Tuesday, August 3, 2010

all that jazz.

First and foremost, today is my brother's birthday.  I am blessed (and biased) about having the best brother ever!!!!!!

Because of him, I have permanent lead in my knee.  A blue dot that I should share one day.  :)

I had a wreck in which he wound up wearing the red kool-aid he was drinking.

He nearly killed me on the GWB.

He cussed out a vendor to get me an infamous Grey's Papaya hotdog. It was just as yummy as they looked on Fools Rush In.

His home is always open for me to stay in New York City.

He's my John Mark Smurf, and yes, there IS a song.

He's one of my greatest confidantes, and I couldn't be more proud of him.

Happy Birthday JM!!  Welcome to the 30's.  May many more adventures be yet before us!!

Love you bunches!!!


Some of you sent me the most kind, supportive emails today.  You expressed your opinions about what I wrote last night, and frankly, you were 142 different kinds of awesome!!

Then there were the people who decided that I was 1) ignorant and 2) that they REALLY knew me.  To you I say openly, you don't know doodly-squat, and I think it would be in your best interest to not read anymore. 

I don't hate women pastors; I'm not against women pastors.  I'm not some anti-feminist who think suffrage was in vain and that we all need to be in submission to Men.  For anyone to have interpreted that is so beyond ridiculous, I can't help but be left speechless.  My doubts are in ordination, and that's MY opinion.  Also, we are talking about the particular denomination I attend, not any others.  And FYI, I have family on the Council of the 18.  I'm not nearly as stupid as you think.

If you happen to have women pastors in your life or your family, that's great.  I'm not questioning anyone's calling, I'm questioning a title. 

Also, I don't hate counselors, I don't think they're all bad.  Promise!!  Sometimes one Bad Apple can intentionally ruin your afternoon.

If that is your life's work and your passion, kudos to you!

Lastly, my title yesterday was called VENT, not "I'M TALKING TO YOU PERSONALLY  SO GET YOUR BRIEFS IN A BUNCH".  Unclench.


I'm heading out to run in a minute, to clear my head and detox my system!  I'm finding that for me, this is so cleansing and therapeutic.  It's a chance to talk to my heavenly Father uninterrupted!


For some fun reading!

Amanda @ Teasingly Diverse has a poll going for Team Noel or Team Ben.  TEAM NOEL ALL THE WAY!!!

SueAnn @ SueAnn's Journey had a great post today.  SueAnn is such a wonderful lady and always the consummate encourager!  And such a talented artist!! 

Rachel @ The Keyter had a hilarious post of Random Bits of Randomness.  Love this!!  I met Rach through Nathan. 

Miss C @ Crispin Chronicles lives in Hawaii.  Her husband is serving in the military (Thank you!!).  Every time I read her blog, I seriously want to aloha the South, and ALOHA! Hawaii!  :)

Steph @ Bird on a Wire has some beautiful Etsy finds.  I am determined this year to have my Christmas shopping completed by Thanksgiving.  If Steph keeps it up, she may manage to find the beautiful things on my list!


Gotta run... LITERALLY!



Critty said...

Aww...I love that you have such a great relationship with your brother...that rocks!

Happy Birthday Jenn's brother :o)

And yay for you standing up for your self. This is YOUR blog and you can say whatever you want. I will never understand why people feel the need to come visit if they are going to just disagree and say mean things. Why can't people move on? Sigh. This is your blog and your place to share YOUR thoughts and opinions....so share on my friend!


Mrs. C said...

Brothers are the best!

Thanks for the shout-out! You're too kind! Oh and I thought of you when I was at the gym today - hope your run went well!

slommler said...

I have three brothers and they are the best!! Glad you are enjoying yours. And I have a blue dot as well! Ha! A gift from my brother too!
You tell them girl!!!!!!!
Running is good! I am walking; but briskly so that is good too!
Oh and thanks for the shout out!!

Anonymous said...

I've always admired you for speaking your peace on here. Shame on anyone who thinks they should be able to give you a hard time about what you put on your blog. Tell them to get their own d*#n blog!
Love ya,

PS.. I agree with you about the ordination thing :)

Amanda said...

I'm figuring I fall into the awesome category :) I mean, even though I think we come from different backgrounds I certainly took your post for how you meant it :)

Thanks for shoutin' out my post! I think Team Noel is in the lead!

Mimi said...

Again, some people have waaay too much time on their hands if what you're writing is bothering them so!

Mimi said...

Oh & super happy birthday to John Mark!