Tuesday, October 5, 2010

hello darlin'. it's been a long time.

Yes, yes I believe it has been.

Quite long in fact.  OOps!

I had nary an intention to go so long without an update.  I am quite alive, in modest health, and very blessed!

I've had an eventful few weeks.  I somehow got injured (both knees and my right hip), and it took time for that to heal.  Work has been really busy, and that's a good thing.

I had some car trouble this weekend, but I never cease to be amazed at God's goodness.  On. Time. ALL. the. Time.

I've also booked a trip to New York City for the weekend after my race.  I'm deeming that as  a treat to myself.


I can't help but wonder if I'm going to forget how to blog, having been so long and all.  I'm sure that sounds silly, but you know the adage of loosing the skills you don't use? Well, that's how I feel.

Very soon, I'm going to take time and blog about 2010, and the paradox of tumultousness and calmness that this year has exhibited. 



  • my office chair makes my hiney go numb.  It's so weird.
  • I think the Lord is dealing with me about taking a week off from television.  I feel like I've been fighting the Lord about this and I'm not sure why.
  • I found tonight's Glee, (and last night's Mike & Molly) rather offensive.  I'm contemplating whether or not I'll keep watching them.
  • I'm not into The Biggest Loser this year.  Not sure why.
  • I have not had to deal with ragweed thanks to my shots.  Hallelujah.
  • I think my clothes are multiplying.
  • We have a "crazy" at work.  I'm not poking fun at mental illness... I don't what's wrong with this woman, but I worry about my tires every afternoon.  When she loses it finally, things will get ugly.
  • I'm as disconnected to my real life friends as I am my online ones.  That was weird to write, but so true.
  • My grandmother signed me up for a subscriptions to Guide Posts.
  • In other news, my AARP subscription starts the same day.  ha!
Love y'all... mean it!



Amanda said...

I totally understand the "God dealing with you" bit and fighting it. That's what I was like with the internet (blogging, twittering, etc.). But I can promise that his purposes are good, even if they're hard :) Obedience leads to blessing, very often.

Also, you should email me and tell me why Glee was offensive. I haven't seen it!

Critty said...

It is so strange to me tonight I saw people loving Glee and people being offended. It was very odd. Just proves we are all different. I found Mike and Molly funny last night but I was also doing something else and watching so I may have missed something.

I have to agree with Amanda about the obedience thing. It is hard sometimes. But in the end so good.

I hope you are feeling better from your injuries. Ouch!

And I am glad we got to visit for a few minutes via bloggy time ;)

slommler said...

You know He will win out! Ha! Just saying!!
Feel better soon!

Randomly Royce said...

Welcome to getting AARP stuff in the mail. I've been the recipient of that since I moved to Cleveland.