Friday, August 3, 2012

... with evidence to back my story up...

Since I quit writing for a spell, there are some very hilarious things that I feel I should have shared. 

I got proposed to.  (I have a video that I will try to post.)  At the time (this past spring), he was 16 (to date, he is 17), and I told him no strictly on the merits that the state of Georgia frowns on that via misdemeanor/felony.  And that I’m old enough to be his teen mom.  It should be noted that, if he were ten years older, this would be the blog of a very happily married woman.  I kept my fake engagement ring as a memento though.

There is another sweet kid from church (he actually just graduated from high school, but once you turn 30, everybody under 29 is a kid) who will only refer to me as “The AMAZING Jenn Calhoun”.  In what I can only describe as his version of a superhero commentator voice.  I am not amazing. Also, I have text messages that I will try to photo to prove this.

(Sidenote: This past Wednesday night, I had a lady ask me if I would be opposed to a green card marriage to her nephew in another country?  UMMMM… yes.  I want a real husband, not a spouse on paper!  She was visibly disappointed that I wasn’t open to the idea.  Although my coworkers suggested I ask how much it was worth... (KIDDING).)

These boys make me laugh.  Who knew that in my 30’s, I’d have an entourage of teenagers following me?  Jennifer Lopez, I am not.  What I do know, is that I have a hard time receiving compliments.  I can lavish them on you with fervor, but I am not good at receiving them.  But sometimes, God has a hilarious and humbling way to give you what you need, even when (and how) you wouldn’t expect it.  I have told each of these sweet guys that I know without a doubt, that God is using them to pour into me for my husband. 

And there’s still the issue of the date…  but that’s gonna take a post of it’s own.

Somebody needs to like IT and put a ring on IT,

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Christy (Critty Joy) said...

Sometimes we are a lot alike...
I had a 21 year old that nicely pursued me....

But you are so right...after you hit 30 the 20's seem so well....young. haha!

I cannot wait...I want more on these hilarious stories. Get busy writing ;)