Monday, July 31, 2006


I have had a very busy weekend.

Friday night – went to go see You, Me, and Dupree with a friend. You see a little Owen Wilson booty, but it’s very brief (pun intended).
Saturday – Goodbye breakfast at Cracker Barrel (first time I’ve been in over four months), got a baby shower gift, swapped beds (the big bed is BACK!), showered three times, went to a birthday party, and went to a cookout.
Sunday – good church service, family portrait (not mine), lunch, swimming (got fried), dinner, watched a sunset from the top of the Holiday Inn, came home and went to bed.

Yesterday at lunch, I ran into one of the managers from LCCA and had a chance to talk with her. This is honestly one of the few people in management there that I have any respect for. I haven’t seen her since T-Day, so it was nice to catch up. I was able to tell her how I really felt, without being bitter or angry. I told her I would email her and did this morning as well. She sent back a response that made me cry and touched my heart.

Still reading my book For Women Only. I found a ‘wish list’ that I wrote before Christmas, and surprisingly this book was on it. Now over half way into the book, I see where I am starting to change. I want to change, to be better, to be a better communicator, to be different, to be intuitive, and A LOT more transparent. Transparency for me is difficult, especially remembering that I can’t leave things implied, that I need to say them and get them out, and has really challenged me mentally and emotionally. I can articulate my feelings in word pictures, but to say them so explicitly, so “Nakedly”, is definitely stepping out of the box for me. Surprisingly enough, it is also making me re-evaluate my perception of things, forcing me to deal with things more quickly, or in most cases, just let stuff go because it is silly. I spent a lot of this weekend talking to friends about their relationships, and also had to come to grips with some things about my own relationships. “I have come so far but am still so very far away.”


Holly said...

I think this is something a lot of us have to look at as we grow up and journey into the "real" world where everyting isn't always "implied". For some of us (ME!) we have to learn not to be so direct and up front with feelings since at times it can seem harsh.
Sounds like you are making some good changes!

Jenn said...

I am definitely trying... :)