Monday, November 19, 2007

A post worth posting...

I have really been out of regular posting and I think it's starting to get to me!!

Friday night, a big group went and had yummy Japanese and then played Balderdash afterwards. If you have somehow managed to go the last decade without playing that game, you have missed out!

Saturday, I had the privilege to babysit "The Girls" (R. & G.) for my friend K. as she went to take the PRAXIS for health. We had such a good time. G. is only six months old so, really sleeping, pooping, and eating are a big day for her! Miss R. and I watched Little Eistein... and can I tell you that I really like that show?? We watched alot of stuff but that was, BY FAR, my favorite. I did watch Handy Manny and quickly realized that Wilmer Valderama was the voice of Manny. I still don't know how I feel about that...

When K. got back, we grabbed Jenkins (I believe this may be the real reason I don't move away from Cleveland), and then got K.'s birthday present. We spend the rest of the afternoon working on Heath BINGO cards, then had dinner with K.'s husband who went to the GA/KY game. His old basketball coach was there, so he was able to get on the field!! with the players as they were warming up. (NTBNPF would be beside herself... although I have a feeling she's been on that field before! :) )

Yesterday, we had church, a birthday lunch for a dear friend Becca at the Country Club, and then I got to see my friends Steph and Jami for coffee/hot chocolate. We had a blast.

The best part (and my latest and most favorite compliment), Jami has asked me to take her Christmas pictures. She just flattered me to pieces talking about what good pictures I take. So, I will have my first Christmas Photoshoot next week. I am super-duper-psyched!

I had a quasi-awkward conversation with a friend yesterday, and while I can't tell you everything, I feel like I may soon be recreating a scene from Fever Pitch. If I had access to YouTube at work, I would find the clip, so bear with me as I set it up...

Jimmy Fallon's character (Ben) realizes he's an idiot and goes to Drew Barrymore's character's (Lindsey) apartment to apologize for being a jerk...

*brief interlude while I look for more info online only to come up short*

okay... so long story short, Ben goes to Lindsey's apartment to apologize and be sympathetic and says this:

"This is winter guy. I already know that I like winter guy. It's summer guy that hurt me."


I guess I'm feeling like I can't deal with the summer/winter personalities of some people. You can love people, but you have to walk away sometimes. Kinda of like the Brownies/Girl Scout motto:

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."

It's just a season thing I guess.

Ohh... and P.S. my next post will be #500!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

NTBNPF has indeed been on that field...and it was even during a presentation at halftime during a Homecoming Game! Whoo hooo!