Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I know I said I wasn't going to blog,... but I can't help it.

Today, I stood where Moses did and over looked the Promised Land.  I saw where Jesus and John the Baptist were baptized and stuck my foot in the Jordan River.

There is nothing I've done in the last few years that even compares to this.

While on the top of the mountain, I asked God for a really big prayer.  He showed Moses the actual promise and I'm ready to see it in this particular avenue of my life.

I'm ready. READY.

Today was fun... the next week is going to be amazing. 

Never did I even imagine being here... and yet here I am.

I love it!!



Critty said...

Such a beautiful photo. Such a beautiful day. Love that you prayed at that spot. A powerful forever etched in your memory moment.

Praying for you.

(also...the captcha below is nerds. My new most favorite captcha ever!)

Anonymous said...

PURE AWESOMENESS!! ...enjoy every minute of the trek. You are a very blessed & wonderful woman.