Monday, January 16, 2006

Today... was... eventful. Two emails from him. I don't want to ignore him, but let's be honest folks -- I'm so weak, it's ridiculous. So... I waited two hours and then responded. Que Sera. (Did I spell that right?)

All that aside, my day was just busy with work stuff. In my attempt to be more "sticktoative", I told my friend M. that I would come visit her and I did. I tell her I will visit all the time, then don't call for like four days. I get these little messages "Jenn, are you dead? You should call." Funny. But, we had a good time just hanging out. She's going to help me get my six pack abs. If I get them, I will post pictures. Wonder if you can mail order them? Hhhmmm...

I found a REALLY old friend on myspace. I saw him like three years ago at the AU/UT game, where Tennessee was shamefully beat. Prior to that, it had probably been seven years. This is why I love myspace.

On to other things...

I'm reading Breaking Free by Beth Moore, and the chapter I read last night dealt with spiritual hunger/soul hunger. In essence, how our bodies tell us that we are physically hungry by our stomach's growling, our change in behavior, our physical stature, getting weak, irritable, et al... and that while we respond to it by feeding it -- how do we in turn hear our souls growl? Are we even in tune enough to hear it growl? How do we recognize what it's growling for? I mean... I know when I am crazing chicken salad from Jenkins, or Chicken and wild rice soup from Panera, but how can I tell when my soul is crazing alone time with God in prayer, or the need to read God's word for an answer? Just thought I'd share that.

So, my prayer becomes, "Lord... in light of my flailing humanity, help me to decipher what my spirit and soul and are in need of. Help me to be attentive and discerning in what my soul is lacking, whatever it may be."

I'm trying to read one other book right now - Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster. I did discover that I can't read fiction because I dream about it. I read two John Grisham novels (that is my reading weakness kiddies) and had dreams about espionage and GPS tracking devices being placed in my shoes so that "THE MAN" knows where I am at all times and can hunt me down. Not cool to think you woke up Italy only to discover your small cottage is really your two-bedroom duplex in Cleveland. Kinda kills the fun.

It's way past my bedtime... Peace out.

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