Monday, August 2, 2010


Today, I received a flurry of emails asking what in the WORLD I was thinking with my previous title.

FYI... that is a Southern Expression.  I didn't even reply to a few emails because they were so ugly!  While we're covering southern expressions that are, well different, here are my other favorite too:

"the devil's beating his wife"
"where in the Hahirah?"
"what in tarnation"
"colder than a witch's tit"

I don't get them, but I have used them... maybe except for that last one because it makes no sense! 

Just fyi, I am Southern.  Proud of it too.  I have such a wonderful, rich, hilarious heritage.  And sometimes, we talk weird too. Ha!


My denomination recently voted on ordaining women.  I have no problem with women serving in any type of ministry, but I feel like this one is so much MORE about entitlement and having a title than it is anything else.

I have angered more than a few people.  FYI: I'm not a feminist.  If that's your thing, fine.  If you don't to take your spouses name, or want to burn your bra, go ahead. 

While I rarely talk about my actual political views (I could shock some of you!), I'm a fairly straight laced conservative.  I struggle with judging some radical liberals, and that's just the honest truth.  I'll stop now, but OI! what controversy I caused!


There is an expression:  "those who can't do; teach".  This is my general view on a lot of people that I went to college with.  They have no idea what they want to do, except they 1) want to boss people around, 2) tell other people what they should be, and 3) get a paycheck.

Hence, my alma mater graduates quite a high number of counselors. 

I've been burned by therapists and counselors.  I had one lovely lady who suggested regression therapy, and when I told her that Jesus had taken care of my heart AND my head, she asked me to consider it, and sign a paper.

I walked out of her office, and never returned.

I have people in my life who are counselors, and they couldn't google their way out of real life situation.



I did not intend for this to be one of those vent posts, but I needed it.  It's been a long, LONG day.


Lastly, I'm glad Ali picked Roberto.  Dear Chris, I'm still single.  :)



Aims said...

Before I went to Cambodia, your post would have made me comment not so nice things... my grandma is a minister, but now there are more things to worry about than someone posting a blog saying women who become ministers just want the title. I know that statement is just coming from someone who hasn't suffered persecution because they have a woman minister in the family, so I won't even post what I would have posted before. Your opinion is your opinion, and you know what they compare opinions to...

Critty said...

Oh those southern phrases...they sure can get you into heaps of trouble. And I so concur with that last one....don't get it plus the t word? Ick.

I am not sure where I stand on women preaching...I know it is a big topic in some denominations... I do have a cousin who I think would make an excellent Pastor and she is a the COG. :) But for every one of her there are many that should not be. And she does not even want to be one...she just wants to be a missionary.

And lastly I am sorry about the counselors you have seen that stink. Being one I completely understand. In fact I am one of very few from my graduating class actually using my degree. Seems interesting how many people want to get a counseling degree and never use it. There are some nutty ones out there for sure. Plus Jesus is the only true answer I can ever give anyone. :o)

Amanda said...

I went to a Baptist church for awhile in high school, and they def. didn't encourage women in vocational ministry, unless it was with little kids. But when I went off to Christian college in a different denomination (Reformed), suddenly it was women preachers everywhere! :) I have no less than 10 female friends who are currently in seminary, some at incredibly prestigious schools (Princeton, Duke, etc.) and I know they will be amazing ministers.

But then again, now I go to an Assemblies of God church and one of our senior pastors is a woman (it's a husband and wife team, although he does most of the sunday teaching) and the only other male on staff is actually our elementary ed. pastor - and his wife is the worship pastor! It's an eclectic mix and I wouldn't trade it. I know that there are so many different ways to view it, theologically and culturally. I just figure, who am I to contradict what someone feels is the call of God on their life?
{please take all that as just me musing on my own thoughts to what you said, not any kind of criticism, got it? :)} ps - that makes it look like my smiley face has a beard!

I love that people actually sent you emails about your post title. I'm so FAR from Southern but even I knew it was a "saying" :)

slommler said...

Boy you sure have stepped into it today!! Ha!
A lot of the times, it is about entitlement though many are quite sincere and should be ordained.
As for Southern phrases...I think they are funny and usually don't make much sense!
This is your blog and you should feel free to vent and say what you want. You haven't offended me in the least.
Keep on, Southern Girl!!
Hugging you

Rachel said...

I love you blogging, including the title of you last post. I hear that (and many other crazy Southern phrases) at least once a week. As a fellow Southern girl, I'm glad we have a sense of humor and can laugh at the nonsense instead of getting offended. Also, I have yet to be offended by any of your posts. I may not feel the same as you on all topics, but it's your blog therefore your opinions. I'm pretty sure we still have freedom of speech in this country. If people don't like what you have to say, they should just choose not to read instead of firing back angry emails. Hope today is a better day for you!

Mimi said...

I can't believe that people had a problem with your title. Some people need more to do!