Thursday, August 5, 2010

run. clear. run.

I need to be perfectly honest and say, that I had a great run tonight.  I feel like (and I know this is premature), but I sincerely feel like I'm GETTING it this time.

And it feels good.

Today, we had some NASTY weather is D-town.  Like small hail, high winds, and much needed heavy rain.  Running outside in 100% humidity seemed a tad foolish, but I was willing.  When I got to the track, no one was there.  Call me paranoid, but running by myself with no one in the park?  No, thank ya'.

I headed to the gym.

This is what I wrote on my facebook:

I had a good run tonight. I think it also helped that I had a SUPER HOT GUY in front of me who kept smiling, maybe he was secretly thinking I looked ridiculous on the treadmill, but in my head, he was proud of me for running. Op, and then he did come speak to me. Silly me forgot to get his name, but I did not see a wedding band. Ah, the important details. Dear Hot Guy, THANK YOU!!! BEST. RUN. TO. DATE!!!

You know, you have to celebrate the small victories.

Yay for good runs.  Yay for hot guys without wedding rings.  Yay for getting it together.  FINALLY... hopefully.



slommler said...

Yes running all alone can be a bit daunting. Glad you went to the gym. I am enjoying my 4 mile walks and sometimes do them by myself. But I carry a can of Wasp spray. Will hit it's target in 20 feet!! Cool!!
Keep on are doing great!

Stephanie said...

You crack me up! Congrats on your run :) A friend and I just started working out in the mornings. I love getting to that feeling of looking forward to a workout instead of fighting it. Sounds like you are there! And... hope to hear a developing story of hot guy without a ring. ;)

Gina said...

That made me smile! :O)
Good for you for keeping up.
Bring on the hot guy!

Mimi said...

Now that might prompt me to run, if I was single!