Monday, June 18, 2007

Cliche and Book Sales

There is a expression that goes as follows: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

Translation for me: "Those who can have successful relationships, do. Those who can't, teach others from their mistakes."

Who knew? This weekend has been surprising in my availability to offer relationship advice. I mean, since my personal relationships suck, I can offer folks the wisdom from my mistakes.

**I never wanted to be this girl when I grew up. **

**I still don't.**

But, I am obliged to offer when asked. I am learning to not offer when not asked, simply because it saves time and embarassment. However, if you ask, I am always happy to share with you the wisdom of my mistakes and/or foolishness.

Today include a 40 minute convo with a friend for me to AGAIN illustrate a previous convo about just relaxing and letting things happen "Naturally". Because love does not HAVE to be difficult, or orchestrated. It's just love. It takes work to maintain, but getting to that point doesn' t (and I believe shouldn't) be ridiculously complicated.

So, when I publish my own how-to book, with mistakes and folly for example, I expect you all to buy a copy. And since I won't be limited to just discuss finding the mate of your dreams, I'll include wisdom on raising kids, nurturing and safeguarding your marriage, balancing your finances, planning for retirement, and how to make your friends and family laugh by sharing a random vortex of worthless knowledge. Then regardless of your circumstance in life, I will have some example applicable to your present situation.

It will totally be a NYTimes Best Seller and you will TOTALLY want my autograph.

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