Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Things I love:

Hearing the voice of someone special. If I ever had the ability to capture those moments, I would store them forever.

Hugs. I need lots of hugs. My family is ‘huggie’, and I love it. I think hugs help do something to the chemicals in your brain and just make you feel better. Kisses are nice too, but this is definitely not the forum to discuss my opinions on kisses.

I feel like I could get carried away with this next one… but I love smelling a man, you know? Sometimes it’s cologne, sometimes it’s just soap or deodorant, but I just love the smell of a man.

Laughter. Laughter is so wonderful for the soul. My boss and I went to lunch today and just laughed. Well… she vented a while, but we did a lot of laughing. And I love the kind of laughing where you’re so relaxed that you throw your head back and close your eyes, maybe even snort. Then everything is funny.

Soft skin and warm hands… Okay… I’m gonna stop here.

Last night, I had a two-year old tell me “I love you. I really mean it Jenfur. I love you.” It made my whole day. Then she cried because her Mommy wouldn’t let her eat her cookie in the mall. But it was a sweet, fleeting moment, and I love it!

A lady at work got healed of cancer. PTL.

Not much else is really going on… maybe soon… :)

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