Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 goals.

I was looking over my 2010 goals, and well... I kinda failed.  No massive weight loss. No husband. No extensive travel.

So, I decided that 2011 needs to be simple.

Do I want to have plenty of money, a single digit waist, and a smokin' hot love of my life?  You betcha!!!  But is it worth sacrificing my sanity for?  No way.

Therefore, my 2011 goal is to be Happy.

To love me.
Love my body, whatever size and shape it may be.
Love the people around me, because I need them and they need me.
Love my job, being thankful for the opportunities God has give me.
Love my church, serving in every way possible (guest services, youth, small group, wherever...)
Love my friends, giving them and myself room to just be human and make mistakes
Love strangers, knowing that they were created in the image of God and they are special to him
Love my little apartment, doing my best to make it more home-y and inviting a few friends down.
Love my life, remembering that each day is a gift.

Any goals or resolutions for you for the new year?



Critty said...

Beautiful goals! I am not making as many goals this coming year because I want to learn what you listed LOVE...Me. Others. GOD. To learn to do the best in the circumstances at this time...and see the beauty.


K said...

Hi Jennifer! Wishing you and the family a blessed and joy-filled new year! :) I've really enjoyed reading your New Year's resolutions, and def find them worthwhile. Good luck, and I look forward to hearing about the upcoming progress. I have yet to really think though any of my own, but think this year I will make a serious attempt to appreciate the many blessing I've been bestowed. So if that means staying longer or working harder at work, becoming more patient and kind in my relationships, or deliberately salsa-ing, I'm up for it! Take care again! Kristine

lindztm said...

I've got a few big goals and few more reasonable goals!! love your blog and love you!!! Happy New Year!!

Mimi said...

Mine are very similiar to yours. Be happy, not miserable. Simple, yet so hard for me sometimes.

I hope all of your dreams take flight in 2011!