Saturday, June 9, 2007


The other night, my roommate and I were watching "So You Think You Can Dance". (I am a dancer at heart, so I totally love this show!) One of the contestants this year is the younger sister of last year's winner. When they told her that she had been chosen, she screamed, "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!" We laughed hysterically, and I have thus decided to use the phrase in normal conversation.

Don't be misguided to exclude access to the postern if you hear me saying this.

With that said... a REALLY long time ago, I interviewed with a company in SouthEast Atlanta. I had the wrong motive, completely wrong intentions, and thought I was giving God an opportunity. He didn't take it. But I got a phone call the other day. I chose not to return it, simply because I didn't realize who it was from. And then the mail came today. And I got an offer letter from this company in an unnamed city in southeast Atlanta that I have no intentions of ever traveling to deliberately for 3 times my current salary. I'm going to break this down to more specific terms. I make X dollars. They are offering me 3 x X dollars to work for their company in this town that I never planned to ever visit again, literally a mile away from people I never want to see again.

Just so you know, it's an Assistant Controller position in a manufacturing company. They wanted an accountant with a four year degree in Accounting. They wanted a candidate with five years experience (total) and three years in manufacturing. (Guess who's got those specific qualifications?)

And guess who 'bout swallowed her teeth today? That would be Moi.

Y'all... TRIPLE my salary is a BIG DEAL. A HUGE FREAKIN' DEAL. And the job is only an hour and twenty minutes from my Mama. (And y'all know how cool Shirl is!) And it puts me closer to friends that I don't get to see often. And I would be able to pay off my student loan debt in ONE YEAR. Say it with me -- $30,000 PAID OFF IN ONE YEAR. Not over the course of the next seven: ONE. UNO. SINGLE. SINGULAR.

But, there's those pesky people I don't ever want to see ever again who, if I take this job, I might run into at Wal-mart, or any restaurant in town, or at the gas station. And thus I am at a crossroad.

So Y'all pray... K?

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Holly said...

As someone who has "been there" you know what...if God has opened this door for you and it seems the pieces are all there....then He too will provide the emotional pieces too Jenn. If you want to email me, we can chat bout this in "private", but I swore I'd never set foot back near some people after the hell they put me through. But, I did have to go back to that town AND I can say I am much better a person for it AND God allowed me to learn and deal with how I felt.

Love ya! Prayers!!