Tuesday, August 28, 2012

thankful things...

1. For the love of God Almighty
2. for grace that I know I don't deserve
3. A fabulous funny mother who is my best and loudest cheerleader.
4. Dr. Pepper.
5. Monday night dinners with my girlfriends.
6. A heater in my office that keeps me from freezing.
7. Barrettes for when I'm too lazy to dry my hair!
8. Chocolate covered marshmallows.
9. The best brother I could ask for!
10. Sorority sisters that are some of my best friends, even 11 years later!
11. Red comfy couches.
12. Being able to coupon for my extended family.
13. My favorite arab.

I hope you are thankful today! God is good!!


1 comment:

Christy (Critty Joy) said...

So funny because I counted my "little wonders" yesterday. Learning to be more cognizant of my blessings.

My favorite arab made me laugh out loud. Fun names for your friends are the best!