Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Weekly recap:

FYI – I’m getting slack on posting and am working to get better.

1. Lost four pounds in the last two weeks. Praise the Lord.
2. Work was a little more relaxed last week with my boss being out. This week, my director is out and it is still pretty lax.
3. Spent the weekend in Atlanta. Went to Discover Mills and Lenox Mall. I love Lenox. :) I make NO WHERE near the amount of money to shop there (except for Sephora), but I still enjoy going.
4. Figured out what to get my best friend for their birthday. Thank the Lord.
5. I have come to the realization that I am never going to have time again like I did even three months ago. I am okay with that, and am thankful for the opportunity to be busy.
6. New book… will venture with details soon. Still reading Ruthless Trust and For Women Only.
7. I am consciously (with God’s help) working to be better in the way I treat the men in my life.

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