Monday, January 30, 2006

Affirmation & SPAM

Can I just go on record that I hate spam mail, but the completely absurd titles make me laugh. Tonight, my parents cable internet was hooked up. So, I went and cleaned out their email (via internet). They had 9841 messages. Holy freaking Cow. As I go to clean them up I came across one title that I just couldn't help but share. "Skinny Granma Freaks for you". I mean... really, are spammers that desperate now? Yowsa.

I love Tony Lucca. Thanks to the Mickey Mouse Club. He has such a beautiful voice, earthy, a little raspy, right to the soul... Here's a few favorite words from "So Long"

It's so easy for you to say...
It's so easy for you to say...
Seems It's so easy for you to say...
Goodbye... goodbye.

Something is wrong with my emos because I am in need of much affirmation today. Kinda sucks. I just seem to be real needy today. And, I kinda got let down. Don't know why I'm freaking out about junk, because let's be honest... I can't tell you what relevance my trivialities have to do with problems in the world. They are my angst coming out in full force.

I also believe that I am getting picky about one thing -- directness. I am the world's worst at this, but lately other peoples' lack thereof has just driven me bonkers. Like, I hate when I ask a friend where they wanna go to dinner, and they stand there for ten minutes saying I don't know... then say "You pick".... I throw out a few choices, one of which they agree to... then decide enroute... "No... I'm really craving _____". This is making me crazy. As my Mom would say "POOSH and POOSH". Thank goodness for made up words that don't hurt peoples feelings and instead make them laugh at their extreme ridiculousness.

I love big words. I am a member of like three dictionary clubs. I think everyone's vocabulary needs a little bit extending.

Didn't work out tonight. I was very bad. Did find out that one of my friends is fighting the good fight to get skinny. Even got a trainer. Yeah for her! That may be an investment for my tax money. We'll see.

I was on the phone with one of the aforement classmates, and I think I cut her off by accident too. Whoops.

Okay... rambling complete. Nite Nite.

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