Thursday, December 20, 2007

Various and unsundries... Part Cinco

  • Now that I'm up to part 5 in spanish, maybe I need to learn a new language.
  • A friend of mine shared the other day that when he used to cut grass on a riding lawn mower, he would translate conversations into spanish.
  • When I did the same with my grandfather (cut grass, that is), I would have these extensive theological debates.
  • It's a little much for a 14-year old, huh?
  • My Christmas shopping is ALMOST complete. I have four gifts to buy!
  • My Christmas cards have not made it out of the house though... those may get to you b/f 2008, but I'm not making promises.
  • A co-worker who I adore got me a Calligraphy set for Christmas. I may not have many talents, but I do like to think I have nice handwriting. I'm excited to use that gift!
  • We gave a lady down the hall earmuffs since she hates noise at work (don't ask). I do not think she got the joke. (But, they are cute earmuffs.)
  • Hollie from this season's Biggest Loser is my new inspiration. When (notice not IF), WHEN I lose 40 pounds, I will chop my hair off like hers.
  • So, add six months of growth, and I think I'll be chopping off about 12 inches.
  • That... is alot of hair.
  • And is kinda scary.
  • (But, boy won't I look cute!)
  • I need to make resolutions for 2008,... goals... if you will.
  • 2007 Soundtracks are ready. I will try to post the emo list of songs shortly.

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