Friday, February 4, 2011


i'm struggling to find a blogging voice this week, and I'm not sure why, except that I'm so dang busy!!

Dear Social Calendar, how 'bout we slow down a wee bit??

Or maybe it was around the time that I passed out during karate this week.  Only to awaken to six grown men in full karate garb hovering over me.  Scared and embarrassed the ju-ju out of me. 

Dear body, let's get it together, mkay?  I don't want another "pass out" incident.

Or maybe it's the stuff I'm doing for the youth in my church.  I am honored and blessed to be teaching Sunday School and working on wednesday nights with the kids!  They make me laugh!!  Our youth pastor and his wife are phenomenal and I can't get over the privilege I count it to work with them. 

Or maybe the 15-yr old girl who, as a part of a photo scavenger hunt, got down on the floor of waffle house and sizzled like bacon.

Dear Hannah-Banana, we're doing that okay soon!!

That's all



Mimi said...

Great to see you again!

hugs & love,

slommler said...

Finding yourself on the floor surrounded by men?? And that is a bad thing? Ha!