Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just thought I'd share...

I've been a slacker on reading books lately. You know how people starting emailing and failed to make time to write snail mail? I've done that with reading. I read everything I can possibly find to fill my brain with totally random information from the internet, but am not taking time to read books lately.

And, as I eluded in my last post, it seems like everyone I know is in kind of a funk. There are lots of things to be praying about:

1) My friend R... who's heart is broken, and breaks my heart.
2) My friend J... who is battling things on her job that would cause most of us to run for the hills
3) My friend D... who is still dealing with the loss of her mother
4) Me... 'cause you know I've always got drama that makes me anxious
5) My friend K... who has been looking for a job for a year (who is kinda of getting a breakthrough, PTL!)

So... you can see that there are alot of folks who are just not having a good day, or week, or June for that matter. With that said, I thought I would suggest some online reading to make you feel better. (**I do not know these people personally and you may find some things they say to be offensive. Please let this serve as your warning.) : This is the blog of a Medical student who just finished her round in delivery. While some of her stories are sad, including a 13 year old giving birth, others are absolutely hysterical. And it totally makes me want to go to med school. : This is a Dad who blogs. While reading the story of taking his little boy to the bathroom, I was crying I was laughing so hard. : Because just when you think you're day has been bad, remember that 1) You aren't confined to a wheelchair, 2) Your wheelchair didn't get caught in the grill of an 18-wheeler, and 3) Your wheelchair didn't get pushed for 4 miles without the driver knowing you were "hooked". So, really,... you're day's probably not been that wild.

Much love...

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Warrior Priestess said...

Reading is reading no matter if it is online (there are e-books!) or a hard copy. I've slacked off and I appreciate your broken heart with me. I am so honored to be called your friend. Being a brat meant that I did not get a chance to be friends with a lot of people. It was not until Seminary that finally have real relationships. So friend means a lot to me. I read those blogs. Not entirely but enough to laugh. I appreciate the break.