Thursday, August 19, 2010

breathe. stretch. shake. run.

My life is all about running right now.  I could bore you with the details, but I'm trying to spare you.  It's going well, I'm still sweating like Cuh-ray-zy, and I'm loving it.  Endurance, endurance, endurance!!

I have completely disconnected electronically while at work.  I have days where it's frustrating, but OH! so necessary.  The only downside is that I'm missing all of y'all!!  With the addition of running and the fact that my computer is not in an advantageous spot in my home, I miss out on reading your wonderful thoughts and words on Your blogs. 

The upside to all this running is that now my body has decided to wake up at a decent hour every day.  With this, I may be able to blog regularly and read your lovely things!  YAY!

Come to think of it, my life may be all about explanation right now.

Pop quiz -- how do you define the difference between explanation and excuse?

Anywhoodle-oo.  I'm trying to think of exciting things going on in my life?????????????

I've got nothing.  :)

But, I do love you all (even though I haven't met most of you!) and pray that today is a wonderful day for you!!!



slommler said...

Well thank you and you have a wonderful day yourself!!! I have been speed walking and am up to 4.5 miles a day now!! Woohoo!!! And buckets of sweat!! Ha!

Critty said...

So glad things are going well with the running! Keep are doing so GREAT!

Miss you but am glad things are going well....

And anywhoodle is my new favorite word. ;)

Bitsy said...

Like Critty above ~ I LOVE "anywhoodle" and I am soooo proud of your committment to running. I miss you, too. Hope things are going better ~ you know where :)

Mike said...

Awesome job, Jenn! Super proud of you running. You know you're gonna do the Nashville Half with us next April?! Booyah!

Mimi said...

I'm so terribly proud of you that you've stuck to this running!

Love to you,