Sunday, February 27, 2011

update: I'm in fact very much alive.

My complete lack of blogging may lead one to believe that I am not busy and am, ergo, boring.

You (whomever you may be) would be completely wrong.  For the last six weeks, I do believe I've been busier than in the last 2 years.  It's overwhelming and crazy and I absolutely love it, although I am completely and totally exhuasted.

With the exception of two or three nights that I can think of since mid-January, I've had something to do every night.  It's wild!!

I'm taking a linguistics class two nights a week (for the REALLY BIG TRIP that I've not devulged yet), I watch the Bachelor and play Wii with some sweet friends one night a week, I help with the youth (which is a job in and of itself) and then my other obligations... friends, work... all that jazz.

This weekend I worked my church's marraige conference by serving with the kids.  Maybe two minutes after I walked into the room, I had a kid puke.  Chunks.  I cleaned it up (because I am a trooper) and ruined my favorite pair of pants with bleach.  I got lots of sweet little hugs.  Changed a few diapers.  Changed a few blow-outs.  Wiped a lot of snotty noses.  Loved on some sweet babies!

After the conference, I spent time with one of my besties. Bought some cute shoes. Got a mani/pedi.

This am wasn't the "win" I was hoping for in discipleship/Sunday School but it happens, and I will persevere.  :)

All in all, I'm so blessed.

And this time tomorrow, I will be able to reveal Big Secret #1.




Critty said...

I would love a busy week with this pneumonia I have way to much time to think. :)

I am super excited to hear about secret 1. I am just super excited for all that is going on in your life my friend. <3

slommler said...

Oh you are such a tease!!
And my yes!! You have been one busy girl!! But sounds like it has been a real blessing to you!!
All except for the chunks!! Ewwww!
Hugging you