Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Last night, a friend and I walked five miles. We decided to treat ourselves with a little something sweet, and since we missed going to Sno-Biz :(, I opted for a Sonic Slush instead. It was good until I realized… the syrup gives me heartburn. Another :(. Being a grown-up has a few down-sides.

This morning when I got to work, I had not eaten breakfast. Because of medicine I have been taking, I must eat something, and usually opt for a pack of peanut butter crackers and a Dr. Pepper. Because of my great walk last night, I decided I would get a honey bun (this is what my boss gets every morning). Oh Dear Lord!!! My sugar is all over the place! I went into my boss’ office and told her that we are going to have to intervene if she continues eating one each morning. I think I know now what drug addicts feel like. This is insane!!!

Last night was fairly uneventful… except for the walk, and running into people from my home church in CleveVeg. They are in town for a chaplaincy conference, and I am going to have dinner with my brother’s best-friend’s mother. She’s a sweet lady, and I get to show her my church. Tonight is my ‘get-it-together’ night! All the usual… ironing, cleaning, packing for this weekend (I’ve lived out of a suitcase for four weeks now), getting ready for this weekend. I have been promising a friend that I would do what I told her I would do, but I’ve got to get stuff together tonight or I think she’s going to hurt me! :)


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