Tuesday, January 25, 2011

of the HI and of the YA variety.

So, more than a few times in the past, I've chronicled my desire to lose weight. 

I know every woman has insecurities and many of mine are tied directly into my struggle with weight loss.

WELL... there is a little topic that I've only hinted at which involves me going on a BIG trip this year.  Due to circumstances around the big trip, I need to lose some weight.  

And while I'd love love LUH-HUV for the weight to just magically fall of, it won't.  SADNESS.

So, I decided to shake up my ole work out routine.

With karate.

(No, I'm not kidding.)

(You can stop laughing now, before I judo chop your head.)

(I KNOW, right???)

Well, much to my surprise, I didn't die yesterday.  I actually surprised myself with my stamina and that fact that there was no hurling!

On the flipside, pretty much EVERYTHING is sore today.

and now I've gotta go walk it out, or tomorrow is going to be pretty ugly.



Mrs. C said...

I love your post title - it rocks! Way to go with Karate, sounds like a lot of fun!

Mimi said...

I'm so proud of you this sounds awesome!

Hugs & love,

slommler said...

My son...who is 42...does karate and loves it. It keeps him physically fit and his weight in check. So I think this is a great idea!! Not to mention the self defense aspects!!
Glad you didn't die!! And try doing a lot of stretching when you are finished with your routine. That might help the soreness.