Saturday, February 5, 2011

sadly, this is not an unusual saturday...

Today was a crazy day.

My day started at 3:20AM when I woke up out of a dead sleep to my neighbors SCREAMING at one another.  Expletives and high shreiking were most of what I could hear on one side, followed by my German neighbors on the other jumping up and running across the room banging on the walls.

Just FYI, this is not a good start to a day.

I am too tired to figure out if I've blogged about my neighbors, but Lawdy-Mercy that they have given me stories to tell.  There is some standing saga about trashcans that I'll share for another day, but the bigges has been the incessant and rude banging on the walls.  The Germans (who are actually German's) are in their 60's.  They live on one side of me.  On the other side are a young couple that I'll nickname Sammi & Ronnie from Jersey Shore. 

For forty minutes in the wee hours of the morning, I had to endure crazy.  Ronnie & Sammi were drunk and fighting.  There was also a bald third party that I've never seen before.  Ronnie & Sammi were screaming.  Sammi threw stuff out of the house, including a DVD player that sadly got caught in the crossfire.  Ronnie got out a skateboard and faceplated in the parking lot, then proceeded to lay on the ground for 10 minutes.  The Germans meanwhile carried on a conversation in tones that, of course, were audible through the paper thin walls of my complex.

I wish I could tell you I was amused, but I was not.

I managed to function throughout the rest of my day, having lunch with a sweet friend and then running 15 errands.

by 6:00, I was starved, so I stopped at a local wendy's.

The guy at the first window told me the guy at the second window thought I had a nice voice.  I pull up to the second window and a manager comes to the window and asks if I'm married.

On the top row of his mouth, there is one large tooth.  Not a row of teeth (as there should be), but one large tooth.  Like a giant white chiclet.  And he was licking the chiclet.


Don't you wish your Saturdays were ALL like mine?



slommler said...

Oh I do!! So textural and full of real life drama! You could write books about this! Books I say!!!

Rachel said...

Oh goodness what a day! The Wendy's situation made me laugh out loud! Sometimes all you can say in moments like that is SERIOUSLY?!?!?! I hope your Sunday has been much better.

Amanda said...

Oh girl. That made me just about die. In the backwoods of the Cascade foothills in Oregon, there are many such characters :)

I know I haven't popped over to say "hi" in forever, but I'm still reading! Just slower, ha!

Tasha said...

The "chiclet" just made me spit out my drink. I once had a 60 year old patient with no teeth ask me to marry him. When I said no, he asked it I would at least examine his prostate. So unbelievably disgusting!!