Tuesday, November 20, 2007

#500 - Thankfulness

Of all the ways I could kick off my 500th post, I can't think of anything better than 50 things I'm thankful for this past year:

I'm tagging you all for this too...

  1. God's unending mercy and unfathomable love
  2. good friends
  3. new hair color
  4. a good mani/pedi
  5. knowing that my husband is where God wants him to be... wherever that may be
  6. David Caruso (y'all knew he would make the top 10, right?)
  7. my MAH-velous family
  8. my 4th Thanksgiving in NYC
  9. All my FBC ladies...
  10. Cherry-Vanilla Dr. Pepper
  11. Home-cookin'
  12. pierced ears
  13. boldness
  14. knowing that I deserve a man who loves me
  15. a new bedspread
  16. time with great friends in Columbus in August of this year
  17. not having to plan another H.S. reunion (can I get an AMEN H?)
  18. getting to see Sunburned twice this year already!
  19. a wonderful promotion and raise
  20. hugs
  21. photos to capture every moment
  22. having a chance to hang out with Mulier Sapien twice (I've got to call you!!!)
  23. that Bitsy and H. are bloggin'!!!!!
  24. setting up a facebook account and Anne Jackson finding me!
  25. winning a key to win a car... even though it didn't work out
  26. Retreats with my girls! (Aubs, Miran, & Aman)
  27. personalized t-shirts
  28. a balanced checking account
  29. welcoming two of the cutest babies I know this year - Buddy Ro & Gracie! (and a day apart!!)
  30. running across a scripture right when I need it!
  31. spending New Year's at Creflo Dollar's church with my friend Michele
  32. God healing my brother!
  33. restored relationships
  34. my FBC ladies opening their home to me ('cause I WAS a stranger to them not too long ago!)
  35. admiring God's majesty in the colors of fall!
  36. moments of divine revelation and comedy to remind us all of God's sovereignty
  37. being able to reconnect with old friends from Lee through the online Alumni program
  38. starting to figure out who I am and realizing I'm so much better than I thought!
  39. going on a vacay with my best friend of 20 years and her family
  40. being a woman of my word (I'm still working on that,... but I'm making progress)
  41. being unafraid to blog
  42. new pens
  43. lunch with co-workers that I care deeply for and appreciate
  44. standing up for myself... finally
  45. Remembering that, although I am unable to control the storms of life, I know the Peace speaker who tells the winds and waves to "Be Still"
  46. getting ready to turn 29
  47. (wow... that's weird!)
  48. God's grace and mercy -- which DEFINITELY deserve a second mention
  49. comments from friends.
  50. Thanks for reading and praying! I love ya'!!!


Holly said...

I hope you have fun in NYC. Hug Jenn for me!

Warrior Priestess said...

I miss you.