Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the day after Christmas...

is such a big shopping day for most folks. I... am at work. Slaving away. Yeah right. Blogging, playing on the internet, reading the love story and finding myself completely entranced as I read about Ree and Marlboro Man. Seriously, if you haven't read it, or at least caught up lately, stop by and show some love. Except for the excessive making out (which I'm sure is only my bitterness talkin'), it is an incredible sweet story that gives me hope that my masculine, God-lovin', taller than 5'9" man is just around the proverbial bend for me. Ahh, sweet hope. Other than that, I've paid a few bills and laughed while reading about the frontier thrills and trials. There are only seven people on my entire floor, so it is deliciously quiet.

Oh yes, and I'm a little sick. I have "seen the rainbow" (Bits, I'm leaving the apostrophes for interpretation), and wish it would go away. I do sound as though I 1) need to take out my lungs and hose them off, 2) am round about early stage four Emphysema, 3) I'm really 97 years old fighting off bronchitis.

And all is well except for a little incident with a co-worker down the hall who, well frankly, she is not nice, and when broached on the topic, proceeded to send me an email that I was unprofessional. Ridiculously unimportant story short, I went to clarify her rude email, and she promptly lied to my face. Oh well.

aren't y'all proud??? just an "Oh well!"!! Remember... this is melodramatic me!!! An "Oh well" is a breakthrough!!!

See, I'm growing and it's not even 2008 yet.

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Bitsy said...

I am sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you feel better soon. Except for going out to see what Santa brought the grandkids, I have shamelessly stayed in!!!! I am quite spoiled to my week off at Christmas and take advantage of staying in jammies ALL DAY LONG!!!!
I did take a shower.

As for blogginess, I have been at it all evening ~ reading different ones that is. I am ready for Ree to give us the "rest of the story" as they say!!!!!! Darling puppy!

I hope you checked out R's latest creative attack on my blog! It was a hoot. The lights have been removed and the trash hauled away, but we had a BLAST with it! "Wait till next year", he says.

We will be out early in the am, as our middle grandson is having his tonsils out. Say a little prayer for him!

Hope the rest of your week is as peaceful at work as today. Love ya, Bits :)