Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutes and more...

I know many people don't make NYR but I really like to!!! I kept ONE of my thirteen from last year. (boo!) But I still like making them anyway!

My motto this year is: _____ in '08

1) Lose weight in '08 -- it's time to get healthy!!

2) Get in Straight in '08 -- more time in the Word!!

3) be great in '08 -- Just to be fabulous. I want my 20's to go out with a bang as I welcome 30 in this year!

4) don't be late in '08 -- they laid the law down at work!!

5) tempt fate in '08 -- fun stuff!!!!

6) create in '08 -- "to be creative in context..." (a quote from B109). It inspires me to want to be creative wherever I am -- work, home, church, small groups, Wal-Mart, etc.

7) don't be irate in '08 -- I have had the worst attitude the last few weeks, and I'm tired of being ill and aggravated!

8) decorate in '08 -- my apartment, cards, crafts, my black wardrobe... whatever strikes my fancy!

9) be bait in '08 -- be a witness for the Lord this year!! I know somebody is dying that I used bait in terms of luring people to Jesus, but if you're light is shinin' (so to speak), then you technically are bait for the Lord!

10) find a mate in '08! -- I'm ready!!! :) Do you know anyone? They 1) must love Jesus, 2) preferably taller than 6', 3) would prefer gainfully employed. Phone numbers available on request.

What are yours?????

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Broken Shadows said...

Happy New Year Jenn.