this Georgia heat.

Over the weekend, I am forcing myself to make some YOU time.  Time to catch up on your lives!! 

I'm stepped away from blogging, facebook-ing, and twittering through work hours.  I need focus, and as much as I love social interaction, I do not get paid to do this yet.

The sacrifice is hard. I feel as though I'm missing really critical moments, but I have to make them.  Your encouraging words are such sweet salvation and comfort... more than you'll ever know.

Also, random: I now know more about tennis shoes than ever. 

Life is sweet!



slommler said...

You go girl!! I need to learn more about tennis some nasty blisters the other day. Darn!! At least I have some "stylin'" bandaids. Ha!

Faith said...

Love the updates. Can't wait to hear more about your shoe selection! Hope you survive this crazy heat.

Mimi said...

I'm amazed at your dedication, especially since it's been blazing hot here in Michigan. It's got to be worse in GA!