Tuesday, August 8, 2006


I've really been slacking on blogging lately.

Life is not terribly exciting these days. I am trying to keep my head above water at work because things are so busy. I'm feverishly trying to save up to buy the exam materials for the CFE so that I can get those underway. I would love to have taken the test by Christmas, but the odds of that are looking fairly slim. I really need to pursue some secondary education. I wish I had more of a desire to pursue my Masters than I actually do. Maybe it's the heat, but as of late, doing so has been the farthest thing from my mind.

There is still drama with my cousin... Ugghh. She's so _____. There are so many adjectives to insert there, but I just get tired of figuring out what to use. It's not even about being judgmental, you know? It frustrates me because I know she was raised better. Living like she is, in a camper with no water or electricity, is just too bizarre for me to understand.

I'm getting excited for my class reunion, although we still don't have alot of response... and that concerns me.

I am throwing a baby shower this weekend for one of my good friends... and that should be alot of fun. Her husband is more excited about this shower than he is letting on, but he stressed out about invitations and has already emailed me asking if I think it's okay that he's there. He's so funny.

I'm excited to see my bro soon... I want to go visit him, but since he has so many stinkin' weeks of vacation (four, and he's only been there since January!), then he is coming down to see us. Yay!

Yeah... I think that's all for now. Peace out.


Holly said...

We had tons of people send in responses towards the end of the deadlines for our reunion. For a while it was slow going though. A football game would be interesting to see at theold stadium. Speaking of the heat....can you imagine , or remember, sitting in those H-O-T uniforms up in the stands about to die this time of yr! Now I know why I was so skinny in highschool...we sweated it all off!!

Jenn said...

Yes, I remember those hot uniforms. I remmeber passing out while we were taking our program picture my sophmore/your senior year. Passed out on the practice field and they brought a bunch of Tigerettes in to help revive me. But I totally counteracted all that good weight loss by drinking a coke and eating a bag of Gardetto's every day. I seriously must have had the most wretched breath!