Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fun Weekend...

So, I had a good weekend. Let me rephrase that... I had a nice Saturday. This weekend was induction stuff. Four years later... yes, I still go. Yes, it is sad and I realize that. Never again. Friday, I took off of work. I had lunch with him. It was weird. Nothing else to say. Friday night, my friend Steph came down and stayed with me. She inspired me to clean my house. She should really visit more often!

Today, we had a baby shower for another friend of mine. This picture is her belly. I haven't seen anyone be so tiny during a pregnancy that I can ever remember. All her weight has shifted into her belly. She's so skinny. (My new catch phrase to my smaller sized friends is that "they threw up the skinny girls inside. I keep eating mine I think. I've never wanted to be a bullemic so bad.) Anyway... we had a total blast catching up and laughing. She got some wonderful gifts, including a jogging stroller. I got a big kick out of that because my friend doesn't like to walk, much less run. She kept explaining that the stroller takes curbs better. I can only imagine (as I told her) that her children will have whiplash from her 'jumpin' the curb'.

I went to the bookstore and bought a few books too. I have several I haven't read, but I can't get into them. You know some books don't appeal because they aren't in season. Someone explained that to me one. It's like fruit. You don't eat it off the vine when it's not finished. Kinda the same thing with books.

Also, I am a TOTAL MYSPACE ADDICT. There really should be a twelve-step.

I'm also deciding about whether or not to begin preparing for a 5K. I realize that doesn't seem like a big deal to some, but for the lady who's way out of shape, this is Huge. I'm really thinking I want to do it. Besides, I need a goal.

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