Tuesday, September 5, 2006


My favorite Backstreet Boys song is on the radio. Yes, I want it THAT way too.

Today has been oh so interesting.
1) Guy next to me will start teaching. I wanted to scream this morning. UUGGHH!
2) I ran around like a chicken at lunch trying to get a few errands finished up. Five stores in sixty minutes. I was proud.
3) Gotten emails from a few people who are coming to the reunion and have a heinously bad attitude. I want to yell at them, but that is not nice.

I had a nice weekend. Eventful, but nice. I’ve been reading another book, this one is by Joshua Harris and no, it is not I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I did not like that book, but I have enjoyed a few others by him, including the present one.

Upon personal evaluation, I believe the following to be true:
Men and Women cannot be “Just Friends”. I don’t stand firm on much, but I believe that this is black and white. Period. No room for discussion. We live in a society that is rapidly decaying morally, and this is what I believe. Somebody always gets their hopes up and/or hurt. If you don’t become something, then you must become acquaintances. Maybe I am archaic to believe otherwise, but life tells me I am right. God said “Leave and cleave”, not “leave and hang out”. Also, please don’t misconstrued being nice to one another. I simply mean this – we are to be cordial to one another, but to engage as real friends involves a deeper commitment, and I believe that should be reserved for only husband and wife. Should you believe that God has called you to abstain totally, then you need to remove yourself from friendships that either appear otherwise or predispose you to those feelings. Part of this comes from personal experience. I had to veritably give up one of my closest friends because his life changed. For a brief moment, I was very sad and angry, but I realized how incredibly selfish I was being. Distance cannot take away memories, nor does it change the compassion and love you can have for a person. But being an active part in someone’s life who is involved, is dangerous and only causes trouble.

Enough of my soapbox.

The reunion is less than ten fingers away, and I am excited. I would vent about that too, but honestly nothing good would come of it.

My brother OFFICIALLY has a Manhattan one-bedroom apartment. I am excited!!! Now, I can cook when I visit him and save quite a bit of money!!! Thanksgiving – NYC, Here I come again!!!

R.I.P. Steve Irwin. You will be missed.

Beginning Thursday, I will be able to start accumulating $$ in my Bank of America Keep the Change program. Yay!

Oh yeah... GO DAWGS!!!


Holly said...

SOunds familiar...people emailing last minute or calling last minute to get money in for the reunion and then having a nasty attitude to go with it. Nice!! Gotta love those oh so greatful people! I actually lost it with someone like that at ours...she smarted off in a sarcastic way about the dinner etc..and I lost it. I told this person she'd better be glad we even allowed her to turn in opney four days before the event at all and if it wasn't up to her "specifications" she knew where the door was. I know...ugly huh. She once was a friend in high school and then she just changed...

Broken Shadows said...

Let me just nod and pretend I understand...... Wait here is the honest truth I just don't. But them again I am not the best fish to catch in the sea. HAHA!!