Monday, July 14, 2008

'Cause lists keep you on your bloggy toes

Today in the mail, I received a $25.00 check from Bank of America thanking me for referring customers and asking me to continue to do so. I honestly LOVE my bank! They have been incredible, reasonable, easy to work with, and have the best online banking system ever. And I've used SEVERAL -- TRUST ME. (AmSouth has the WORST. Ask me about my experience and I'll write you a book.) When my ATM/credit card got stolen, they replaced funds within 24 hours, called me back (Hello, that's a forgotten form with banks nowadaways), and prosecuted the weirdos who bought junk with my credit card.

Plus, they have the Keep the change program, and every year I keep my accounts with them, they'll give me nearly $80. (They match what you save the first three months and then give it to you annually until you close your accounts). Can you say FREE MONEY? Considering the financial bondange I was in five years ago, and the nearly $3000 I gave AmSouth (and No, I did not add too many zeros), I am so blessed to have such a good bank.

I could go on and on... but will say that they rock, and if you use me as a reference, I'll give you the $25 they give me!!!


Today, a friend of mine (not the prayer request) received some news that hurt her single heart. I was excited that we were going to walk tonight so that I could encourage her. Here's the conversation that followed:

Me: How are you?

Friend: I didn't think I'd be so sad.

Me: I'm sorry. I totally understand. But, you know what I think? I think this was God's way of saving 'You're not good enough for Him".


After promptly inhaling, chewing, and swallowing my foot, I corrected myself by saying that this is God's way of closing the door because IN FACT my friend is TOO GOOD for him.

Slip o' the tongue is all I'm saying. SHEESH.


You have to know that I spent the better part of six years without a roommate. I was content to not have anyone going through my stuff, borrowing make-up/jewelry, and infringing on my times. (I still hate when people rifle through my jewelry though. It drives me CRAZY.)

**You can imagine why I would have much such a great catch as a wife during that time, no?**


But two years ago, God, in His Infinite-Right-on-Time-Readin'-my-mail-kinda way knew that I needed a detour and the only way I was going to get the hint was if He forced my hand.

Enter: Eviction when Landlord sells duplex outright and new owner wants to occupy my unit. (Other side rented).

What seemed unimaginable turned out to be the greatest blessing! The last four-and-a-half months however, my roommate has been in her hometown with some undiagnosable virus. I don't think I've asked for prayers for her on the blog, but tonight I'm submitting a request because:

her fishies died.

I'm sorry, but I'm not a pet person anyway, and the last thing I aspire to do is dig a white, scaly, stanky carcus out of a fishtank.

And y'all, fish STANK.

So, I'm really in need of her coming back to me soon. Oh yeah, and I miss her bunches. And her little dog too.


Hasta Manana InterPeeps.

Genoveve! Ole!

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