Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Various & Unsundry... part I lost count.

Last night, a friend and I went through the drivethru at McDonald's. The girl who took the money had an unusual button on. I asked if that was her boyfriend/husband. Turns out it was her husband, and right now he is in Alaska waiting to be deployed to Iraq. Before I really registered what I was saying, I asked for her name and her husband's name to pray for her...

May I always be so bold.

Her name is Ariel Hines-Buffington, and her husband is PFC Corey Buffington. When you pray for our military, would you say a prayer for Ariel and Corey?


I have a serious love of all things SCHOOL SUPPLIES. There is something magical about opening a new box of pens, or crayons, or pulling lined paper out to fill a notebook. It gives me chills. In the last week, I've visited three Wal-Marts, a Staples, and an Office Depot to find nifty new stuff in the hopes that I can find some use for it. At each of the stores I have seen the Mom Planner, and want to buy it for all my mommy friends... it's adorable! and functional! and has stickers! Today's purchases included some super-cute notebooks (to keep in the car or purse), and Crayola's new True to Life Crayon pencils. My goal is to use them to accent cards and stationary that I send out.


I think the drama-o-the-computer-at-work has finally settled. Yesterday I received a call that I would get a new DVD/CD burner drive/player, instead of a whole brand new machine. And there was some praisin' Jesus for that after I got off the phone.


Holly said...

I just had to buy all of Alexis' supplies for 1st'd be in heaven!

So, do tell me about this Mommy planner. Haven't see it yet!

Warrior Priestess said...

I want to thank you for putting out some love for a military wife. I'm a retired Army brat and anyone who is willing to take the time especially when they are in the drive-thru (which means they are 1)most likely in a hurry or 2) too lazy to go inside; I think you were number 1) and pray makes them ACES FOR REAL! you are too cool. What you did made me cry.

Bitsy said...

I pray that you are always so bold to offer to pray and ask someone about things like that!1

Also, I am SOOOOOO excited that you like school supplies like me. I do the SAME thing. Just saw at Walgreens today that the school supplies were out ~ immmediately I thought ~ here I come Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, etc.!!!!
love ya, Bitsy

Jenn said...

Holly... I bought one for you tonight. I'll send it to you tomorrow! And yes, I would be in heaven buying all that stuff!!!

Jenn said...

Roycie... we'd gone walking and were sweaty. :) but... thank you!!! (and I pray for you too!)

Bits... this is another thing we have in common. Love it.

Holly said...

No way!! Thanks Jenn! I will totally send you $$$ for it. We went and bought Alexis' book bag today too. I can't believe all the stuff she *needs* to go to first grade.

Butterbean said...

Who is the maker of the Mom Planner? I googled it, but found lots of planners for Moms.

Jenn said...

Butterbean, I'm not sure, but I bought three, so I'll drop one off to you in the next few days. :)