Friday, January 14, 2011


Today is one is those days where complaining/whining comes second nature. I do not want to be at work. The smallest things are aggravating me and the coworkers closest to me know to stay away.

I hate feeling this way.

Its tiring.

I blame the snow.

It's been pretty busy unlike the educators that litter my facebook newsfeed with hourly reminders that they've been given the gift of a 10 day weekend, I've had to work. Year end beckons. I've forced someone to pick me up until today because we still have a great deal of snow ice and general lack of resources to clean it up.

**sidenote: there's not much sense in investing in $500k worth of snow equipment when we merely get dusted twice a year for the last decade

It's in these moments (when they're rubbing in their extended vacations and sleeping late's and whathaveyou) of course that I do not feel bad for teachers when they gripe about their pay. (FYI, you knew it was low when you signed your contract.)

And before some teacher leaves me some nasty comment about my attitude, don't. Those rebuttals fall on deaf ears.

But that's really because I'm just agitated and don't want to be at work.

And because my boss is treating me like a glorified copy girl today.

And because I think I need a nap.

end rant. :(


Mimi said...

Hugs & love to you today!


Staci said...

Ouch. I hope things turn around soon for you :)