Sunday, July 27, 2008

We accept the love...

If you read Post Secret at all, then you may recognize this card from this week's "Secrets". Reading this one this morning reminded me how we all really do this.

We accept the love we think we deserve.
We accept the love because we're not good enough.
We accept the love because we're afraid no one else will love us.
We accept the love because we think we're not pretty enough...
or skinny enough
or smart enough.

I'm learning that we also:

accept the love because we are too selfish to just admit we don't reciprocate the feelings back and don't want to lose the friendship.

The reality is, we don't have to accept anything. Love is free, but you also have to OWN HOW YOU FEEL. If you think you're the only one who knows... then you're wrong. The world can spot your unhappiness from miles away.

It's time that we accept love for love. Love is free. God's love is freeing.


Darcie said...

Thats actually a quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I remember reading that sentence the first time in a laundromat, I read it over and over, hoping no one saw me cry. It floored me. I think its a secret most of us share, whether we know it or not.

Broken Shadows said...

Good post.