Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 in review:: music

Frankly, 2010 has stunk.  Instead of writing the post I want to write tonight, I thought I'd recap some of my favorite tunes from 2010.  As usual, I'll include a little bit of a description for each one...

  • Feel This - Enation  - I'm a big GH fan, and this is Jonathan Jackson's band.  There is something about this song that I just love.  It's soft, but powerful.
  • According to you - Orianthi - This song resonated with a past season of my life where, well, just listen to the lyrics and you'll understand why.
  • Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer - I mean, if heartbreak is warfare, then I fended off WW3 10 years ago.  And I still have the battle scars to prove it.  Truthfully, I just love Mayer's voice.
  • Glitter in the Air - Pink - I saw her perform this at some awards show, and the quietness of this song, along with stunning lyrics resonated true for me.  Probably my favorite Pink song ever.
  • Shark in the Water - V.V. Brown - I heard this in a dressing room and Shazam'd it.  Love the beats and the flow of the song. 
  • The High Road - Broken Bells - this was an iTunes freebie that I fell in love with.
  • Love - Sara Groves - another blogger wrote out this song and it's beautiful.  I cry every time I listen to it.
  • You make me Happy - Lindsey Ray - this song makes me happy.
  • Where you are - Marc Broussard - oh to have a man say this about me? ONE DAY.  Marc has this fab voice that I adore!
  • Walk on the water - Britt Nicole - I can't remember where I heard this, but Britt has such a pretty voice.  After reading Jon Ortberg's book a few years ago, this has been an anthem to let go and move ahead.
  • If I die young - The Band Perry - Another song I heard in a dressing room (random?), but I love it.  If I only had a few more brothers and sisters and we could harmonize like that.  I'd be rich! Ha!
  • American Honey - Lady Antebellum - you can't not love this song.  period.
  • Mighty to Save - Hillsong United - such an awesome song.  HE IS mighty to save my wretched soul.
  • Beautiful, beautiful - Francesca Battistelli - this song is beautiful, beautiful.  So Good!
  • Every song from the Glee "Regionals" episode - I kept that ep on my DVR for six months.  Faithfully is my favorite, and my blog is named from the next mashup.  You'll hear it if you listen closely.
  • Touch - Natasha Bedingfield - She has an incredible raspy voice.  This song is great!
  • Bleed - Hot Chelle Rae - "I bleed my heart out on this paper, I bleed my heart out just for you".  I have no doubt there is some other meaning (don't ruin it for me), but I like this song anyway.
  • Better than Her - Matisse - I actually heard this on The Hills. Love the beats!
  • Baby - Justin Beiber (featuring Ludacris) - I can't help but find it ludicrous that Ludicrus is on this song and yet... and YET... it's still up here.  It just gets stuck in my head.
  • So You Are To Me - Eastmountainsouth - I heard this on a family channel movie (starring Patrick Dempsey).  This song is so beautiful!
  • The Finish Line - Train - I mentioned this when I was training for the 5k.  Love Love L.O.V.E. this song.
  • God gave me you - Dave Barnes - I double-dog-dare you to listen and not like this song. 
  • Our God - Chris Tomlin - I know there are several versions of this already, but I adore Tomlin's version.
  • Animal - Neon Trees - I shazam'd this back in the late summer and didn't download it soon enough.  Just really like this song!
  • Love the way you lie - Eminem (featuring Rihanna) - all the emotion in this song... wowsa...
  • More like falling in love - Jason Gray - just listen!!
  • Take me out - Atomic Tom - discovered it thanks to their youtube video, but loved them anyway!  (Also, the lead singer used to lead worship at my brother's church... truly is a small world!)
  • Dog days are over - Florence and the machine - one of those "season" songs. 
  • Terrified - Katherine McPhee with Zachary Levi - I ADORE this song.  Repeat repeat repeat!!!
  • Wish List - Neon Trees - one of my new Christmas faves!
  • Marry you - Glee Cast version (originally Bruno Mars) - will definitely be in my future!
I know my list is extensive, but I've downloaded 200+ songs this year... so this is a short list!!!

What are you favorite 2010 songs?


Mimi said...

I really enjoy Josh Groban's new album.

Hugs & love,

Critty said...

The whole Florence and the Machine album is ah-mazing. So unique. Love.

I discovered The Weepies this year... again...Love.

You have some fabulous songs on your list! Deck The Rooftop from the Glee Christmas cd was one of my most favorite Christmas songs this year...I could not listen to it without dancing!

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