Tuesday, April 5, 2011

an update. Kinda.

I have tried like umpteen thousand time to write a post!!

I've been journaling lately (like writing with a pen in a notebook) and it's so cathartic.  I haven't written like that in forever.  I'd long since traded in my pen and pad for the click-click-click of my keyboard.


I'm on overload preparing for my trip.  I leave in 12 days.  I can hardly stand myself!!

Because of my own safety (and the safety of others), I haven't and won't blog as openly as I might about my trip.  BUT (and that's a big But), I'm on a high of sorts getting ready.  Never in a million years, never in one dream, did I ever envision visiting the country I'm headed to.  Wow doesn't do it justice.


I've found myself riddled with insecurity these last few weeks.  While it makes me sad and frustrated, I know that sometimes we have seasons where we have to struggle so that, when we come out on the other side, we have something to be grateful for.


My life has changed so much -- almost unrecognizably for me -- since December.  Free time is such a luxury, whereas this time last summer? WIDE OPEN.  Ha. 


In my journal as of late, I've been writing "letters" as they were to my kids.  Then I got tickled thinking that my daughter might read my words, unless... what if I have a boy?  My poor future unborn children.  They're going to think they're Mama is kinda nuts.


It's funny to me how, in ever season of my life, God is the same and different. :)



Mimi said...

You're on all kinds of journeys right now. I wish you the best in all of them.

Hugs & love,

Amanda said...

Bon voyage lady! Wish I was off on an exciting adventure :)