Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas and all that Jazz...

I don't remember my last post, and for fear that it was probably bitter or cynical or some mix thereof, I'm going to start on a clean slate!!

Christmas this year has been a whirlwind and, while I'm not excited about going to work because I have been sick the entire Christmas break, I'm thrilled to jump into a new year!! My favorite Christmas presents this year included a gift from my Dad, a sweet card from my aunt, and IPod (for me to work out with!), and a diamond pendant from my Mom.

But mostly I'm thankful that I was able to see my family and love on them, and remember that if it weren't for Jesus' birth, we would never have Jesus' death, resurrection, and grace.

That Grace is worth it all.

And oh yeah... getting my Mom the best Christmas Present E.V.E.R.

Hope you all had a good one with your family... and Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

"For unto us a child is born..."

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