Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reunion - Follow-up

Here’s a recap of the last several days:

Thursday – had to have everything packed and ready because I was not going back to TN. I’m not always the most organized person, so I definitely left a few essentials, but I don’t think anyone noticed. :) Had dinner with a great friend of mine and drove to W.P. I got about 4 hours of sleep. I was so excited, that I wasn’t ready to go to bed!

Friday – got up at 7:40, and my day started then! I had to take Amanda to show me where to tailgate and pick up money from Chancey. Then, I met Holly for breakfast at 9:00, and we were on the go from then until 2:30 p.m. First to breakfast, then to get pedicures (we gotta look HOT!), then to meet Todd to get stuff, then to SunTrust, then to THS for stuff, next Wal-Mart, then to get ice, then to setup… BUSY BUSY BUSY! At 2:30, we were so tired, (and disgusting) that Holly suggested we go home. Holly is a genius. :) I stopped by to see my Aunt (this weekend was also my family reunion), and I wanted to see her before I couldn’t. I went home and had A MOMENT. I sat in the floor and cried and had a little anxiety attack pre-reunion. I was just so nervous! When that passed, I got dressed and headed off to meet everybody. What a good time we had!!! It was good and weird to see everybody! After the football game, several of us went into downtown. For the record, I don’t drink, but we went to the Lazy Peach (a bar) and just hung out. Seeing people you haven’t seen in ten years, and seeing them extremely inebriated… definitely interesting! But… it was good to catch up with people without pretense. People are who they are (some of them need Jesus, but that’s not my point), and it was good to see them. One in particular, I drove her home, and she’d had way too much to drink and kept apologizing. It was quite funny!

Saturday morning, I was running late (of course), but got to the school early enough to get some stuff set up. Everything seemed to fall into place. The jump house arrived, two committee members got the sandwiches, and people started showing up. Although it was hot outside (like 92), we still had fun! I’ve found out since that some people weren’t so nice at the picnic, but there’s nothing I can do and pray that God will deal with them!

Saturday afternoon – now here’s the adventure. Surprisingly, we finished and were cleaned up when we anticipated being done at 2:00. We headed over to LGI to get set up, and the room was just beautiful. I really didn’t have good expectations for that, but it was really wonderful! Nikki and I went to get our hair done (yes at the same place that Holly was going – but that was Nikki not me!) Fortunately, H. was able to get her hair done quickly, and I hated mine (I didn’t cry though!). After dropping N. off, I headed home to take a shower, and got a phone call. My Chase was coming to be my date! I would have had a good time if he had not come, but I had a MUCH BETTER time because he was there. Considering the fact that I did not attend either prom, getting to attend this reunion that was so important to me with someone I care about so much, truly meant the world to me! He even danced with me for a while! :) I had a blast… more fun Saturday night than any other time! Other than being initially timid, I really wasn’t too bashful! I just had a good time. After all was said and done, we did actually make a little money, so that the committee can be reimbursed! Also, several of us stayed and talked until 5:00 a.m. I am ready for the 15-year!

Sunday on my way home, I received about ten phone calls from different people talking about what a good time they had. We had people who cried this weekend, thankful that they came. Lots of laughs, lots of drinks, lots of memories!

All in all… I am so thankful that I did this. I would love to redo high school (b/c I was a geek), but having this opportunity proved to me that high school wasn’t a total waste of time!

Highlights of the weekend:
Friday afternoon anxiety attack
Pedicures with Holly
Did I act like Superwoman moving those ice coolers?
Go THS! Beat Northside.
Still being able to do the hand motions to the fight song. :D
Not sleeping too much!
Catching up at the Lazy Peach.
Chad Johnson’s lap dance.
Convos in the courtyard.
My date : )
Photographs (since I have NONE from high school!)

Okay... I will upload photos later!

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